Making a blouse in 30 seconds (video tutorial)

Leah Duncan‘s Las Formas is one of my favorite fabrics ever. It’s voile, it’s colorful, it’s organic, and the two Las Formas skirts I made for my daughters last Summer are the items they have worn most in the past year. A few weeks ago, Norah tore her skirt, and was on the verge of […]

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Hot Patterns–Metropolitan Good Times Dress/Tunic/Tee

So, let’s refresh ourselves shall we? Back in May, I bought three Hot Patterns to try them out and to see if they would fit me well. I had never tried Hot Patterns before but I have long admired their sassy line drawings. (Note to self: never, ever, ever rely on line drawings for informative consumer prices. Not that these drawings are misrepresentations of the patterns, but line drawn women always look so perfect with their wind-blown hair and sassy poses.)

Anyway, here is my dress version. Let’s see. I think it’s . . . okay. Initially, I was going for all purple, but then, obviously, I ran out of fabric. I chose the striped fabric because I knew I wouldn’t find anything to match it exactly. And I’ve learned that if you are going to mismatch, mismatch like a boss, meaning do it loud and proud. Here’s what I like. I like the yoke and overall shape. Yes, I think it would have been better in all one color. But I don’t think that’s the main issue.

Here’s what I really don’t like. I really don’t like the sleeve shape. This is a very soft fabric and the sleeve just kind of collapses. In a stiffer fabric, I’m afraid this would stick out like wings. If I make this again, I’ll have to re-draft them to make them sit like they should. The sleeves on this are rectangles, with no shape. Literally rectangles. And the longer 3/4 length sleeves are the same but just longer. I think they would have the same issues.

This is not the look I am going for but this is what I would get if the fabric had less drape.

The amount of fabric in the back seems excessive too. Well, I’m not too impressed with this dress. It’s okay but it certainly doesn’t look like the billowy, wind-blown models.

So, the tally. My first Hot Patterns was a bright success, the second was a horrible failure and this one, well . . . what do you guys think? Okay as is? Salvageable with changing the sleeves?

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 Good morning and happy Wednesday! Inadvertently continuing on with the “no shoulder” theme from Monday in today’s outfit – it’s hard to resist all of the cold-shoulder options right now. Hope you’re having a good week so far! *** Sweater – Milly (here | similar styles under $200 priced high to low: here, here and here) […]

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How to Sew Slipstitch

Want to brush up on your hand sewing skills?

Slipstitch is a hand stitch that you can use to join a folded edge of fabric to another piece of fabric – for example, for hemming or for attaching binding inside an armhole.

The great thing about th…

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One more sleeve hack…

This time I decided to share the technique before the dress’ reveal. Partly because it was a good sewing weekend and I didn’t want to stop and take pictures and partly because my photographer wasn’t around.The sleeves are what makes the difference betw…

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5 Unexpected Ways to Find Interesting Craft Content to Share on Social Media

Almost all social media platforms now have algorithms that determine what you see in your feed. Interact with a post by liking or commenting and you’ll see more posts by that account. Over time your feed will become catered to your preferences. This works great for the social media platform because it can then also… 

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Jackalope Jamboree

Some of you may already know of my love of the mythical creature the jackalope, so it was no surprise when Erstwilder released a jackalope brooch I just had to get my hands on one! Now unlike so many of my vintage loving friends, I’m actually not the biggest fan of Erstwilder’s stuff, as I […]

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Superhero {Inspired} Coloring Pages

Web Warrior a spiderman inspired superhero coloring pageGet your boys coloring! Here are some recreations of our favorite superheros. Coloring is a great way to help your kids develop pre-writing skills.  They learn how to control their crayons as they stay within the lines (or not – ha!). Too often coloring pages are cutesy.  Not something my boys want to get crazy…

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Millie BadCat

From the moment I saw her years and years ago, I knew Millie was the cat for me. She was very small, and the tag on her cage at the Humane Society said that she liked to chase moths, and … Continue reading

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Sparkling Hibiscus Sangria

Summer is finally here, and there’s a lot more to be excited about than just the weather—like refreshing…

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Tips For Sewing The Charlie Caftan Bodice Panel

I thought I’d share my tips for sewing the bodice panel into view B of the Charlie Caftan from Closet Case Patterns. These steps are covered in pages 13-15 of the PDF instructions. As the instructions tell you, accuracy is … Continue reading

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HI DARLINGS! Wooohooooo look at me posting some DIY’s lol. I got abiut 10 new DIYs to share so I am back to posting frequently again now that the conference is over and I have time to get back to creating. This is fellow designer Gertie’s Butterick Pattern #6453 and it is awesome! I love […]

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3 Things To Know When Pouring Slab: Home Building

Eeek!! This fall we’ll be moving into our new house! I’m going to share all the things I’m learning as we go. Today I’m sharing 3 things to know when pouring slab. Be sure to read my tips for deciding Where To Build A New Home On An Acreage! So we’ve poured our concrete and have our […]

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Beach Packing List

  WIDE BRIM STRAW HAT // My only hope for any tan in my life is via spray tan. My skin is so fair and burns so easily, so I am all about sun protection these days. I love this one or this one hat for the beach. So cute, but also serves a very […]

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Homemade Coffee Coconut Sugar Scrub

There is nothing quite like the allure of a spa day. Peace, tranquility, nicely scented things on our skin, and pampering ourselves to feel rejuvenated and relaxed. As a mom of two, all those things are rare on a daily…
The post Homemade Coffee Cocon…

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D Is For Duck. Letter D craft

We are continuing our Fun With Letters  series with this super cute letter D for Duck craft. It’s a really simple craft that you can help your kids engage into learning letter D. As always, my kids enjoyed working with feathers and pompoms. It’s their favorite craft material. Supplies needed for letter D craft Letter…

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Beach House Mat Stash-buster Free Needlepoint Project

This charming needlepoint mat for a photo is a perfect project when you have lots of colors of a single thread in your stash. The original was stitched in shades of Silk & Ivory, but other silks or silk/wool blends that are fluffy will work beautifully. It’s designed so that the outside dimension will fit […]

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announcing the popover sundress summer sew-along

Join us this summer as we sew the Oliver + S Popover Sundress. You can get the pattern for free from the Free Patterns section of our website.

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10 Incredible Ways You Can Use Witch Hazel!

Have you jumped on the witch hazel train? I don’t even know if such a train exists, but…

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Our New Digital Home!

Today we’re so excited to share our brand new website with you! This project has been quite a long time in the making. Grainline Studio has existed in one form or another since 2009 and since it originally started out as a personal blog, rather than a shop, things have never really existed in the […]

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Romper Tutorial // Mini Tania and Mini Briar Mashup

I have a daughter that is playful, messy, independent, and likes to wear dresses and skirts. She’ll play hard and get muddy, but she wants to do it with her own feminine flair. I have loved the Mini Tania. It is so fun for my daughter to wear shorts that look like a skirt. It’s […]

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Shibori Dyed Sundress – How To Indigo Dye

How to Shibori Dye - Make this Shibori Dyed Sundress with this tutorial and pattern - Melly SewsHey y’all – today I’m sharing my last sundress of the series, this shibori dyed bedsheet that I turned into my favorite new thing to wear when it’s so hot that I just can’t even. I’ll show you a few shibori dyeing techniques and share the pattern so you can make your own. Shibori is Read the Rest…

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How to Add Bra Cups to a Swimsuit

In preparation for the release of the Grace Tankini, we’ve been working on some tutorials to go along with the pattern.  Today’s post is all about bra cups. The Grace Tankini has a shelf bra in both views.  Adding bra cups to the shelf bra gives more stability and support as well as modesty when […]

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If you liked this skirt post you’re going to love:

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Jalie 3676–Another Vanessa Pant

I knew I would make another pair of these quickly. Who doesn’t love an easy, elastic-waist, comfy pair of pants? Last time, I left off the leg elastic and made them a little cropped. This time, I used the leg cuffs. I did fold out an inch in the length at the thigh and again under the knee. I’m about 5’5” and my height is in my torso. I knew I wanted these a little shorter than called for and with my shorter legs, I decided two inches would be about good.

Here’s a slightly lighter picture so you can see some details.

This is a linen/rayon blend from JoAnn’s. This is a really comfortable fabric and it doesn’t wrinkle like I thought it would. There is no stretch in it all. I also bought it in a gray fabric. I’m not sure what I’m going to make with that, but another Jalie Vanessa pant is not out of the realm of possibilities.

In this picture, I pulled them up a bit. I wish these pants were this length. What do you think? Is this a better length? I’d say this is another two inches. Next time I’ll crop them even more.

I love the details and topstitching on these pants.

This is a close-up of the fabric. I found it in the “suitings” section.

Another Jalie winner!! And on a side note. We recently acquired a furry little friend. She’s six months old and a rescue kitty that was abandoned in a building. 🙁 Poor baby!! She seems to be getting along with our other fur baby. The kids are totally in LOVE.

 FullSizeRender (97)

She’s fierce like a lion.
FullSizeRender (99)

Isn’t she pretty? I love the red spot on her head.
FullSizeRender (100) 

I made my last Hot Patterns dress too. I’ll unveil that in a day or so too. I still need to take the pictures.

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I was quick to order and sew up the new Kalle shirtdress pattern by Closet Case Patterns. I had seen a glimpse of the pattern last year and couldn’t wait for it to be released. It’s such a fun and modern take on a classic shirtdress. I actually have already sewn it up once in the tunic length and I wear it all of the time. Hopefully I can that one blogger sometime soon as well. The fabric is a perfect medium weight linen from the Fabric Store. It’s their military green color, although they have a lot of really great colors right now that I have my eye on. I actually have some of their black linen in my stash as well that I plan to make into something fun. It does wrinkle, as per all linen, but I don’t mind that at all. In fact these photos are after wearing the dress all day so not so bad. The only change that I made to the dress is to shorten it. I shortened by 1.5″ which feels about right. It does get a little short on the sides sometimes, but I wouldn’t alter it because I like the […]

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black matte beauty

I love handmade ceramics. I can’t deny. New or thrifted, I love them ! I have already made a blog post about Sun Tree Studio (the brand of the talented Nata Pestune), based in Hamburg (Germany) back in January 2016.

Last week she updated her online shop, and I couldn’t resist this gorgeous, matte black porcelain beauty that you can see all over my blog post. Look at that texture & that shape ! I tried to take a close up to let you appreciate the texture !

I’m looking forward to using this beautiful cup. In the meantime, if you want to get a similar one, or a different one, you can visit her shop  here !

You can also follow her on ★ Instagram or  Facebook.



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Five Easy Hairstyles With a Headband

So I’m kind of into headbands at the moment. I used to love to style my hair in braids…

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Essential Oils for Common Ailments

Essential Oils for Common AilmentsThere are many common, everyday things that essential oils can help with, but did you know that you can use essential oils for common ailments? One of the best parts of essential oils is that they are natural and without chemicals, but they can help with so many things.   Essential Oils for Common Ailments Wouldn’t it…

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HI DARLINGS! Every summer we find ourselves seing with sheer, slipperry and hard to work with fabrics so I thought I would share an article we did for SEW SEW DEF MAGAZINE written by our amazing contributor ROSY PEÑA. If you have been afraid to work with sheer fabrics you will feel much more confident […]


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Nova Tour 4: Ashley & Emily, Emi, and Polly

Happy Monday everyone! Today is the start of week 4 of the Nova Blog Tour, and this week we have three creative wonder women showing off their Nova’s.   Polly of My Petite Sophie doesn’t have a blog, but her Instagram page has been one of my favorites for a long time. Her photography is breathtaking, and […]

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