Final Christmas Recap…Embroidered Chef Hats

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Here is my final installment of reviewing some of my Christmas gift-giving ideas I did for the YCMT challenge! This post was originally made on December 14. Next week I have some fun Valentine ideas to share!

Kitchen Set for Grandma Honey!

I’ve been sewing up a storm the last couple of days! Here are a few pictures of what I am going to send to our grandma for Christmas. She is lovingly referred to by all the grandkids as “Grandma Honey.” She has a little playroom in her house just for the grandkids that has a play kitchen, a small table, chairs, stuffed animals, dollies, and more. I know she is going to love this play set and like I mentioned in the YCMT blog, I’m not sure who is going to love this more- the grandchildren or grandma!

I combined some different designs from SWAK into my Embird program to come up with the labeling on these chef hats. I made one adult size and two different sizes for children! I’m also making some felt food, but so far only have 3 of the cinnamon rolls done. They’re taking a bit more time than I expected, but the results are amazing! I can’t tell you how fun it was to drizzle that white “icing” onto the rolls!



And then of course I’m making an adult sized duet apron and 2 coordinating children’s duet aprons as well. So fun!


I’m also very excited about putting together a little recipe book that is actually “written” by all of the grandchildren. I am interviewing each one and asking them to tell me how to make their favorite recipe. I am typing it up in their words EXACTLY as they say it. For example, Jacob loves peanut butter on Ego waffles. (Yeah, don’t ask me to explain that one.) And so I’ve written up the cutest little recipe that will go in the book that is from his own words. I’ll then put a picture of him in there by the recipe that reads, “Peanut Butter Waffles by Chef Jacob.” I think/hope it will be something she’ll really treasure and a nice capstone to this themed gift.


And Chef Katelyn shares how you make strawberry ice cream with a hammer! Wow! Martha, watch out!


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