Archive: Nov 2012

2012 Snowflake Collection is here!

The 2012 snowflake collection is here! And for a limited time you can even buy all three for just $10!Find the flakes individually here: Red, Blue and Purple.Do pop over to Carina’ Craftblog (my other blog) because I’ve got a wee giveaway going on – yo…

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Hostess with the mostest

Hey y’all,Those who read the blog know I believe there’s an outfit for any occasion and that includes the kitchen.  When the lovely Karen wrote about an apronalong I just knew I had to get involved.  I’m already the proud owner of a flamenco …

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2013 Polka & Bloom calendar panels in the shop!

The 2013 Polka & Bloom calendar panels are in the shop! Or rather, pre-orders of the second lot, because the first lot has sold out already!! I can’t even say how happy that makes me! Every new design feels like a bit of a gamble… “will people ev…

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