Very easy DIY stretchy gathered waist maternity dress + our Easter

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Here is a very comfy take on a classic dress! Made from knit and an elastic waist it is perfect fit for a pregnant women and her growing belly. Its pretty and flattering and ready to wear casually and formally. Also perfect to wear on Easter day too if you can’t tell. I played with my kids all day in this dress and it didn’t bug me one bit.

at least 2 yards of knit fabric (not too stiff or heavy)
a dress or top you can mimic that has the same stretch as your material
sewing machine

***if you want sleeves then skip to the bottom and read past the asterisks.
1. Grab a knit fitted top or dress dress and trace around it from just above the belly area (plus half inch all around for seam allowance) up making sure that both the thing you are tracing and the knit material you are using have the same stretch. cut out 2 pieces a front and back.
2. Sew up the side seams and the shoulder seams. Try it on and make sure it fits and hits where you want it to.
3. Hem the neckline sewing under 1/4″ 2 times or using this tutorial or making a bias tape out of knit like ribbing and stretching it around the neckline like this tutorial. Hem the sleeves by sewing it under 3/4″ at least.
4. Cut out a long piece of fabric that is at least 2 or 3 times the width of you waist (just above the belly if pregnant). The longer the fabric the more gathered it will be. Make it the length from your maternity waist to the knee plus a few inches for seam allowance.
5. Gather the top of the skirt to be the width of your belly. This will be taken in more to be the diameter of your waist once you add elastic and stick it onto the top half of your dress. Sew up the side seam to the skirt.
6. Flip the top half into the skirt with the right side of the fabrics touching (outside), rst. Gather the skirt as you go to fit the waist line and sew with zig zag stitch. Then sew an elastic band to the extra seam allowance, a 1/4″ or 1/2″ wide elastic band (that is a snug fit around your upper belly or lower ribs if you are pregnant). Making sure it is very close to where the top and bottom half meet.
7. Hem the bottom of your skirt to your desired length. Done!
***If you want to add sleeves follow this tutorial here.


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