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Pineapple Express denim jacket

This blog post title is not referring to the movie Pineapple Express – a movie comedy with Seth Rogan from a few years ago – but I could not resist calling it that. As it turns out, my latest project is based on what I learned by sewing the Jacket Express, and uses this pineapple print white denim. So in my mind – Pineapple Express.
Earlier this spring I saw the fabric on the Girl Charlee website and showed it to my mom because like me, she has a hard time resisting a tropical print. And I had always wanted to make the Jacket Express pattern for her. In fact I bought the Craftsy class to get the pattern, and figured I would make one for myself to try it. As it turned out that faded red denim jacket is something  wear all the time. For this version I made a muslin in her size and when she tried it on she hated it. I was annoyed but now I can admit that the fit and shape were just not right. So I played around with it, adjusted some of the pieces and tried again. No luck. At that point she said “I like the denim jacket I have, can’t you just make one like that?”   um, yeah…but I was trying to avoid doing that. However in the end it was the better way to go.

OK, prepare your eyeballs but this one is a bit crazy.

Denim white jacket pineapple fabric, front view

But kind of cute in a novelty way. And it came out so well!  Now I want to remake next year in a different denim.
Here is the original jacket which I copied.  If you would like to see how I copy the garment here is a post where I copied my own denim jacket, and here is a post showing how I copied a shirt. That second post has more of the details on how to do it. I use a mixture of methods and I do recommend the Craftsy class on how to copy garments, it is quite good. Also the instructor (Steffani Lincecum) has a book on the topic which I got once at my local library so that is an option as well.

Denim jacket original

So my copy looks darn close to the original. I lightened up this dark denim one so you can see the seam lines. I think that jackets are actually the easiest thing to copy, as the pieces on a jacket are mostly small so while it may seem daunting, I just go step by step with all the components, then test the pattern.

Jacket on J close up
And here is my mom modeling her pineapple jacket. The sleeves are long but she likes to flip up the cuffs so I just copied as is.
The only change I made from the original was to add a bit in the upper yoke to account for slight curvature at the upper back – which we will all have after years and years of hunching over computers etc. To accommodate that I added two darts which you can’t even see on the outside but are more visible on the inside. I used plain white cotton for the back yoke to make it lighter and also so the pattern would not show through.

Denim white jacket back inside

The jacket front is kind of interesting as it appeared to have very little shaping but as I copied the pieces I noticed that the center front panel is curved and makes a slight princess seam shape. Also that tricky center front panel is what creates the pocket bag, and while it was a bit of a pain to replicate it does work nicely.

Denim white jacket inside front

You can see the front shaping better when the jacket is flat on my worktable. At the upper yoke is just a flap, no pocket as I drew the line on unusable pockets! But I thought it needed the flap. Although then I skipped the button there. Oh well.

Denim white jacket pocket and cuff close up

I really learned a lot from that Craftsy Jacket Express class and used that order of construction here. Also the when, where and how to topstitch as she explains it is very good. That class is called “Sew Better Sew Faster” and it is apt. I think I made that first red denim jacket in about 9 hours and this one was even quicker.

One of the most important things in making your own pattern is to put lots of markings. Reference dots to mark where the collar ends, or were the yoke meets the sleeve. They really help when you go to sew it up.

Denim white jacket close up collar

Another look at mom, and about 10 minutes after I took this we jumped in the pool as it was over 100˚F that day. My folks put the pool in when my sister and I were about 2 and 4, we learned to swim that year and my dad always said that was one of the best “investments” he ever made ๐Ÿ™‚ Back in my pre-air-conditioned childhood, we were out there from morning to late at night. And my mom would say “sure, it’s fine for you kids but I can’t cook our dinner in the pool”. Mothers always have the last word!

jacket on J

No more jackets for a while, I just sewed up some of my other Girl Charlee knits and also completed a dress for Heather using one of her fabrics from Mood in NY. So that will be on the blog soon.

I do have enough fabric left from this project – do you think a denim pineapple skirt for me would look goofy or fun? You know I am going to sew it up and see.

Stay cool and enjoy your summer sewing. Or step away from the machine and go outside! I think that’s what I will do.


Today’s SunnyGal garden photo is a Shasta daisy (I think that is what it is) that I got at a local plant sale. And it is finally spreading out a bit – I want that carpet of daisies to happen.


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Sutton and Wendy

Another non-seasonal garment; another True Bias Sutton blouse!  This is my third go at this pattern.  The first was for my Mum, and the second was intended as a wearable muslin for me.  I only wore it once then passed it on to a relative as I found that the fabric I’d made it from […]

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Winter Playhouse Dress

The first things that I sewed when I was at Sewjourn way back in May were for my daughters.  This dress was intended to be Stella’s birthday dress. As is often the case, she decided to wear a different dress on her actual birthday. Oh well. That’s how it goes! Fortunately, since then she has […]

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Attaching lace to summer PJs or slinky undies!

Hello!   While I was making my second pair of Fifi Pjs I thought I’d take some photos of what I did to add the lace to the top of the cups & also to the shorts’ hems. This was really to remind me how I did it, but look, I can share and maybe […]

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Alice in linen

Some completely non-seasonal sewing this time – a Tessuti Alice dress in linen. The yoke and sleeve bands were cut from a tiny piece of remnant linen from Darn Cheap Fabrics. I had barely enough, since the yoke is completely self lined, as are the sleeve bands, but I made it work with some cross-grain […]

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Recent Project Tweaks + MPB Day Reminder

It is not unusual for me to go back and tweak a project even after I (thought I had) finished it.With a few days’ (or weeks’) distance, I sometimes see things differently that I had originally.  (Does this every happen to you?)Case in point: my re…

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My Ulta skincare refresh

A few times a year I feel like I need a skincare refresh! With a busy schedule, a 10 month old, starting a new business, summer events and intense heat your skin definitely takes a hit.  My solution is bi-weekly at home facials. I’ve compiled…

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Classroom Hacks

organize the classroom without spending tons of moneySchool is just around the corner. And it is time to plan your classroom! Here are some of the best hacks, tips and ideas of ways to organize your room without breaking the bank! Ideas to add color AND storage Add some color and storage to an otherwise blank room with Plastic Milk Cartons.  Ziptie […]

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Put Moar Cats on It!

A few years ago, putting birds on things was all the rage, thanks to a ridiculous sketch by Portlandia’s geniuses. I like birds just fine but am really more into cats, so I did a brief holiday series where I put cats on things instead. The other thing …

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Put Moar Cats on It!

A few years ago, putting birds on things was all the rage, thanks to a ridiculous sketch by Portlandia’s geniuses. I like birds just fine but am really more into cats, so I did a brief holiday series where I put cats on things instead. The other thing …

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My summer quilting list

Has this meme popped up in your Facebook or Pinterest newsfeeds yet? It’s been posted by two of my friends so far (maybe more by now — I haven’t checked Facebook for a few hours), and each time I’ve commented, … Continue reading

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Before + After Video Tour of Our HFHS Project House

Happy Friday, everyone! We wanted to share with you one final look at our Habitat for Humanity project house via video. Jeremy and I filmed at the beginning and end of this project so you’ll get to see the rooms transform one by one throughout the video. It’s sort of awesome to see. And, like I say at the end of the video, YOU are really the reason a home…

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July Indie Pattern Update!

July has been a bit of a strange month for me and I am therefore WAY behind in my blog reading so I apologise if this month’s update misses the mark somewhat…I’ve done my best to keep up with all the exciting new pattern releases this month but pleas…

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Skirt and top

And here’s the skirt from yesterday’s last picture:I made this to kind of get away from all the trouble with that 1930’s dress. I bought three meters of this wrinkled cotton blend recently. I loved the colour and hopes the wrinkle effect would wash out…

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Curvy Sewn: Your Creations for July

Hello and welcome to our July Flickr Parade! Once again, I’m amazed and inspired by all of the unique garments sewn by the lovely ladies in our community!  I continue to find new patterns and ways to sew them.  I often think that our ladies create fashions that are more beautiful and interesting than the […]

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Projects 6 and 7 from The Amazing Stitching Handbook for Kids

Any new stitcher needs a pincushion to store their needles and pins. This sweet little pincushion is made of felt from A Child’s Dream. I wrote the word Sew and added some stars. Sweet project that will become a keepsake. The next project is one t…

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DIY Felt Elephant Clothespin Craft

LB and I love to do crafts a few times a week. I often forget to take step-by-step photos as we’re hard at work, but sometimes I do and today’s post is focused on one of the projects when I…

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Free Project โ€“ martha stewart craftsยฎ vintage decor antique chandelier

Free Project – martha stewart crafts® vintage decor antique chandelier

martha stewart crafts® vintage decor antique chandelier Give your home an antique vintage look with a chandelier inspired by Martha Stewart! Time Required : About an hour Difficulty Level : Intermediate Download Now

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New Pattern: Patchwork Elephant (Plus a Discount on Precuts)

I’m so excited today to release my newest pattern: the Patchwork Elephant. Way back in 2009 I made a pink patchwork elephant just for fun and posted it here on my blog. Ever since then I’ve gotten a steady stream of requests for a patchwork elephant pattern and I put it on my “some day”… 

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Free Embroidery Design โ€“ Jack and Jill

Free Embroidery Design – Jack and Jill

Today’s Free embroidery design from Embroidery Machine Designs Free Today Only Download Now

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Free Sewing Pattern โ€“ Tissue Pack for Monstrous Sniffles

Free Sewing Pattern –  Tissue Pack for Monstrous Sniffles

Basic Skills Necessary: how to use your sewing machine – basics Pattern Description: ‘Tis the season for sniffles. Which means it’s the perfect time to make this cute little monster tissue pack. It’s super easy and the pattern is free. Materials: scraps of fabric scrap of rickrack assorted buttons or felt circles Download Now

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Free Embroidery Design โ€“ Chicken

Free Embroidery Design – Chicken

Chicken Design #: 305373 Size (in): 0.04″(w) x 0.04″(h) Size (mm): 1 x 1 Stitches: Colors: Color Chart: View | Print $3.00  FREE Free Today Only Download Now

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Free Stuff Friday!

Free Stuff Friday!

Where did July go? I can’t believe how quickly summer is going by! Let’s get to our last Free Stuff Friday of July! This week’s winner will receive a needlework prize pack! This prize pack includes a Dimensions Felt Stocking Kit, a Heidi Boyd Whimsy Kit, 2 packs of aida cloth, a Feltworks Needle Felting […]

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Free Embroidery Design โ€“ Alligator

Free Embroidery Design – Alligator

Alligator Design #: 23 Price: $1.00  FREE Design Details Size (in): 4.13″(w) x 3.31″(h) Size (mm): 105 x 84 Stitches: 11600 Free Today Only Download Now

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Free Sewing Project โ€“ Back To School Pencil bag

Free Sewing Project – Back To School Pencil bag

Always a back to school staple, create a zippered pencil bag for your student. Download our easy instructions to make the pencil bag shown above, featuring OESD’s embroidery collection Delicate Floral #12172. Our pencil bag measures about 9” by 5”. Download Now

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Free Embroidery Design โ€“ Crows Foot

Free Embroidery Design – Crows Foot

Design Design #: 283866 Size (in): 2.05″(w) x 3.46″(h) Size (mm): 52 x 88 Stitches: 1700 Colors: 1 Color Chart: View | Print $1.00  FREE Free Today Only Download Now

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Free Tutorial โ€“ House of Glitter

Beth and Jessica use Xyron adhesives to decorate and add glitter to a paper mache house. You could use these techniques with a variety of projects! Download Now

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Free Embroidery Design โ€“ Equal Sign

Free Embroidery Design – Equal Sign

Design id:#2111800  Size (in):2.40″(w) x 1.89″(h)  Size (mm):61mm(w) x 48mm(h)  Stitches: Colors:3 Print Color Chart Free Today Only Download Now

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Folded Squares Cardigan

I recently visited one of my favorite sources of inspiration: Kinokuniya, a remarkable Japanese bookstore…

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Mosaic Rainbow Craft from a Paper Plate

Mosaic Rainbow Craft from a Paper PlateWhen it comes to springtime, rainbow crafts are one of my favorite things to make. I love rainbows and with the colors being so bright and pretty, it’s hard not to smile when you see them! Rainbow Craft: Paper Plate Mosaic Mosaics are a fun way to teach kids about patterns and rainbows are ideal […]

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