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January 25, 2017   /   byA Beautiful Mess  / Categories :  Feeds

ABM  Hey, friends!!! With two of our main writers taking maternity leave this year, we are looking to add a couple contributors to our team! Please read the details FULLY before applying. We are looking for very specific skills, and we are not considering any other positions at this time.

Skills + Requirements: 
-Experience fully producing DIY, craft or food blog posts. Please send us an example of 3 posts that you wrote and photographed that you feel would be a good fit for A Beautiful Mess. We give special consideration to clean, bright photography. 

*We cannot consider anyone who cannot both write and photograph their own content. 

-We are looking for writers who can teach any of the following categories (please specify which areas you specialize in): Crafts, Sewing, Home Decor DIY and Novelty Food. 

-This is a remote position, you can work from anywhere. 

-We offer compensation per project and cover cost of supplies. We do not have any full-time positions available. 

-We're looking for someone who can start doing 1-2 posts per month and step up to 2-4 during the months team members take maternity leave. Flexibility is key! 

To apply: 

Email jobs AT redvelvetart DOT com with your name, a paragraph about yourself and your experience, and three examples of blog posts you have fully produced that we can look at. We will contact you if we need more information. Please do not follow up. 

ABMABMThank you so much!!! Elsie, Emma and the ABM team

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