DIY Boxy Ruffle Dress Refashion video

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When I saw this oversized dress I just knew what I was going to do! Only because I saw something very similar when I was browsing online, something I could afford. Which is usually the case. As long as you can find a boxy dress (it can fit you! It just has to have at least 8″ to 10″ (more would be even better) of extra length so you can cut off the bottom for a ruffle. Happy weekend.

1.Try the dress on, mark where you want the ruffle to begin…then cut on this mark. Keep in mind the width you want the ruffle because the fabric you cut off will become the ruffle.
2.Lay a boxy dress flat on top of the dress you’re sewing. Mark around the boxy dress. I left a little more room because I wanted it to have a little more flow
3.Sew along the lines and try on inside out. Make adjustments if necessary. If you need to take in the shoulder seam more you can, but I like a dropped shoulder seam. Also, You can hem your sleeves shorter here as well.
4.Cut off the extra and serge or zig zag the raw edge to prevent fraying.
5.Measure the bottom of the dress you cut off and cut it almost in half, you will need to add about a half inch to the non hemmed piece.
6.Hem the edge of the newly cut half of the ruffle piece to mimic the very bottom of the dress’s hem.
7.Sew all of the pieces together to make a very long tube
8.Sew a basting stitch along the very top unhemmed edge of the tube.
9.gently gather to make it the same size as the bottom of the dress opening. make sure not to snap the thread.
10.Pull the right side out dress into the inside out ruffle matching up the seams if you can. Pin and sew.
11.Serge or zigzag stitch the edges to prevent fraying.


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