Dogs In Space!

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I’ve been waiting all my life to type a blog post title like that. LOOK at this fabric from Stoff & Stil!



I picked this out on my recent trip to Denmark. I caught a flight along with several other sewing bloggers and vloggers, on the invitation of Stoff & Stil, who are launching their awesome new UK website.

Although this fabric is clearly insane, I knew what I wanted to do with it. Sew an Agnes top to wear beneath my Cleo dresses. It’s ages since I’ve made one of these tops, and I’d lost the instructions, but reckoned I was a big girl and could wing it.

Some tips:

  • Baste together seams to check fit. The Agnes is a notoriously close fitting top. Even though I’d graded out at the side seams one size above my suggested sizing, I still ended up using a minimal seam allowance.
  • For this or any other jersey make, I always sew my sleeve hems a touch too long. Jersey seems to creep up your arms, and there is literally nothing worse in the whole world than cold wrists when the rest of your body is ensconced in cosy jersey.
  • When attaching a jersey neck band, I baste first and then overlock in place with the neck band facing up. I don’t watch my overlocker blade, I keep my gaze fixed on the outside folded edge (as opposed to the raw seams I’m overlocking). This ensures that the folded edge stays at a consistent distance from the edge of the overlocker foot during sewing. Which gives you a finished neck band width that doesn’t get thinner and thicker in places.

Keep your gaze on the folded neck band seam when overlocking.


The jersey has great colour saturation. It’s fairly stable, which makes it easy to sew. And hey, it’s Dogs In Space.


On my visit to Stoff & Stil I was bowled over at the range of fabrics. Some beautiful classics and some fun stuff. Often novelty prints come on cheap jersey, but not here. Stoff & Stil have a whole range of designers interpreting fashions for them each season, and they organise their own printing, which means they can control the quality of their fabrics.

Did I mention the washing machine we spotted in their warehouse? Every single fabric is washed in a domestic machine on site so they can be confident of the washing instructions. Now, that’s attention to detail.

Stoff & Stil have a vast range, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed check out their Inspiration page, where they show you finished makes. Some of my Instagram followers were wondering what to do with this fabric in particular. Problem solved!

If you’re more interested in crafting than dressmaking, you definitely should check out their Hobby section. Many crafting supplies in the UK can be twee, but Stoff & Stil bring a perfect cool vibe to sewing your own toys or bags.

I have more Stoff & Stil fabrics to play with, including a very exciting red boiled wool. Watch this space.


If you are based in the UK and fancy exploring their website, I have a 15% off code for you, valid until 15 February: didyoumakethatxstoffstil. You too could soon be wearing dogs! I can’t see Dogs In Space on their website, so you might have to wear Skater Dogs instead. Come on. Skater Dogs! Who could resist?

On the trip to Denmark, it was really lovely to spend 48 hours with other people who sew and to share our adventures on Instagram. It was healing for my soul to cry with laughter, stroke fabric and drink wine with people who probably understand me better than I understand myself – much like my blog readers. Some of you, I’ve realised, have been reading since my very first blog posts. What a privilege to share my adventures. Shall we all still be here in another five years? Who knows. I wonder if I’ll have fashioned myself a Dogs In Space pyjama set by then. I should!

With thanks to House of Pinheiro for my beautiful dog charm necklace and to Stoff & Stil for their generosity.

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