Owl Homemade Valentines Cards {Kids Can Make}

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owl homemade valentines cards

These Owl Homemade Valentines Cards are so cute! Valentines cards from friends are such a special treat, especially when they are made by hand. Let friends know they are a “hoot” with these super adorable owl homemade valentines cards. Kids will have fun handing these out to classmates, plus they are so easy to make!

Here is another unique and cute homemade card that your kids can make.

owl homemade valentines cards

We loved making these owl homemade valentines cards! With these cards your child will be able to make them all on their own with minimal assistance from you. If your kids are very young, you may need to add the cute note yourself. This Valentine’s Day craft is very easy and if you have a little one who is learning their shapes this is a fun activity to make with them since you are using a large circle for the body, a triangle for the beak, two small circles for the eyes and a heart to add on to the body.Here’s what you need to make these Owl Homemade Valentines Cards:

owl homemade valentines cards owl homemade valentines cards owl homemade valentines cards

Owl Homemade Valentines Cards


  • Cardstock (we used pastel pink)
  • Self-sticking extra large googly eyes
  • Heart stickers (we used foam stickers)
  • Orange marker
  • Black or gray marker
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Suckers (we used Tootsie Pops)


First, trace circles onto your paper. You can use a cup, saucer, canning lid ring or anything else you have on hand.

owl homemade valentines cards

Next, fold over the top.

Then fold sides at the corners, making sure the corners make a point, but don’t overlap too much.

Now add your googly eyes, heart sticker, and the beak with an orange marker.

Then punch two holes at the bottom for your sucker to slide through.

After that use the gray or black marker to write your message on the front and “To” and “From” on the back. Here’s some ideas for cute Valentines messages for this owl homemade Valentines card:

“Owl always love you!”

“Owl always be your friend!”

“Owl be yours.”

“You’re a hoot.”

“Whooo loves you?”

Finally, slide your sucker through the holes at the bottom to make it look like the owl is perched on a branch. We used Tootsie Pops because they reminded us of the tv commercials: “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?”

owl homemade valentines cards

Aren’t they cute?

owl homemade valentines cards

 If you’re looking for something for the teacher, last year I made a paper treat bag shaped like an owl and it says, “Guess WHOOO appreciates you?”. You can go here for the owl template for that.

owl homemade valentines cards

“Owl Love” to hear what cute owl phrases your child comes up with for their cards.  Share with us your Valentine’s Day crafts on our Facebook page.

More Valentines Kids Activities

Exchanging Valentine cards is a fun tradition for kids. It is even more special if the kids can make the cards themselves. For more cards and kids activities, take a look at these ideas:

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