The End of an Era…

January 19, 2017   /   byCarolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic)  / Categories :  Feeds
Earlier this month I celebrated my 11th anniversary of blogging, during that time Barack Obama has been President of the United States for the last eight years. 

Today a new administration enters the White House. It is the natural progression of events in our national politics. I don't need to reiterate how I feel about the incoming administration because my views haven't changed AT ALL since November 9th.

However, since change is coming, I am acknowledging that fact by giving my blog a makeover. It is with so many mixed feelings, I'm removing President Barack Obama's picture from my side bar. While leaving the background color the same, I am making it cleaner and simpler...removing some things that have been around for the last eight years...moving forward lighter and leaner for the fights that I will be passionately fighting along with my fellow Americans in the next couple of years.

I will continue to keep this as my safe sewing space but know this, this election has made me more determined to be active in and protest for the things I care about. To donate my time and money to a more compassionate, inclusive America where every citizen is free to pursue life, liberty, happiness and the American Dream. To love who they want to vote and work...for women to have the right to their own bodies...for immigrants of any color to come here and seek the American Dream as immigrants have come in the past. Also know that there will be times when an opening line will be, step out if you're not here for politics or religion. My thoughts.

On that note, I was suppose to head to Trenton this weekend to march in my state's Women's March but I still haven't managed to kick this cold. The cold that has impeded my sewing so far this month. So I will be in the Sewing Cave choosing not to watch the pagentry and spectacle that is happening in my Nation's Capital this weekend...cause in the cycles of grief I'm stalled at anger...and while the new occupant of the oval office will be President of America...he's just not mine.

Hopefully new items will be coming to the blog sooner rather than later. Also, I feel compelled to say now that if my attitude disturbs you and you'd rather not come back to visit, I totally understand...and I offer the love of Jesus and his blessings upon you and your family!

For everyone else... always more later!

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· Sewing Pattern Buddy app ·

Happy Monday, everyone! 🙂  I was approached by Megan of Kwirky Kiwi about trying out her app for organizing sewing patterns and I loved it so much that I wanted to share this with all of you!
I don’t know about you, but I tend to amass patterns in batches and I’m quickly reaching the stage where I can’t remember every detail of every pattern I own…. I’m happy to report that the Sewing Pattern Buddy app is the end to my woes!  Megan has designed the app with so many opportunities to organize and categorize patterns according to your personal favorite method and I’ve been so impressed by how intuitive and easy it is to navigate. 🙂  This app is free for up to 25 patterns and is just $6.99 NZD (approx $4.99 USD) for unlimited storage!
Despite being a Millenial, I’m very decidedly *not* tech savvy, but I’m here to tell you- if you already have a smart phone, you’re tech-y enough to figure out how to utilize this resource too. 😉
The app has a wide range of customization already built in with different filters for Pattern Company/Number, Garment Type, Era/Year,  Personal Rating scale, Tags, Previous Makes, Pattern Completeness, and Pattern Type.  There is also space on each pattern listing for measurements, fabric requirements, personal notes, skill level, place/time acquired, purchase cost, printed/unprinted, condition, relevant website URL, location in your stash, and number of copies!
The categories come empty, all the better for using your own organization method.  I really love that I’m able to add specific design elements to the “tag” section.  Frequently I’ll be looking for a pattern that incorporates princess seams/long sleeves/collar/etc and having an easy filter to find them is so helpful!
After backing up the photos and info, the app is fully navigable without internet or data- which is huge for me since I’m on a no-data plan!  The images are clear and zoom-able, so if I need to see details from the envelope back I still have access to that information. The app takes up less space on my phone than any other app I’ve downloaded- I really haven’t found a negative to this app. 😉
This app really is all could ask for as a pattern database and I’m excited to keep adding to the database!  This probably settles me firmly in “nerd” category, but I’m not ashamed.  I love organization so much that the thought of spending this evening adding more patterns to my personal catalog adds a little spring to my step today, haha! 😉
· Disclaimer- I did receive the expanded app as a gift from Megan without the requirement for posting, and all opinions are my own! ·
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