To Stay or To Go? Tips for Cleaning Out Your Lingerie Drawer with a Side of Humor

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Ladies, I’m going to get personal, stick with me here.

We’re in the middle of January. The holidays are in our rearview mirror and it’s time to look forward and clean house. Don’t get lazy and think that can help you out here – you need get rid of things that no longer serve you, like those sequined leggings that you thought you’d wear everyday but haven’t even taken the price tag off. An oft-overlooked area to refresh – your lingerie drawer. Raise your hand if you haven’t gone through your undies in God knows how long? But as a bonafide lingerista – yeh, it’s a word – this needs to be at the top of your priority list. No really, it’s a need just Instagram. Maybe not weekly like me, but at least monthly.

Before you rush to your lingerie drawer – cause I know y’all are about to – let’s chat. Here’s are a few quick pointers that will help you when deciding whether your lacy underthings should stay or go.

1. Except for antique and vintage items, if I haven’t worn or cleaned something in six months, I get rid of it. This may sound harsh, but if you don’t wear them, you don’t need them. Out of sight, out of mind. If the item(s) still has a tag on it, gift it to a friend. If it has been worn, donate to a non profit like The Bra Recyclers.

2. If your undies are loose around the bum, they are not doing their job and should also go. The excess fabric is bulky and will not lay well under your clothes. Plus, no body likes a saggy ass.

3. If the seams dig into your body, say adios. It is not only painful for the wearer’s, but also onlookers. Who likes to see VPL’s?

4. Holes? Stains? Time for a replacement.

5. If you’re itching down there, it could mean 2 things. First, are they made with the right material? You might be sensitive to poly, nylon or the like. Check the content label. If you don’t think that’s the culprit, your undies might be too small. Go up a size – your vag will love you for it.

6. Unless you’re wearing a thong, your underwear shouldn’t ride up or give you a wedgie. Period.

Okay, so now you can run – don’t walk! – to your closet and start purging. With all that space in your drawers, why not stock up on some well-fitting, wedgie free, hole and stainless Madalynne Intimates? Enjoy 20% your purchase with the code panty20

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