Sprout Patterns Cashmerette Turner Dress

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Let me start out by saying that this fabric was given to me by Sprout Patterns (sister site to Spoonflower) to review, so this is a sponsored post. However, all of the comments are mine.

First, the most appealing feature of purchasing the pattern printed on the fabric, is that you don't have to lay anything out! All you have to do is prewash the fabric (which is highly recommended) and cut out.

Okay I did jump ahead a little because when you first go on the site, you need to pick a pattern.  The site has quite a few of the popular indie pattern companies listed. After picking the pattern, fabric is the next choice. This was the longest part of the process for me. I actually spent a couple of hours on the site one day and went back the next day to choose the final fabric.

You can pick a premade set (pattern + fabric) or you can choose your pattern (I chose Cashmerette's Turner Dress) and then choose your fabric.  The site allows you to pick several pieces of fabric at once and try them on your silhouette. The silhouette revolves so you can see front, back and sides of your fabric. You can even move the print around to look the way you want.

The last portion of this process is if you're a complete maverick, you can design your own fabric and then add it to your pattern. A lot of variety which practically guarantees that you can make a one of a kind garment.

After you choose your design and pattern you pick your fabric choice ~ there were four available to me ~ I chose the Modern Jersey. Pick your pattern pieces. I'm sure you're asking why? Well this is if you want to use more than one design for your garment. Next pick your size and for this pattern your bust size.

Now here is the first disclaimer ~ 
I am a standard size 24 with a C/D bust cup in Cashmerette Patterns. I pretty much fit Cashmerette's patterns right out of the envelope. My only concern when I did this was whether the sleeves would fit in the biceps, but that turned out not to be a problem at all.

If you've made the Turner Dress before you know that this is a simple sew once the pattern is fitted. My only confusion in sewing this was that the instructions tell you to leave the white borders that have the piece names printed on them, as part of the pattern piece when you cut it out.

Second disclaimer ~
I took this to #CarriageCornerSewCamp to make and couldn't remember if I was supposed to sew the white border as part of the dress or cut it off. I ended up leaving it on and using 1/2" seam allowances like the pattern states. This made the dress fit me perfectly, however, you could still see all the notch marks on the side seams once the bodice was assembled. So I'm thinking that you are supposed to cut the white border off and then sew the garment together.

A few pictures of the dress in action ~

By the way, I machine stitched the hems by turning under the white borders on both the bottom of the dress and the sleeve hems. Pressed them flat and stitched. This was perfect for me because the dress hem ended at the bottom of my knee ~ a good proportion for me.

Conclusion ~
This is really an innovative idea. The fabric comes with the pattern pieces printed on it so you just cut and sew. If you hate the process of laying out pattern pieces, pinning (or putting down weights), cutting or rotary cutting the fabric, this puts you miles ahead in the construction process. 

The disadvantages are that you can only choose the fabrics offered, the service is costly, and if you aren't a standard size the program makes no adjustments. My dress started at $86 and the price increased by your fabric choice.  Before shipping and handling, my dress cost $117. Honestly this is what gives me pause about the service. Finally if you need to make many pattern alterations or you're outside the pattern's size range, this service is not for you because it doesn't do customizations. 

They do offer a sewing service (White Glove Service) for an additional fee, so if you or someone you know wants a garment and don't have time to sew, it's an option. If you could get a discount or believe this service is worth the money, then this was a wonderfully easy and fun process. 

So now I have to wait for a warm spring day to wear my pretty new Turner Dress!

...as always more later!


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