Star Trim Closet Door DIY

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Star Trim Closet Door DIY (click through for tutorial) Oh man, I’m so excited to share this closet door project with you today! I’ve been working hard on gathering up items and implementing all the ideas I’ve had over the last few months for a very special project in our house—the nursery! I’ve done custom closet doors a few other places in our house (like our bedroom and den), and I really love the custom feel that they give to a space. So I thought the nursery would be the perfect spot to add another fun door project too.

Star Trim Closet Door DIY (click through for tutorial) The doors that were there previously are pretty standard metal accordion doors, and while they are fine, they don’t really add any personality to the room. You can see the wallpaper design I’ve been working on around the door trim (more details on that later!), so I wanted the new doors to compliment the bold walls without competing visually for attention, and I think I found just the right balance with the design I chose.

Star Trim Closet Door DIY (click through for tutorial) I bought two sets of wooden flat-panel accordion doors from Lowe’s (I can’t find a link for them, but they always have them in the store in the door section) and painted them a light lavender color (Valspar’s Lilac Lane to be exact). The doors came in connected sets of two panels, and I think it’s easier to remove the side hinges before painting the doors and replace them later so you don’t have to trim around them.

Star Trim Closet Door DIY (click through for tutorial) Once the panels were the right hue, we removed the white doors, reattached the panel hinges, and installed the new ones in the nursery.

Star Trim Closet Door DIY (click through for tutorial) For the star pattern, I bought 6 of these 14″ wide 10-point wooden stars (they are from this Etsy shop, but it looks like they are on break right now), and I painted them the same color and then cut them in half with my saw (you can use an inexpensive jig saw for that part if you don’t have access to a chop saw).

Star Trim Closet Door DIY (click through for tutorial) Star Trim Closet Door DIY (click through for tutorial) Once the stars were cut in half, I used painter’s tape to get the placement of each one just right, and then I marked the different heights with tape so I could find those spots easily when attaching them.

Star Trim Closet Door DIY (click through for tutorial) I put some wood glue on the back of each star half, lined up the edge with the door seam, taped them in place, and then used a nail gun to secure. If you don’t have a nail gun, don’t worry! You can use a regular hammer and small nails and that works just fine too. Nail guns are just faster and handy to have if you do a lot of wood working projects though… totally worth it!

Star Trim Closet Door DIY (click through for tutorial) Once the stars were attached, I filled in and smoothed any nailhead indents with wood filler, and then touched up the paint where needed. After adding the brass handles, my doors were ready to be admired!

Star Trim Closet Door DIY (click through for tutorial) Star Trim Closet Door DIY (click through for tutorial) Aren’t they sweet?? I just love them. Since the stars are a more interesting 10 point variety rather than the usual 5 point, I think they look less childish. So you could really do this pattern in any room of a house. It also reminds me a bit of the vintage sunburst mirrors and hardware plates, so I think that’s a great addition to our midcentury house as well. Still gathering up the rest of the nursery items, but it’s a big relief to have another of the larger scale projects off my list—onto the next!! xo. Laura

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