The Laure Dress

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When An released the Laure dress pattern,  I had originally planned to make the version with what I will call the "neck" bow (ahem). But then I saw Trine's version of the dress here and I knew I wanted to make one exactly like it for Indigo.

I wouldn't have thought to put these pattern options together in this way myself, but I love it.  Trine has the best taste and I especially love her picks for her daughter who is right around Indigo's age.  It was Trine who got me on my Mini Marthe kick a couple of winters ago, too.

I wanted an oversized rather than fitted look for this pattern.  Indigo measured as a size 8 in the chest but I cut the size 10.  (She will be 10 next month!).  It did end up being a little bit too big under the arms and gaped a bit, so I brought in the side seam by 1/2", tapering it down to the original seam allowance at the bottom of the bodice and that worked perfectly.

Like Trine, I shortened the length of the bodice so it wasn't quite so dropped.  I was happy with the result.

I cut the skirt length taking Indigo's measurements from the bottom of the bodice to the bottom of her knee.  Then I added a couple of inches for the seam allowance and to have some wiggle room in my hem width.  Better too long than too short, I say.

I kept the original skirt width of the pattern and only adjusted the length being I altered the bodice.  Also, Indigo now measures a size 12+ in length! :o

Rachael from Imagine Gnats posted about this indikon yarn-dyed chambray on IG and I immediately knew this would be my fabric for this dress.  I love chambrays so much in general and loved the detail of the small crosses on this one in particular.

The kids love to ask each other who their favorite sibling is.  Which isn't a game I approve of because inevitably three of the kids get their feelings hurts.

Every one of the kids picks Indigo as their favorite, every time.

One day Hazel, Iris and I were driving in the car after dropping the kids off at homeschool co-op.  Iris mentioned that Indigo was her favorite sister.

Hazel crossed her arms over her chest and exclaimed, "Hey, what about me??!!" pouting.

Indigo is a patient mother hen to her younger sisters and a quick-witted, funny companion for Jude.  It's really no surprise they all love her so much.

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