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Recycled Plant Cozy Tutorial

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tom’s of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine. There is a long list of reasons why I love the month of April. Near the top of that list is the start of growing season and Earth Day, which go hand in hand quite perfectly. Kind of like the components of today’s project. I’ve teamed up with an appropriately Earth friendly brand,

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The Rain Dance Romper pattern testers

On Wednesday I talked about the release of my newest pattern, the Rain Dance Romper (available here) and shared several versions…

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The Rain Dance Romper pattern testers

On Wednesday I talked about the release of my newest pattern, the Rain Dance Romper (available here) and shared several versions…

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Pattern Review: SBCC Tai Dress

Pattern name: Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick (SBCC) Tai Dress The Tai is designed for wovens, and is a sleeveless princess-seamed dress with back waist darts, flared pleated skirt, optional skirt lining and in-seam pockets. The neckline is finished with facing, while the armholes have a bias-faced finish. The Tai has two views, a scoop neck…

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 Wearing my most playful pair of sandals, recently found at Monnier Freres (a new online destination for fashion accessories!). Monnier Freres carries some of my favorite brands (Aquazzura, Marni, Stella McCartney to name a few), and I’ve also discovered a few new ones too (Ginette NY!). I had a whirlwind weekend in Dallas last weekend […]

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Maternity Blanc Tshirt

Sew an easy Maternity Tshirt - adapt a free pattern for maternity wear by adding ruching - pattern and tutorial available from Melly SewsHey y’all, as promised on Tuesday today I’ve got the post about how to make this maternity t-shirt, which is adapted from my free Blanc T-shirt pattern. You can see Tuesday’s post about how to make these maternity shorts. You know you hear about the glow of pregnancy? Well I didn’t feel like I glowed Read the Rest…

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Amnesty April {Project Sew It}

Hello there, we’re back again with Project Sew It’s April Challenge: Dress.  (Project Sew It is a monthly inspirational sewing challenge created by Celina of Petit a Petit and Family.)  Aria and Audrey both sewed up a garment for this month’s challenge.  But not a dress. We’ve given ourselves amnesty on the given garment theme for […]

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Getaway to Holden Beach

We had the most fabulous little stay at Holden Beach, NC recently, and I thought I would share a few snapshots. I’m so sad I didn’t take more pictures, but we really did just disconnect from the world and connect with our friends. So maybe I’m not so sad after all 😉 It was our […]

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New Pattern! The Traverse Bag

If you’ve checked out Instagram in the past week or so you might have noticed I taught at Sewtopia this

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Spring into Dapper Day

Last Sunday was spring Dapper Day at the Disneyland Resort. Recently I have scored some amazing vintage square dancing dresses, including several spectacular floral ones, so I decided to wear one of those for the day. All day I felt one part cowgirl, and one part southern belle. Which works out just fine, as Frontierland […]

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Our Weekly Newsletter

Trio of Zip Pouches from Be the Bag featuring our Blackbird floral I just love it when things come in threes, especially when they’re this pretty! A set of Zip Pouches, like these from Be the Bag featuring our Blackbird floral, make such a simple yet lovely handmade gift for…

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Borax-Free Slime Recipes

Slime is such a great sensory activity, and these borax-free slime recipes are taste safe for little ones who like to explore with their mouths. We gathered the best safe slime recipes online — so let’s have some chemical-free fun! Borax-Free Slime Recipes Edible Valentines slime is so gooey — change the color to make it…

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Stoff & Stil Fabric Haul

Hi friends! I’ve been super busy these past few weeks, making myself and Charlotte dresses for a friend’s wedding this weekend. Charlotte’s dress has been a real labour of love, with countless hours spent on grading and drafting, and mine is a bit of a…

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Congrats on making it this far in the Lodo dress sewalong because we are almost done. Today is our last day or sewing and tomorrow we just show off our finished dresses. Let’s get started!   Step 11 – Fold the outside (short) edges of each woven armhole facing in by 1/4″ (wrong sides touching) and press. Fold the unnotched long edge of the armhole facing up by 1/4″ (wrong sides touching) and press. If you are finishing your seam allowances of the side seams you need to do this at this time. It’s not necessary since knits do not fray, but to show you I serged the entire side seams (from one hem, up over the shoulder, to the other hem) on my maroon version.   Step 12 – With right sides touching and matching notches, pin the woven armhole facing to the edge of each side of the dress along the armhole. The fact that the facing is cut on the bias will allow it to curve along the edge of the dress.   Step 13 – Starting at one folded end of the facing, stitch (using a regular nonstretch stitch) along the raw edges until you reach the other […]

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A Polly Pinafore by Bebekin Patterns

A couple of months ago, Diorella from Bebekins Patterns launched the Polly pinafore pattern and sent a copy to me.  She knew of Iris’ love of pinafores and thought Iris might enjoy another one.I had been planning to make another one anyway, but my…

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Salix integra ‘Hakuro Nishiki’

Salix integra (aka “dappled willow” in English) is a specie of willow native to China, Japan & Korea. The cultivar ‘Hakuro Nishiki’ (the one I have purchased & that you can see here) is grown for its variegated foliage, the leaves strongly mottled with patches & blotches of white and pale pink. For this reason, in French it is called “shrimp willow” (“saule crevette” en français).

How could I resist such a lovely foliage, seriously ?! I was very happy to bring it back home this past Monday !

Do you have a garden ? Have you planted a tree or flowers that you had never before ? I’d love to know !



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Two summer shirtdresses: M6891

I was definitely not kidding when I said I tend to sew up a pattern twice!  Since I made this two dresses just days apart, I thought I would post them together 🙂

The pattern is McCall’s M6891.  It’s a good, classic shirtdress style with a convertible collar and pockets.  I love the full skirt, waistline seam, and ungathered back (why do designers do that??). Since it’s a Palmer and

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Lots of Changes at Etsy This Week: What You Need to Know

This has been quite a week for Etsy sellers. Multiple big changes are coming at what feels like a whirlwind pace. Here’s a brief overview: Etsy Payments: Sellers have until May 17 to enable Etsy Payments, the new version of Direct Checkout. Those sellers who had previously opted out of Direct Checkout are now required… 

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How to sew mitered corners with the hong-kong binding technique – Como cobrir cantos em esquina com fita de viés

EN Summary: It’s not the first time that I’m using bias cut lining strips to bind a pocket facing, yet today I’m presenting a step-by-step photo sequence of how I used this technique to make the mitered corners on the pocket facing of BCN-Unique’s Wide Leg Culottes. Keep reading the complete article.
PT Sumário: Não é a primeira vez que uso tiras de forro cortadas em viés para rematar as vistas de bolsos metidos nas costuras; então hoje resolvi apresentar-vos um passo-a-passo fotográfico de como costumo fazer este acabamento, nomeadamente de como fazer o viés nos cantos em esquina, aproveitando a construção das Culotes BCN-Unique. Continuem a ler o artigo completo.

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One Room Challenge Week Four: Couch Dreams Coming True

Last week I shared with you our design board for the living room, featuring a blue couch I was very hopeful of finding. This week I’m sharing with you the couch of my freaking dreams. If you saw my instagram stories, you know getting this couch was no simple feat. I saw online that this […]

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Beggin Chips with Holly’s Easy Guac

This bacon-twist on a Mexican restaurant classic is easy to make and easy to enjoy.  Bake and eat with your own guacamole or make Holly’s Easy Guac That You Can Live On (linked below) while your chips bake in the oven.  It’s as simple as buying bacon, cutting up bacon, and heating in the oven.  After…

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Violet knit jacket by Stylearc

O.K. there is a back story on this. Several in fact.First it has to do with policy.I have sort of a policy to try new profiles and shapes every season that are out of my comfort zone. Of course this produces a lot of should have known better garments, …

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Laura’s Nursery Tour!

Hooray!! I finally get to show you guys my finished nursery!! I’ve basically been creating this space in…

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Toaster Sweater + Black Ginger Jeans

Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven + Black Ginger Jeans // Closet Case PatternsI’ve been doing a relatively large amount of personal sewing over the last few months given how much sample making

You’re reading Toaster Sweater + Black Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Patterns. If you’ve enjoyed this post you can also follow us on Instagram , Twitter and Facebook.

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Completed: Morgan Pants

I have a well-documented love for the Ginger Jeans pattern. In fact, I love making (and wearing!) this pattern so much, that I just stopped posting about it. After you finish the 10th pair of pants, it just feeling way too fucking redundant to keep posting the same pattern praise over and over again. Needless to […]

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announcing the classic shirt sew-along and linky party

Please join Rachel for the Liesl + Co. Classic Shirt Sew-along which starts May 8th!

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Tapestry, Canvaswork, or Needlepoint?

Read enough and you’ll come upon several names for the stitching we do. Tapestry, canvaswork, or needlepoint all look like words for the same thing — but are they? Tapestry Using the word “tapestry” for Tent Stitch needlepoint is fairly common in the UK and Europe, but it came about because of a mistake. Properly […]

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Cardboard Roll Bluebird

Looking for an easy spring craft for kids? We’ve got you covered! This Cardboard Roll Bluebird is simple, adorable, and fun for kids of all ages. Best of all, it requires minimal supplies and adult help! Cardboard Roll Bluebird My favorite thing about spring is watching birds flit about, nesting, feeding, and singing. I especially…

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Cuff on pants

Thank you for all your nice comments and congratulations on my 10 years of blogging. It’s so nice to know that you appreciate my posts and even are inspired to try something by it.

Today I’ll do a post of the kind I like very much, a tutorial (or my way of doing things). This is about a cuff on pants. It’s been a while since I made a tutorial and I can’t even remember the last time I made cuffs on a pair of pants.

The pattern I’m using is the StyleArc Christia pant. Their description is: A trendy crop pant with all the new style features you have been waiting for. Wide waist band, side pockets, pleats and cuffs that sit just above the ankle gives this casual pant loads of style!

To be very hones I’m in doubt of this style on me, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. I made a pair of trousers last year which were very narrow at ankle height and I confess to not wearing them. These are a little wider and I just wanted to try them.


Instructions are sparse and there’s even a pattern piece that’s never mentioned in the instructions. More on that when I’ve completely finished it. So this is my take on doing it, not StyleArcs’ instructions.

For the cuffs I marked the fold lines completely and basted them. On the pattern there’s only a mark at the edge but it’s so much easier to work with the whole line marked on both sides of the fabric. Belief me, it’s worth the extra 10 minutes of doing this.

Then I clipped on the fold lines to the stitch line of the seams (of course not through the stitching). The seam is folded on top of each other and if your fabric is a bit substantial, this will cause a lot of bulk. By clipping and alternating folding to each side of the seam this is more evenly distributed.


The cuff is folded (right sides together) on the top line (furthest from the hem), pressed and then stitched. This stitchline won’t be visible and helps in keeping shape.

Tip: fold your cuff first without pressing so that you know how it’s supposed to go together.


The next step is folding over the lowest foldline to the inside and press! Then fold the middle foldline (which is the top of the cuff) over. This is how the inside looks.


My “trick” to keep the cuff in shape and easer to press after laundering is stitch again behind the cuff. The cuff is folded down and then I stitch through all layers. The last step is a stitch in the ditch in the seams to tack it.


The resulting cuff:


The pants are not finished yet. I’ve made a waistband from muslin. The waistband is wide, 7.5 cm (3 inch). The pattern provides a rectangle pattern piece. This is not working on me when the waistband is a normal height, let alone on a waistband twice as high.

Making the waistband from muslin first gives me the opportunity to pin it to my shape. In this picture you can see there’s quite a bit of shaping involved.


Also I cut the back waist with a very generous seam allowance as I know that’s where I often need to change. I needed an extra 1.5-2 cm. My next step is to make a pattern piece of the waistband.


It’s King’s day today in The Netherlands, which means it’s a national holiday and lots of flags with an orange banner in the streets. Orange being the name and colour of our royal family.


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Make Your Own Shibori Kitchen Towels 

I’m usually drawn to neutrals and blush tones when it comes to textiles, but I’m also an avid…

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