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April 18, 2017   /   byJenny  / Categories :  Feeds

Hi everyone,

As you know, our community here and on Facebook is managed and moderated by the CSC editor group, and today I’ve got an update for you. We’re sad to say that after some most excellent times together, Gillian is leaving us – although I have absolutely no doubt we will still see lots more from her on the CSC!

Replacing Gillian we have Paige, a regular contributor to the CSC since its very beginning. Paige is a sewist and photographer based in Cincinnati, and I love seeing her incredible outfits – she has such a great sense of style!

Over to you, Paige:

Hello everyone! My name is Paige, I’m a twenty-something living in Cincinnati, Ohio. I blog about my craft endeavors and my life over at Very Paige. I’m a photographer specializing in body positive boudoir photography. In what little free time I have, I play recreational hockey. 
Although my mother is a precise in beautiful sewist, I didn’t learn from her. We aren’t the best teachers for each other and like many other mothers and daughters, we’re too much alike for instructions to be beneficial. I did make a bag with her once, but never even attempted any clothing. Eventually, I stumbled across a JoAnn’s Fabrics sale where a Singer sewing machine was being offered at a price that even an at the time part time check out girl could afford. I did what I do for everything I want to learn about, I turned to the internet. An online friend set up a LiveJournal group where she taught me to sew. Once I completed my first project, a woven pencil skirt, and the rest is history. 
I sew pretty much exclusively for myself. Being a non-standard shape meant I had to learn to alter right out of the starting gate. My most common adjustments being lengthening, FBA, box dart move, and the swayback adjustment. I’ve even learned some of those adjustments from this group, and hope to help pass some tips and tricks on to our lovely readers.
Please join me in welcoming Paige to the editor board!

This is a syndicated post. Please visit the original author at Curvy Sewing Collective

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