Laura’s Nursery Tour!

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Laura's Nursery Tour! (click through for more photos and links!) Hooray!! I finally get to show you guys my finished nursery!! I’ve basically been creating this space in my head for the last 8 months, so it’s pretty fun to see how it all eventually came together into a real life room. I knew I wanted to keep the nursery color scheme one that would fit in with the rest of the house, so I chose to use pastel lavenders, pinks, and greens as the main choices with some rainbow elements thrown in for fun. White, gold, and lucite are also pretty prevalent choices throughout our overall space, so I wanted to make sure they had some good representation in the nursery as well. Once all that was established, the challenge became how to create all of that in a sweet space for Baby while making it one that she wouldn’t immediately outgrow like she will with all the cute tiny outfits and shoes we have waiting for her (oh brother!).

Laura's Nursery Tour! (click through for more photos and links!) I was SO excited to work with Land of Nod on this room. They are one of my favorite kid’s stores for sure, and I love how they have a wide collection of items that are designed for kids but look sleek and sophisticated so they also blend in with the rest of your house. Some items are made to be just plain adorable and fun so you can get a good balance of whimsical and silly as well (which is important too!).

Laura's Nursery Tour! (click through for more photos and links!) We have a bit of a lion/cat theme in the nursery, and this little lion rocker is just too cute to put away until she’s big enough to ride it! Such a sweet face to have around her room, and it goes with the lion felt bust I made for her as well.

Laura's Nursery Tour! (click through for more photos and links!) The nursery isn’t a very large room, so I knew there wouldn’t be a lot of counter or dresser space to spare by the time we got all the essentials in. I added this beautiful marble shelf to hold a few special things like the unicorn photo holder I made and that adorable wooden pastel rainbow.

Laura's Nursery Tour! (click through for more photos and links!) I’ve heard from several Mamas that they really prefer a glider to a rocking chair, so I was so happy to find that this sleek Milo glider is craaazy comfortable. We’ve already been sitting in it a ton while getting the nursery prepped, and I keep having to kick Todd out of it so I can sit there instead of him. So it looks like we both approve! That sunglasses pillow is just the perfect fun touch for that corner of the room (FYI, I made the gold pillow with this gold foil method). I found a stool the right height for the glider and just recovered it with some faux white fur and chose this golden/camel faux cowhide to compliment the gold accents in the room (like that hanging gold planter behind the glider and the gold side table, similar here).

And yes, that IS a hand-painted wallpaper pattern that I created for the nursery. I’ll share more about that DIY soon, but I’m over the moon with how it turned out! Totally worth all the work!

Laura's Nursery Tour! (click through for more photos and links!)
Laura's Nursery Tour! (click through for more photos and links!)
Laura's Nursery Tour! (click through for more photos and links!) I wanted a smaller dresser to fit the space without feeling overcrowded, and this classic-yet-modern dresser was perfect for the room. Since we attached a changing pan to the top of the dresser, we can use the changing pad and cover right on top, and then Baby can use the dresser without the topper later when she outgrows the diaper phase. The changing pad is GREENGUARD certified and the cover is organic, which is a big plus for me as well.

Laura's Nursery Tour! (click through for more photos and links!) I have so many of Lucent Lightshop’s fixtures in my house, and I was SO excited when they came out with this Perla Chandelier recently. How beautiful is that??

Laura's Nursery Tour! (click through for more photos and links!) A lot of people at my shower were amused by how many books I had on my registry, but we love books, and I had so many that seemed essential must-reads for our kids that I just couldn’t narrow it down. I still have a lot of books left on the registry, but I figure I can always pace myself and buy a few for each birthday, Christmas, etc. Since we have a good collection started, of course we needed a place to put them, and this acrylic house-shaped bookcase was exactly what the room needed! Cute and functional.

Laura's Nursery Tour! (click through for more photos and links!) I’ve been really into wooden and rainbow toys so far so these rainbow beads, rainbow stackerwooden pizza teether (eeekkk!!), and pink bunny go really well with the rainbow plush ball and animal bath toys I’ve found. And yes, that is a mini unicorn in there too!

Laura's Nursery Tour! (click through for more photos and links!) This crib!! I literally feel like this is my dream crib come to life. It’s got lucite slats on the front and back and the mattress “floats” in the middle of the space—it is SO COOL. Oh! Another great thing about the setup is that you can get a toddler rail to convert the crib later into a bed so you can keep that bed with your kid as they grow. I chose this mattress, waterproof pad, and sheet set for the crib (all organic!) to complete the set, and I added in this cactus pillow and DIY kitty face pillow for a pop of fun and color. Who’s that very handsome Teddy Bear in the crib? His name is Pooky, and I’ve had him since I was 4. So he’s probably the most special thing in the room for me personally. And in case you were wondering, yes, he’s named after Garfield’s bear—I was a big Garfield fan! I’m also obsessed with that milk blanket hanging on the crib! Obsessed!! Since washing things will basically be my full time job soon (right?), I also chose a simple white hamper for baby laundry and sheets.

I was having SUCH a hard time finding art that fit the space and felt right with the wallpaper pattern, but I finally ran across this neon sign digital print that I cropped down and edited a bit to match the space, and I think it’s so fun. Before that I was actually trying to find a photo of Barbra Streisand from Funny Girl (one of my favorite all time movies that Baby has heard a LOT of me singing in the shower) to put above the crib, but I just didn’t think anything looked right. So when I saw the “Hello Gorgeous” print, well, if you know the movie, then you know why the homage was still fulfilled…

Laura's Nursery Tour! (click through for more photos and links!)
Laura's Nursery Tour! (click through for more photos and links!) This wooden baby gym just kills me with both how sweet and how pretty it is too! Totally something that I already love seeing around the house, and it makes me smile every time…

Laura's Nursery Tour! (click through for more photos and links!) I shared my custom closet door DIY for the nursery a few weeks back, and now that the room is done, I’m still SO happy I decided to make them. They really add such a special feel to the overall room and the star cutouts are a fun touch without competing with the wallpaper nearby. 

Laura's Nursery Tour! (click through for more photos and links!) Oh, and just as a side note, don’t be worried on my behalf that the nursery isn’t baby-proofed yet as far as some of the items and plants go. We are totally aware of all that stuff and planning on adapting our space as Baby grows developmentally. So I promise we have that thought out! And that hanging planter is anchored into the ceiling and actually behind the chair FYI in case that was going to cause you to lose any sleep 🙂

I kind of can’t believe the nursery is done and it feels rather surreal to say the least. Whenever Baby decides to show up now, at least her room is ready for her, and we really hope she likes it as much as we do. Is an adorable Baby the only thing that could make this room cuter? I think so too!! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions.

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