Pieced Napkins in Daily Linen

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Our Pieced Napkins not only add charisma and beauty to the dinner table, they also offer a wonderful little patchwork exercise!

Pieced Napkins in Daily Linen | Purl Soho

These Napkins play with a simple piecing technique that for beginners will be a small revelation and for seasoned pros will be old hat. Add to the mix some color fun, and you’re bound to have a very satisfying time at your sewing machine.

Pieced Napkins in Daily Linen | Purl Soho

To make each set of Pieced Napkins, you’ll need 2 1/2 yards of our brand new Daily Linen, plus a Daily Linen Bundle. The Bundle comes in three pretty palettes, each one transforming into the Napkin sets below.

Daily Linen looks composed and elegant no matter how hard it’s working, even when faced with the rigors of dining. So whether it’s takeout for dinner or grandma’s special recipe, these Pieced Napkins will definitely up your dinner game!

Pieced Napkins in Daily Linen | Purl Soho


  • Color A: 2 ½ yards of Purl Soho’s Daily Linen. We used the color Snowdrop White, shown at the bottom of each pile, above.
  • Colors B, C, and D: A Daily Linen Bundle, which includes three-½ yards of Daily Linen. These Bundles come in three palettes, shown from left to right, above…
    • Nectarine: Natural Flax, Sweet Melon, and Pumpkin Bisque
    • Rosewood: Natural Flax, Pink Dune, and Warm Clay
    • Crocus: Natural Flax, Sweet Pea Purple, and Pink Ice

You will also need . . .

  • A walking foot for your sewing machine

These are enough materials to make 8 dinner-size napkins.


Finished dimensions: 16 ¼ by 16 ¼ inches


For the free pattern, please visit our original Pieced Napkins story.

Pieced Napkins in Daily Linen | Purl Soho

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