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April 4, 2017   /   byEmma Chapman  / Categories :  Feeds

Emma from A Beautiful Mess Ombre hair X-men tshirts Pink bucket bag Emma from A Beautiful Mess Black tights with shortsSo here’s a random weekend ritual Trey and I have; probably around once a month or more, we’ll find ourselves having a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning. We’ll make pancakes and veggie sausages, and then go watch a few episodes of the old X-Men cartoon that we both used to love as kids. Yes, we are both in our thirties. ?

I think it kind of start when I bought this protein pancake mix I saw at the store. I’m a mostly stick to the list kind of grocery shopper, but I do pick up something random that looks fun now and again. It’s usually a weird ingredient or spice, but something about this protein pancake mix just seemed fun to me. Trey likes to make pancakes just like his dad used to; it must be made on a griddle and you have to brush a little melted butter over each pancake while they are still warm. I have no objections to this. We added in veggie sausages to the ritual and have now made it all our own.

Why we started watching old X-Men episodes along with this at-home breakfast ritual is still a little bit of a mystery to me. But I can’t lie, I love it! I’ve always LOVED the X-Men. My favorites are probably Rogue and Wolverine, but in part because Hugh Jackman is totally my celebrity crush. And that has nothing to do with the old cartoons. Just more random facts for you today. But, this whole thing inspired me to find and buy an X-Men tee so I could sport my love of all things X-Men around town and not just at home. Ha!

X-men tees Emma from A Beautiful Mess Tiki tattoo Tights with shortsEmma’s Wearing: X-Men tee/eBay, Shorts/Free People via Staxx, Jacket/Express (similar), Boots/ TJ Maxx, Tights/Target, Sunnies/Moorea Seal, Purse/Oui Fresh.

What about you, sister? What weekend rituals are you enjoying lately?

As much as I appreciate a spontaneous schedule, rituals really are one of the best things in life. We have a bunch, and lately weekends have been such a great time for us to recharge. On Friday night we have a happy hour tradition with one of our best friends. It involves cheese fries and signals the start of the weekend. Haha! We keep to it religiously.

On Saturdays and Sundays, we have have a few things we like to do—we go to our favorite brunch spot, we sometimes visit the farmer’s market, and we try at least one new restaurant in town. ? It’s my favorite! Even when we both don’t love the restaurant, it’s still so good to try something new on a regular basis. And we kind of get to pretend to be food critics together (laughable since I just admitted above that we have a weekly cheese fry ritual). It’s so much fun.

Elsie’s wearing: Dress/Vintage from Whurl, Bag/ Ceri Hoover, Sunnies/ Moorea Seal, Shoes/Target, Hat/ModCloth (similar).

We have decided to pause Sister Style for the time being and try out some other creative ideas. We’ll be starting some new fashion and style-based features for you over the next couple weeks! I’m sure we will eventually do some more Sister Styles, but at the moment, we are both in need of a fresh challenge and some new inspiration.

XX Emma + Elsie

Credits//Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Janae Hardy and Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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