10 Sewing YouTubers to Watch

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I don’t watch much television mostly because I don’t have much free time, but I do love short videos. I recently downloaded the YouTube app on my phone and I’ve found myself increasingly turning to it for entertaining informative videos about sewing. Like watching the Food Network, YouTube sewing videos are edutainment and I find them both relaxing and inspiring to watch.

I’ve collected 10 of my favorite sewing YouTube channels to share with you. Each one has its own focus – some show quilting projects, others garment sewing, and still others branch out into a variety of crafts beyond just sewing. All of these are regularly updated by creators who are really working hard to make their YouTube channels go-to destinations. I love supporting them!

For each channel I’ll tell you how many subscribers and views they have so you can get a sense of their reach. I’ll also give you a short summary of what they cover and I’ll share a short sample video so that you can get a taste of what they offer. If you like them, subscribe so you can be sure to find these creators easily when you have a snippet of free time to spare!


(500,000 subscribers and 17 million views) Based in Toronto, Canada, Wendy focuses on sewing her own fashion forward clothing, but sometimes also talks about other topics such as bullet journaling and travel. She’s young and super fun and relatable. Sewing your own clothes is not scary with Wendy.


The Crafty Gemini

(363,000 subscribers and 36 million views)

Based in Florida, The Crafty Gemini is Vanessa Vargas Wilson, a quilter, designer, and sewist extraordinaire. Vanessa has a knack for clearly explaining complex concepts and giving viewers the confidence to go forth and tackle projects big and small. Vanessa and her family homestead on a 5 acre farm so you get some farm life thrown in!

Melanie Ham

(348,000 subscribers and 26 million views)

Melanie Ham enjoys many different crafts including quilting and crochet. She has an upbeat, friendly style which is really nice to watch. Her videos are well-produced and easy to watch. I appreciate that Melanie doesn’t mind starting with the very basics. She doesn’t assume that you already know what all the terms mean. Instead she breaks techniques down and helps you feel totally ready to get started with your own project.

Sew Over It

(24,000 subscribers and 1.5 million views)

Sew Over It is small chain of sewing cafes which opened in London in 2011 offering sewing classes, treats to eat, and fabric shopping. The YouTube channel is presented by owner Lisa Comfort who shares sewing tips and tricks as well as pattern hacks and reviews for women’s garments. Lisa’s style is has a bit of glamor and I enjoy her accent.

Liberty Jane

(18,700 subscribers and 3 million views)

We own three American Girl dolls (what can I say – I have three daughters) and one of the most commonly requested projects in my house is sewing doll clothes and accessories. We’ve got two pattern books, but nothing beats watching a YouTube tutorial for quick and entertaining instructions accessible to all ages. The Liberty Jane YouTube channel is an extension of Liberty Jane Clothing, a pattern company for 18″ dolls co-founded by Cinnamon Miles who also owns Pixie Faire, the largest online marketplace doll clothing patterns.

MADE Everyday

(300,000 subscribers and 19,000 views)

In her MADE Everyday YouTube channel Dana demonstrates how to make quick and easy sewing projects for your family and your home. Lampshades, neckties, zippered pouches, girl’s skirts…they’re fun and satisfying make-it-in-an-afternoon sorts of things.

Sew Very Easy

(95,000 subscribers and 9 million views)

Host Laura Coia publishes new videos on the Sew Very Easy channel twice a week. She’s got lots of ideas, particularly for quilting. Her videos are bit more stiff in style than some of the others, but if you’re interested in making quilted projects this channel has lots to offer.

Missouri Star

(393,000 subscribers and 107 million views)

I would be remiss in creating a list of sewing YouTube channels if I didn’t include Missouri Star Quilt Company. This family owned quilt shop in Hamilton, Missouri has made founder Jenny Doan a YouTube star. They add a new quilting tutorial to their library of hundreds each week. These approachable projects sewing with precuts and Jenny is friendly and forgiving of her own goofs. Missouri Star has made YouTube into a powerful sales tool.

Midnight Quilt Show

(251,000 subscribers and 16.8 million views on the entire Craftsy channel)

Craftsy recently jumped into the YouTube scene by creating their own series for quilting, knitting, and cake decorating. The quilting series is called The Midnight Quilt Show and is hosted by well-known longarmer Angela Walters. For Craftsy the goal is to reach is a younger audience to sell kits to. The show is fun and I appreciate Angela’s forgiving approach to little mistakes.

Style Sew Me

(36,600 subscribers and 1 million views)

Eryn enjoys sewing her own clothes and she’s super stylish. I also enjoy the advice she shares on starting a sewing business. She’s realistic and encouraging which I so appreciate.


These are 10 of my current favorite sewing YouTubers. Do you have another to recommend? Or maybe you are a sewing YouTuber yourself? Leave a comment so we can check out your channel. I’m also interested to hear what you like and don’t like in a YouTube channel. What makes you come back for more videos?


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