5 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping with Goodwill

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I believe that good style, both in fashion and in the home, can be found at affordable prices. You don’t have to break the bank to look, and feel, good! That’s why I am so excited to partner with Goodwill today to talk about thrifty fashion, and shopping it good!

Not only does Goodwill provide jobs for many in need, but shopping at Goodwill also helps cut back on waste. For years I have been donating the clothes in my closet that no longer speak to me to Goodwill, extending their shelf life and hopefully bringing someone else joy! Because let’s face it, there is nothing like an amazing thrift store find. This dress is one of those for me – when I spotted it at Goodwill, it was love at first sight!

Many people I’ve talked to seem to be intimidated by thrift store shopping, which I totally understand! It may take a little extra energy, but when you consider the benefit on your budget and others around you, it’s completely worth it in my book. So, I’m sharing a few tips below to help you get the most out of your shopping experience…

5 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping | lovelolablog.com1. Location, Location, Location. If there is a goodwill on the nicer side of town, that’s the one to shop! Typically, the nicer the area of town, the nicer the items that are donated.Goodwill love lola22. Keep an open mind. Sometimes when you an item surrounded by the chaos of a store full of items, it can be hard to visualize it in your house or your wardrobe. If it’s a picture think about what it could look like in a new frame, or if it’s a piece of furniture how it would look recovered. Even one of my favorite interior designers, Emily Henderson, finds and works with pieces from thrift stores.5 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping | lovelolablog.com3. Grab that sewing kit. Sadly I have zero sewing skills, but for all you talented ladies out there, don’t be afraid to remake an item into something you love. That might mean turning a set of curtains into a skirt or adjusting a dress to fit your shape perfectly.5 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping | lovelolablog.com4. Accessorize. When I visit Goodwill, I always think about how I can incorporate pieces with items I already have. I paired this red dress, (that I just adore!), with a jean jacket, my favorite wedges, a straw hat, and a brown bag.5 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping | lovelolablog.com5. Make a list. With so many items, thrift store shopping can be overwhelming, and certainly takes time to look through the inventory. Go into the store with an idea of what you are looking for already in your mind to cut back on time and give you some direction.5 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping | lovelolablog.comGoodwill edit

It’s true what they say …. one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Head over to Goodwill’s sight to learn more about shopping it good, and be sure to visit your local Goodwill to spread the love!

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