A Discussion About the Recent Changes at Etsy

May 18, 2017   /   byAbby  / Categories :  Feeds

This has been an intense month for Etsy. The launch of Etsy Studio, the mandatory implementation of Etsy Payments, the shift to the new Shop Manager would have all been hectic as is, but then last week we also saw the board fire CEO Chad Dickerson as well as the CTO and 8% of the staff. Whew! That’s a lot to process as a seller.

I sat down today with Danielle Spurge of The Merriweather Council this morning to discuss it all point by point. Danielle and I are both longtime Etsy seller. She’s also a careful watcher of Etsy’s activities and she works with makers to help them optimize their Etsy shops and grow their creative businesses.

Last year Danielle and I chatted about Pattern, Etsy’s standalone shop builder, when it had just launched. You can watch that 20 minute conversation here.

And now we’re together again, this time on Facebook Live, hashing out what’s happening. I wanted to share the conversation with you here as well. We talk about:

  • Etsy Studio
  • Etsy Payments
  • the new Shop Manager
  • the management shakeup

In this conversation we work to address seller concerns and think through what’s most important for sellers to consider. Keep in mind that neither of us is affiliated with Etsy. We are just avid followers and longtime users of the platform. I hope you enjoy the talk!

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