Are Your Participating in Me Made May?

May 24, 2017   /   byMaddie Flanigan  / Categories :  Feeds

Are you following along with Me Made May 2017? I think that posting in my me-mades for the duration of the month would be way too much and would require way too many sit ups on my part. So, I’m not following along exactly as intended; instead, I’ve been taking a trip down memory lane and posting something I’ve made, garments and lingerie included. Since diving head first into sewing bras and undies, my desire to make clothes has diminished. Before the start of May, it was at zero, possibly even the negatives. Reminiscing on this yellow and white matching top and short set or this insanely gorgeous and not to mention warm, oversized jacket has rekindled that desire. So much that for last week’s workshop, I was on a mission to make a bodysuit and skirt to wear. Like I didn’t have enough to do! Literally finished the skirt at 4AM on Friday morning. Ya do what you gotta do for blush pink and multi-colored stripes yo! I’ll have more about that fabulousness next week.

I believe better late than never. So if you’re not following along yet, hop on the bandwagon and start posting! #mmm17 #memade2017 #memademay2017 #memademay2017

Off to sew my next garment ; )

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