#CSCMakes: April Instagram Roundup

May 13, 2017   /   byMary Danielson Perry  / Categories :  Feeds

Good morning, everyone! Today is the debut of our new Instagram round up series, featuring all your sewing projects from April. This month we had a ton of participation on Instagram, with talented seamstresses showing off everything from homemade jeans to self-drafted dresses. Thanks so much for joining in, y’all! It’s so inspiring to scroll through such an active, gorgeous feed.

If you’d like to join in, it’s simple. Just tag your finished garments on Instagram with #CSCMakes! I’ll grab them from our feed and feature them in May’s round up. Happy sewing!

Clockwise from top left: Jalie Eleonore Jeans by @TheGreenViolet; Closet Case Ginger Jeans by @alexandrap529; Patterns for Pirates Peg Legs by @paigepepperoni; Closet Case Ginger Jeans (maternity hack!) by @madeinspareoom; Jalie Cora Leggings by @r_typhina; Seamwork Moji Pants by @meganeyssell

From left: Closet Case Ebony Tee by @pincushiontreats; Made for Mermaids Mamaava Top by @paigepepperoni; Chez Machine Arsene Top by @ibijau

From left: Sewaholic Renfrew Top by @ailycia; Seamwork Elmira Cardigan by @rare.device; Closet Case Files Ebony Tee by @pincushiontreats

From left: Deer & Doe Plantain Tee by @1000hoursofsewing; StudioTKB Fallon Top by @chrichrimano; Blank Slate Patterns Tulip Top by @pincushiontreats

From left: Merchant & Mills Landgate Jacket by @chrichrimano; Pauline Alice Tello Jacket by @sewmanju; Style Arc Riley Coat by @megret79

From left: Alina Design Co. Hampton Jean Jacket by @megret79; Grainline Morris Blazer by @syreetabriana; Mummykins & Me Kingston Jacket by @dixieodare

From left: Named Clothing Talvikki Sweater by @pincushiontreats (top); Cashmerette Harrison Shirt by @nunecosturera (bottom); Cashmerette Springfield Top by @happily_caffeinated; Deer & Doe Hoya Blouse by @ibijau (top); Butterick 6288 and Vogue 1517 by @sewmanju (bottom)

From left: McCall’s 7542 by @sewmanju; Hey June Biscayne Blouse by @chrichrimano; Grainline Scout Tee by @k8lict

From left: Brushed poly top by @pincushiontreats (top); New Look 6374 by @kaytehd (bottom); McCall’s 7094 by @sewmanju; Cashmerette Springfield Top by @plumkitchen (top); Cashmerette Harrison Shirt by @syreetabriana

From left: Cashmerette Turner by @syreetabriana (top); Seamwork Catarina by @1000hoursofsewing (bottom); Cashmerette Appleton by @chrichrimano; Sew Me Something Helena Dress by @plumkitchen; Sew Over It Alex Dress by @alexandrap529

Clockwise from top left: True Bias Lodo by @megret79; Named Inari by @pincushiontreats; Self-Drafted Nursing Dress by @robutton; Butterick 6453 by @goldpom; True Bias Lodo by @pincushiontreats; Self-Drafted Little Black Dress by @stitchinschmitz

Clockwise from top left: Cashmerette Upton by @kaytehd; Vogue 8615 by @meganeyssell; Colette Moneta by @pollinatorhandmade; Cashmerette Upton by @sewprettyinpink; Patterns for Pirates Tunic by @paigepepperoni; Style Arc Adeline by @alexandrap529

Remember to tag your finished projects with #CSCMakes! 

Note: If you have a private Instagram account, your photos won’t show up in the public feed. If you’d like to be included anyway, or don’t use Instagram, just send your photos and garment descriptions (Remember the pattern name!) to our inbox

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