It’s Remnants For This Blouse

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... we should be thankful for routine everyday life. There is nothing ordinary about getting up and going to work. There is nothing ordinary about being able to see, having friends or having family. These are gifts from God. You and I should never take for granted what God has given us. If you can see, if you can hear, if you can walk, if you've got good health, family, friends and a good job, learn to appreciate each of these gifts. - Every Day a Friday by Joel Osteen

Last Sunday, I went for a walk along the lake. Over the winter, the city did some work along the shoreline and a large part of the path is now wider and flatter with rocks along the lake edge and more trees. The sky was a gorgeous blue punctuated by clouds. The foliage was the hopeful green of spring. And the bird sanctuary was filled with activity and noise. It's a wonderful space. I'd hoped to get back later in the week except that I spent the only two sunny days working on the front yard and the rest of the time it's been drizzly and wet... which is... of course... perfect studio weather.

I am not a woven blouse person. When I do sew them, they don't get worn and even so, I liked this Burda 6580 top, view B, and thought I'd try it with a drapey rayon. First, I sewed the back and bias cut front together and tried it on and it was tough tugging to get it over my head but before I changed the neckline I wanted to make sure I liked it so I sewed in a sleeve... and it was too tight... so I took it out and sewed in a larger sleeve... and it still feels like a straight jacket. At first, I intended to ball it up and be done with it - do something with the remnants - but after a few days thought, I'm going to remove the sleeve, finish the armholes, and add the side zipper and the pleats, and if I like that, I'll lower the neckline. If I don't... it's remnants for this blouse.

Last night, I cut out The Sewing Workshop's Trio Pants in a medium blue denim. I've sewn these quite successfully a few times and - thankfully - one of the drafted patterns is my current size so I'm hoping to have them sewn for next week when I'm going shopping with a friend. It'd be fun to have a new outfit. But, even this has not smooth sailing. At first, I thought I'd cut them out in a grey only when I looked at the fabric more closely under different lighting it was a taupe... which doesn't go with anything I own... so I'm not sure why it's in my stash... but I put that aside and cut the pattern out again. With my ultra small wardrobe, I'd rather sew something I'll wear.

I've been giving "accept and lean" even more thought over the past week and I've realized that as much as I enjoy sewing labour intensive garments with lots of little touches, I rarely wear them. I've worn each of these coats twice. I reach for garments that may be as "complicated" in structure but will be simpler in terms of detail or contrast - like the trio pants with multiple seams and top stitching or a similarly structure top - in a solid coloured fabric or in one colour with varying textures. As I mentioned in the last posting, my preferred look is a plainer upper garment with a statement necklace which may be why...

... this surprising new love of wire wrapping could be a missing link. Not only am I enjoying putting together the pieces but I am also enjoying wearing them. I showed you the start of this piece in the last posting. The finished size is 3" wide by 3 1/2" high. It's my first free-form, designed by me, piece based on what I learned in the first workshop on weaving bracelets. I'm working on my second free-form, designed by me, piece based on the workshop about cabochons. It works well to watch the workshop, then watch it again and do the assignments, and then create my own piece based on what I learned. My design abilities seems to have transferred from other mediums. My technical abilities need to catch up but WHAT FUN!

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - time with friends

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