Jedediah Shorts

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With the leftover fabricfrom the Loveralls, Trixie's vintage popover, Zara's Lekala skirt and Hugo's Kwiksew jeans ...
(Not bad for a $20 end of roll from eBay)
I made Hugo another pair of Jedediah shorts.
To go with his navy shortsnavy trousers and brown chinos
I sewed Hugo the smallest size, with out fitting them.
Next time I will fit them as he prefers a firmer fit in the waist.
These are my go-to shorts, trouser and jeans pattern for Hugo and Jed.
The pocket construction is brilliant with a lovely facing over the pocket bag.
Make sure you use a heaving shirting for the pocket bags. I used Liberty in the earlier pairs and have had to replace them as they wore thin.
The rise is perfect on Hugo (and Jed) and has a decent fly with a good size guard.
I really like the groovy stitching on the back pockets too.
~Hugo's Verdict~
I was very excited when mum made me a pair of these shorts as I already have a pair of jeans from the same denim and they are really comfortable and make me look quite smart. The same can be said for these shorts and they work really well as part of a casual summer look.

~My Verdict~
I am a big fan of Thread Theory patterns.
I will admit, the first pair I made I got slightly confused with the pockets and the facings but once I read the instructions carefully it all became clear.
Like their other patterns, I feel I am getting 'trade secrets' as there are tips such as stretching the legs in places to give wearing ease that I have never heard of before.
I don't even look at mens trouser patterns anymore, I just reach for this one.
I have bought the Jutland, for Jed as work trousers but have not sewn them as yet.

Thanks for reading...
xx N

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