liesl + co. soho shorts sew-along

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From Liesl: We’re delighted that my dear friend Rita is here to lead you through the process of sewing a pair of SoHo Shorts for this sew-along. Rita specifically requested that I design a pattern like this, so it seems particularly fitting that she should be the one to talk you through sewing the shorts. I hope you’ll learn lots of fun new techniques through this pattern. I use this method of sewing the waistband a lot because it gives such a professional result, with no stretching out once you’ve finished sewing it! If you prefer to sew the SoHo Skirt you can also follow along, although there are a few differences (mostly in how the pleats are formed), so you’ll want to refer directly to the instructions for those steps. 

We’ll be working through the pattern over the next five days. Here’s our schedule, and each day is pretty easy!

  • Day 1: Make the Shorts Pleats.
  • Day 2: Sew the Pockets.
  • Day 3: Assemble the Shorts, Prepare the Side Seam for Zipper, Attach the Waistband.
  • Day 4: Attach the Zipper.
  • Day 5: Finish the Shorts.

And, remember. If you want to grab a badge to share on your blog, you can get one from the post announcing the sew along.

Over the rest of this week, we will be updating this post by adding the steps for additional days as they arrive. So be sure to check back here if you are sewing with us day-by-day instead of looking for a new post each day.

And with that, let’s kick off the sewing! Here is Rita.

Day 1

Liesl + Co. SoHo Shorts sew-along

Getting Started

1. In addition to cutting the interfacing called for on the pattern pieces, cut two 1” by 7” strips of interfacing for the zipper.

SoHo Shorts sew-along

Make the Shorts Pleats

1. Using tailor’s chalk or a water-soluble fabric-marking pen, transfer the dots and fold lines from the shorts-front and shorts-back pattern pieces to the right side of the cut fabric pieces.

Hint: to transfer the dots, poke a pin through each dot on the pattern piece while the pattern is still pinned to the fabric. one dot at a time, gently pull open the fabric layers along the pin’s shank and mark the fabric at the pin to transfer the dot to the right side of the fabric on both halves of the shorts front. Remove the pin and pattern piece and use a ruler and a water-soluble fabric-marking pen or tailor’s chalk to connect the marked dot to its corresponding notch, referring to the pattern piece as a guide.

2. Working from the right side of the shorts front, form the first waistline pleat by creasing the fabric along the line with the small dots nearest to the side seam with wrong sides together. Match the creased edge to the corresponding pleat line with the large dots and pin the pleat to hold it in place temporarily.

Liesl + Co. SoHo Shorts sew-along

Liesl + Co. SoHo Shorts sew-along

Liesl + Co. SoHo Shorts sew-along

3. Repeat step 1 to form the second pleat, then baste the top of the shorts with a 3/8″ seam to hold the pleats in place temporarily. The pleats will overlap each other.

Liesl + Co. SoHo Shorts sew-along

Liesl + Co. SoHo Shorts sew-along

4. Repeat steps 2–3 to form the pleats on the second shorts-front piece. Leave the center-front pleat (which is a single pleat line nearest the rise on each shorts front panel) open for now; you’ll close that pleat later.

From Liesl: For the shorts, the center pleat gets sewn after the shorts rise, which is why we’re leaving it for now.

5. Repeat step 2, above to form the pleat on each side of the two shorts-back pieces.

Liesl + Co. SoHo Shorts sew-along

From Liesl: Well, that was easy, wasn’t it? We’ll see you right back here tomorrow for Day 2.

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