lightning // the tee i never meant to wear

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Megan Nielsen lightning teeMegan Nielsen lightning tee Megan Nielsen lightning tee

Let’s just file this under: Things I Never Thought I’d Wear Out the House.

So here is the back story. Last year our kids school had their annual fundraiser night, and all the parents had to dress up to a “Glam Rock” theme. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do about that, and after a lot of stressing decided to go simple.

I found a long sleeved swingy tee that I had made when I was pregnant with Birdie, but hadn’t worn, as I was pregnant over summer and actually needed SUMMER clothing (please don’t judge my stupid pregnant brain). I quickly used some painters tape to mark out a lightning bolt and then painted it with gold fabric paint. It is not my best work, but for a one night thing it worked. I paired it with sparkly silver leggings, giant platform shoes, my hair teased to giant proportions and some very glittery makeup. No pictures will be shown as i looked ridiculous. When we got home that night, I went to check on the kids after the babysitter left and found Birdie had been sick everywhere. Turns out, she was really quite sick, and spent the rest of the night and next day constantly being sick. And yes i was still wearing crazy hair, sparkly makeup, tight silver pants and the lightning tee. Sometimes parenting can be really funny… and gross.

Megan Nielsen lightning tee Megan Nielsen lightning tee Megan Nielsen lightning tee

After that night (and a good washing) the lightning tee was hung in my wardrobe. And then a weird thing happened. One day, I had no clean shirts (yes I suck at getting laundry done) and found myself putting this tee on. And then the next week when it entered the wardrobe again i found myself wearing it again… and before i knew it, this stupid lightning bolt tee had become one of my staple winter tees. Worn like this, with my jeans and some sneakers.

HOW did this happen?! I actually still can’t figure that out. If you asked me, i would say this isn’t my style at all. I also would never buy this tee. And yet here I stand, with a tee i swear i don’t really like and made just for a silly dress up night, and have somehow worn once a week the whole winter. So obviously i really DO like it.

Honestly at this point i don’t even feel like i can explain my brain anymore. I give up. Lightning tee: you win, welcome to my wardrobe. Megan Nielsen lightning tee

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