Terrace Wrap

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Evoking the texture of a garden trellis or a bistro chair, our Terrace Wrap screams spring! Not only in its construction, but in its weight and drape too!

Terrace Wrap | Purl Soho

To make this beautiful fabric we combined an airy stitch pattern with our gorgeous new Cattail Silk. Its earthy spin, soft color, and subtle shine give this Wrap a wear-anywhere ease and a timeless beauty.

Terrace Wrap | Purl Soho

A cinch to make, the Terrace Wrap uses a stitch commonly referred to as Dutch Knitting Stitch. It consists of a simple six-row repeat: the wrong side is all purl rows, and the right side is nearly identical rows of knits and yarn overs. For the sequence that involves a yarn over and passing a stitch over, we’ve made a video to explain!

Terrace Wrap | Purl Soho

The ease and rhythm of Dutch Knitting Stitch means your Terrace Wrap will be a wrap in no time. It’s the perfect layer for flitting from porches to picnics to patios this spring! -Laura

Terrace Wrap | Purl Soho


Terrace Wrap | Purl Soho


24 stitches = 4 inches in stitch pattern


Finished Dimensions: Approximately 18-20 inches wide x 68-75 inches long, depending on the extent of biasing (see Notes, below).


This stitch pattern may bias slightly with wear. That’s okay, it’s just as beautiful!

This pattern is worked over a multiple of 3 plus 2 stitches. For example, 3 times 39 equals 117, plus 2 equals 119.

For a video tutorial on how to work this stitch pattern, please visit our Dutch Knitting Stitch Tutorial!


Cast on 119.

Row 1 and all subsequent wrong side rows: Purl.

Row 2 (right side): Knit.

Row 4: K3, *yarn over (yo), k3, pass the first knit stitch over the other 2, repeat from * to last 2 stitches, k2.

Row 6: K5, *yo, k3, pass the first knit stitch over the other 2, repeat from * to last 3 stitches, k3.

Row 8: K4, *yo, k3, pass the first knit stitch over the other 2, repeat from * to last stitch, k1.

Repeat Rows 3-8 until piece measures approximately 68 inches.

Next Row: Purl

Next Row: Knit

Bind off purlwise.

Weave in the ends and block!

Terrace Wrap | Purl Soho

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