The Magic Of A Two Piece Dress

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When it comes to a mini capsule, you need your clothing pieces to be versatile. I decided to add a “two piece dress” to my mini capsule. I’d seen similar ideas used in travel clothing and thought even just having a coordinating top and bottom would be a good idea. I can wear them together or switch them up with the other pieces of my mini capsule. I didn’t realize that the ways I could wear them together or on their own would expand my style choices as much as I found out they did.

Most of these are just ways to tie, or repurpose the top and bottom in ways you might not have thought of. The important factors in these pieces are having a very high 4-way stretch percentage, and making the top long enough to wear on it’s own. I found it a good way to incorporate a bold print into my capsule as well! I will say that making it in a solid would probably make it more realistic to wear back to back, but I decided to go bold.

The patterns I used were the Made For Mermaids Mama Chloe Skirt (It’s Free!), and Patterns for Pirates Free Spirit Tank in tunic/dress length. Worn together without any alteration they create a very comfortable flowy maxi dress look. 
1) Tuck the top in. 

To create a more cinched maxi dress style. You can also roll/fold the waistband up and create a shorter hemline. A waist belt can help smooth the waistline and keep it in place, but I don’t have problems myself just rolling it.


3) Pull the waistband up over your bust to create a shorter dress. 

Simple! I’ve also created a few gifs to illustrate how I achieved each look- forgive me for how awkward I seem to be in motion. Gif Here

4) Using a quarter and a clear elastic hair tie, create a cool ruched detail and a leg slit depending on how high and deep you make the knot. 

I’ll admit I learned this from a Lularoe video. Using a larger coin and clear elastic you can create a reverse ruched knot. The coin keeps the elastic from slipping and only uses a tiny bit of fabric. So it doesn’t alter the length or shape quite as much as a larger knot. It’s a good way to add subtle shaping without bulk of a knot! Gif Here.


5) Lose the skirt and rock a mini dress, or top. 

A super creepy face, you didn’t realize you were making, obviously, helps this look.  This is where you want to be sure you’ve got total butt coverage on the top.

6) Tie the top. 

There are so many different ways you can tie the top to create different looks. Play with knot type and placement and see where you end up! You can also pull the waistband up over your bust, and tie the top over it to create a shorter dress. Gif Here.

7) Create the ruching effect on the top using the quarter and elastic trick. 

This is the same trick I used on the skirt. Gif Here.


8) Use the elastic to make an asymmetrical high hip hemmed top. Gif Here


9) Wear the skirt as a dress. 

This, for me, is probably the least worn option- but would make an awesome swimsuit coverup.

10) Create a bolero with the top. 

This is where it’s good to work with a racer back as your top- it gives you more room in the armholes to create the bolero. Wearing a proper strapless bra, instead of tucking your bra straps into the dress is also a good idea. Gif here!


11) Using an elastic and quarter, create a wrap style top, to wear as a dress or crop top. 

This one’s a bit trickier, but using the coin and elastic trick, you can secure this wrap almost like a button would. You can also use more than one to be extra secure! There’s a bit of fussing to get the neckline right afterward, but the crop top is one of my favorite hacks! Gif here!

Do you have any wardrobe hacking tips? What’s your most versatile capsule piece? 

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