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Creating Couture Embellishment Laurence King

This is a beast of a book. In fact, so big and heavy that I couldn’t resist weighing it. I recommend reading this propped up in bed, book resting against your knees, with refreshments to hand as you dream about the couture embellishment you’re going to add to your next make.

weighing a book

Creating Couture Embellishment by Ellen W Miller is not for the weak of wrist or faint of heart. This is hardcore sewing knowledge. Of course, I adored it the moment I cracked open the spine.

Advice extends from the exotic and luxurious…



To the surprisingly modest…


There are chapters on pleating, quilting, tucking, shirring, smocking, beading… If you want to embellish, there’s a technique here for you. And if you want an extra sewing bible in your life, this is the book to start dropping hints about to loved ones.

This 400-page tome must have been years in the making, and it shall undoubtedly sit on the shelf of every fashion college in the world. There’s a whole page of diagrams devoted to the structure of a tuck and a tutorial – including a PVC plumbing pipe! – on creating Arashi shibori pleating. (Points out of ten if you know what that is without googling.) Even a glance at the Resources page is to delve into deep sewing knowledge.

With huge thanks to Laurence King for sending me a copy of this book. I know what I’ll be reading in bed for the next few weeks, and maybe I’ll finally find a use for my feathers.

creating couture embellishment ellen w miller

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