Fresh face and Frida vibes in the garden

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We’ve been really fortunate with the weather this week. Low-to-mid 70s is my ideal temperature, when you can wear long or short sleeves, a light jacket, cardigan, shorts… pretty much anything goes and you’ll be comfortable! It’s been beautiful and sunny, and I’ve been soaking it up as much as possible.

I snapped a few photos outside today during lunch. I really just wanted an acceptable one for Instagram, but decided to put together a blog post instead. They’re not all the best lighting, but sometimes I stop myself from taking blog photos because of something like that, which means less sharing, and that’s silly. I’m obviously not a professional photographer nor a professional blogger. Hell, I can’t even find one spot within my house or yard that’s uncluttered or picture perfect. That’s just life. So, I feel like you can forgive me the dappled sun and shadows for some photos, right? ?

It’s casual Friday. (Full disclosure: when you work from home, every day is casual, so really it’s just Friday.) I have a little bit of a Frida Kahlo inspired vibe going on today. It all started because I wanted to see if I could fake some maiden braids. I’m in the interminably long process of growing out my hair.

I parted my hair down the middle, braided what I could starting pretty high up on my head (about ear level) pinned up the braids, then piled on the hair flowers to hide the fact that the braids get nowhere near the top of my head and needed about 20 bobby pins to stay put.

I wasn’t very careful with my part or anything and never intended on taking photos when I slapped this hairdo together, but I was pretty pleased with the result so here we are, half-assed part and all.

And before anyone protests to tell me how much you like my hair short—thanks, but like I said, I’m growing it. I love my short 50s style too! But it’s a style with very little wiggle room. Either it’s set, or it’s mostly hidden under a scarf. There’s really no in-between, because especially at a shorter length, my hair looks pretty blah just down. After a year and a half, it’s time for a little change again. And I can always cut it again if I get tired of growing it.

I was pretty pleased with how this impromptu hairstyle turned out. I suspect this is going to show up a lot this summer!

When I got dressed, my first thought turned to a peasant blouse to go with the flower crown look, which I paired with one of my favorite pair of vintage capris. If you read my last post, you can see the fit on these—nice and easy, what I’m hoping to emulate in some sewing this summer.

And I added a heavy beaded Bakelite necklace and laminated Bakelite earrings. And no makeup… except my eyebrows, because with dyed red hair and naturally dark eyebrows, I pretty much always do my eyebrows (er, unless I’m being lazy and hiding them behind a different style of glasses). ?

Rarely do I share photos of myself without makeup, unless we’re camping or something. Rarely do I even like photos of myself without makeup. I mean, I’m not hugely into makeup anyway… my routine consists of powder (foundation or tinted moisturizer under if I’m going out, sometimes), doing my brows, mascara, blush, and lipstick. But I really love red lipstick. And having some hangups about my face, it often helps me feel good about myself.

But for once, instead of thinking I needed lipstick to tie my whole outfit together or perk up my face, I left things natural. And for once, I don’t hate the result. In fact, with this outfit, I’m kind of into it.

I had fun puttering around the yard, enjoying the flowers. Things are really starting to come up in the garden. We’re hitting peak peony time!

A few roses are starting to open up too, as well as a couple of our clematis.

It’s so lovely out right now! And it’s a fleeting time, so I have to enjoy it as much as I can. Maybe I’ll just pop back outside later this afternoon and see what inspiration the garden gives me…

outfit details

peasant blouse – Vivien of Holloway
1950s capris – misc.
Bakelite necklace – Instagram sale
Bakelite earrings – misc.
sandals – Target


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