How to print PDF Copyshop files cheaply

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How to print PDF Copyshop files cheaply

Cashmerette Patterns come in three formats, and today I’m going to be sharing the secret of inexpensive ways to use the Copyshop files! No more $18 bills from Staples, thankyouverymuch.

There are pros and cons to each of the Cashmerette Patterns format, so you can choose yours depending on what you care the most about:

  1. Printed pattern: The big pro is there’s no additional work required to start working on your project – it’s all there! You also get a lovely printed envelope and instruction booklet to refer to. The cons are that you have to wait for it to be sent to you (or buy it from a store), and you’ll have to pay postage if you have it sent (US mail costs $2 – 3 (depending on the pattern weight), and international is $6 – 7).
  2. PDF Print At Home: The main pro is that you can get your pattern immediately, print it off on your home printer, and get going straight away – and, no postage costs. You can also reprint in the future if you want a new size, don’t want to trace, or lose your pieces. The con is that you have to construct it, which involves trimming the pages and taping or gluing them together. Some people love this, some people hate it!
  3. PDF Copyshop: The pro to this is that you get beautiful big paper pattern pieces that you can print locally, so no postage fees or waiting for an international package, and no printing at home or taping. Cashmerette Patterns Copyshop files come in US size (36 x 48″) and A0 size which is used in the rest of the world. The con is that sometimes this can be expensive – but that’s what we’re solving int his blog post today! If you don’t find a good local option for you here, I recommend googling “engineering print printing”, “plan printing”, “blueprint printing” or “reprographics printing”.

Note, all Cashmerette Pattern PDF files are split by cup size, so you only need to print the relevant cup size for you.

How to print PDF Copyshop files cheaply

Most people assume that you can only have Copyshop files printed at large chains like Staples and Fedex (in the US) – but they’re super expensive, starting at around $7.50 per sheet (and most of our PDF patterns are at least 2 sheets). Once you add that to the cost of the PDF pattern, you may be better off just buying a printed pattern. However, there are in fact some much cheaper options available. If you know of any additional national companies, let me know and I’ll update the post!

USA copyshop file printing

    • This online PDF plotting business has great prices and pretty quick shipping (2 – 5 business days, with same-day printing if you order before 2pm). A standard 36 x 48″ Copyshop pattern sheet is only $1.20! The catch is, there is a minimum order cost of $7.49 (so you need to print 7 pages), and shipping is a flat $6.99. However, that still nets out at $2.06 a page vs. over $7 for Staples.
    • To order, indicate the number of originals (that’s the number of sheets you’re printing), the number of sets (the number of copies you want) and then you’ll be asked about the dimensions of the files – for all Cashmerette Patterns, you should tick “My file(s) are sized to the dimensions selected” (it may be different for other companies).
    • I have used this company personally and recommend them (please note, I haven’t used the others, I have just had recommendations from other people).
    • This is another online PDF plotting company, and they offer 36 x 48″ Copyshop pattern sheets at $1.32. They don’t have a minimum number of pages, but there is a “set up fee” of $7.  Shipping is variable, but at $16 to Boston, it’s pretty steep.

UK copyshop file printing

    • “Plan” printing (black and white) on a A0 page is 75p a page, and postage is £3. I wasn’t able to see if there are any printer set-up fees (let me know if you have more info!)
    • “Plan” printing on an A0 page is 75p a page, minimum order is £5, and postage is £5 (next day).
  • Print your Pattern
    • A site just for printing sewing patterns! £6.50 per pattern, in A0 size (up to 2 pages, you can also email them about printing more pages), plus free shipping. Delivered folded to A4 size.

Denmark copyshop file printing

  • Sysiden
    • A0 printed for 45 kr + tax + shipping if you’re part of the Sysiden sewing club (the printing is via Vester Kopi).

Germany copyshop file printing

  • Schnittherzchen
    • A0 page printing starts at Euro 3.50, and shipping costs are variable. They also offer the option to send in an A4 sewing pattern which they will tile for you and print on an A0 page! Very innovative and great for sewing patterns that don’t come with a copyshop file.
    • Online printing service, I believe A0 page printing starts at Euro 1.29, plus shipping.

 Netherlands copyshop file printing

    • €1.76 for an A0 sheet – ask for the black & white plan printing, large format.

 Norway copyshop file printing

  • Allkopi
    • (I couldn’t translate this page, but if any Norwegian wants to give me the info, I’ll update this!)


Australia copyshop file printing

  • OfficeWorks
    • “Plan” printing (black and white) of A0 pages is AUS$4.10 a page, and can be ordered online and sent to you, or picked up in a store.

New Zealand copyshop file printing

  • Warehouse Stationery
    • “Plan” printing (black and white) of A0 pages is NZ$6.50 a page. You can order online, or get the printing done in a store.

South Africa copyshop file printing

  • PostNet
    • Nationwide chain of franchise run stores. Slight variation in prices depending on store location but A0 b&w is currently less than R30 – usually around R25.

So that’s how to print PDF copyshop files cheaply! I’d love to hear if you have any  more options, and I hope you found this helpful.

Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed to this post in the Cashmerette Facebook Community Group!

*Note, all prices accurate at the time of publication (June 2017). Prices may vary in the future. Please note, in some cases I had to use Google Translate for non-English pages and information may be incorrect – please let me know if you spot anything and I will update it!

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