Nova Tour 2: Maria, Marleen, and Suz!

June 12, 2017   /  / Categories :  Feeds

Welcome to day 2 of the Nova Blog Tour. Today, we have three friends from three different countries with three different styles.

Marleen from Petrol & Mint is Belgium’s uncontested Queen of All Things Vintage, and so – noblesse oblige – she went for a stunning retro fabric and white peter pan collar. When she showed me a sneak peak, I was already hoping that she would match it up with some knee socks and classic shoes, and Marleen didn’t disappoint. The result is stunning. Feast your eyes on more pictures, here.

My super talented friend Suz from sewpony has such a versatile style that I really had no idea what she would do with the Nova pattern. She blew me away with an amazing and bold fabric choice. I love the tropical print she went for, and the combination with the contrasting white collar is perfection. Check out more picture of super cute Emily in her stunning Nova dress, here.

In case you’re wondering: no, using a white collar was not a condition for participating in today’s leg of the tour ? Nevertheless, the super kind and always amazing Maria of Maria of Fairies & Bubbles too included a (special) white collar in her Nova dress. The hack is brilliant in its simplicity: the collar is nothing more than a piece of broduerie anglaise gatherend at the neckline. But the result is so beautiful. Make sure to visit Maria’s great blog to see more pictures of her Nova, here.

Many thanks to Maria, Marleen, and Suz for the beautiful Nova’s, and to Maker Mountain Fabrics, who is sponsoring this week’s give-away (check my Instagram tomorrow).

You can buy the Nova pattern in my shop, in English and Dutch, and in an electronic and a paper version.

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