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When Jed purchased the cloth for Lidia's coat
He got some for Tildy.
As the alpaca remnant was rather, ahem, pricey, I wanted to make sure she got a lot of wear from it.
So I went with the School Days coat in the largest size, the size 8.
I only had a half metre of the smokey grey so I had to cut the front panels from the offcuts of Lidia's coat.
I think it works.
The buttons are white, enamelled shell and I stitched them with pink embroidery silk.
The hood and the sleeves are lined with black, heavy, Duchess satin left over from Zara's Moto jacket.
I wanted a dark colour where it could look visibly grubby.
Tildy badly, badly wanted pink lining so I used another remnant of decadent, pearl pink Duchess satin for the body.
It is too big for her but she will grow.
And with the sleeves rolled it is not so bad.
~Tildy's Verdict~
I love the white panels and  I picked the white buttons to match.
The hood is my favourite part.
The silky inside is nice.
It works with pretty much everything. it is really warm.
~My Verdict~
As coat sewing goes, this one is so straight forward. There are quite a few pieces to trace and cut but the actual sewing is lots of straight edges and (very) gentle curves.
I do add extra interfacing to the front panels and sleeve caps, the edge of the hood, the neck of the hood and to one side of the front tabs.
I also use Nana Deb's method to bag the lining rather then following the pattern instructions.
It is bloody awesome and saves a lot of hand sewing. 
A very easy coat sew and a very economical sew too. 

Thanks for reading!
xx N

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