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Hello everyone! I'm reporting from Germany's heatwave. I'm currently here spending some time with my family and the heat has hit us hard and sudden. Next week I'm returning to Greece, where I'm sure nothing-in terms of temperatures-will be different!

So, it's time for the summer wardrobe to make it's appearance! So, on the first line of the battle against the high temperatures we have the newest By Hand London's pattern, the Orsola dress & skirt.

Orsola features two dresses and one skirt version. Both dress variations feature a fully lined sleeveless bodice with a delicate bateau neckline, a deliciously elegant wrap back with a curved back neckline and a back hem, and the option of a tulip scallop or a straight and simple front hem. All variations have a faced hem for a beautiful finish.

A beautiful pattern that can take you seamlessly from day to night, and from everyday wear to cocktail parties and summer weddings! Best feature of the pattern, of course it has to be the closure. No fiddly zippers or fastenings!

I made the skirt variation with the straight hem option in my usual 10/14 size and it turned out perfect. Due to the wrap closure, sizing can be more flexible than with the usual woven patterns. I used a beautiful, drapey viscose in a summer print. It was a fairly quick and easy sew, with well-illustrated and easy to follow instructions. Only advice I would give, would be to determine your final length from the beginning. Due to the shape of the skirt it's not easy to alter it once you cut your fabric. Next time I make this I plan to shorten the hem a bit, just because I like my skirts on the shorter side.

What else can I say about this pattern?? Another amazing pattern from the amazing By Hand London ladies!

*Disclaimer: I received this pattern from By Hand London patterns for free to test, but all opinions are my own. I sent feedback on the draft to the girls, which were included in the final pattern. I was not paid to test this pattern, and was given a free copy of the final pattern as compensation.*

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