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Some people have an item they want to sew in mind, then find the fabric to make it. Me? I tend to fall in love with fabric, and then come up with something to make in order to justify the purchase of that fabric. This is why I have way too much fabric.

poppy knit pencil skirt sew a straight line-1
The digital prints by Bambiblauw are a very good example of this. I snatched up some yardage of a couple of different prints from an online shop’s clearance with only a vague idea of what I may make with them. Maybe I would just keep them folded on the shelf and pull them down to pet and admire every few months. I do that sometimes.

poppy knit pencil skirt sew a straight line-10

Last week’s bi-monthly fabric admiration session ended in an actual item made. Two items, even! One from some fabric bought years ago because it was pretty and on sale, and another from one of my pretty Bambiblauw prints.

poppy knit pencil skirt sew a straight line-7

I may have too much fabric, but that horde comes in handy sometimes. Especially at times when I suddenly, inexplicably have a need for a poppy-print pencil skirt and matching top. You never know when such needs will hit. It’s best to be prepared.  poppy knit pencil skirt sew a straight line-2
We’ll discuss the top I made (worn with the skirt) another time. Hopefully. I mean, I have good intentions of a post on that. But today, the skirt. The skirt is self-drafted. I started with the pattern I made for a woven pencil skirt HERE. It gave me the basic shape, and then I took things in and altered to work with a knit fabric and an elastic waist. For the waist, I used the method Delia shares in her pencil skirt post HERE, only I didn’t stitch the elastic down after turning inwards because I wanted a smoother finish. poppy knit pencil skirt sew a straight line-8

After a full day’s wear, I didn’t have any issue with the elastic not being tacked down. The Bambiblauw Poppies is a border-print. You can see the full fabric panel on their website HERE. I only bought a yard of the knit, so trying to match side seams wasn’t really a possibility. Sorry to the perfectionists out there.

poppy knit pencil skirt sew a straight line-5
I recently had a conversation with my husband where he pointed out that I have, at any given time, claimed that pretty much any particular flower I am currently looking at or thinking about is “my favorite”. I’m the same with music, art, and apparently things I’ve made. I either am ambivalent toward something or I love it. Very little in between for me.  And this skirt is my favorite. poppy knit pencil skirt sew a straight line-9Possibly because, in case you were curious, poppies are totally my favorite.



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