The Brindille & Twig Foldover Shorts + Lap Neck Tee

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Greetings and salutations! I took a little break from blogging, because as I shared on IG here, we are expecting another baby! My pregnancy sickness was so intense in my first trimester that I had to go to the urgent care twice to get 2 liters of IV fluids each time. The first time, I was so dehydrated it took the head nurse 4 tries to get the IV started.  My vein kept collapsing each time they would start the drip, even when they started it slowly. But I'm turning the corner now and am finally feeling so much better.  Praise! I am 15 weeks this week!

Today I am sharing two Brindille and Twig patterns: the foldover pocket pants/shorts and the Lap Neck tee. I got into sewing knits during my first trimester because they are so fast and satisfying. I felt productive without a huge time investment. It was a nice little break and distraction when I was feeling unwell. I also made several of the B+T newborn patterns (here) and then a pair of foldover shorts and a tank top for Iris (here).

The fabric for Hazel's lap neck tee came from a knit maxi skirt I bought for myself but that ultimately didn't fit me properly. I chose the shirt size based upon Hazel's chest measurement and the fit was great - even though it was the 9 or 12 mo size and she's almost three!  This pattern also runs long in length so the length was just right, too, despite the smaller size.  I may have even cut an inch or two off in length.

I sewed a couple of pairs of foldover shorts based on my girls' measurements and they were too small.  Luckily, I could just pass them down to the daughter whom they fit. I found with this particular pattern, it worked best to sew the shorts based on my kids' ages/RTW sizes.

I made the shorts out of a Nosh knit that I purchased back in February. I used the same fabric for this newborn gown and for Iris' dress here.  So I was able to make three garments out of 2 meters.

Man, this knit is so amazing!  I really can't say enough good things about it.  You get a lot of width for the price. It hasn't faded. And the recovery is so impressive.  The fabric holds its shape beautifully.

Hazel has become our resident egg collector.  She trots out to the coop several times a day to check for eggs.

Initially this resulted in many broken eggs, but she has learned to be careful with them and now broken eggs are a rarity.

Most of our chickens will let Hazel pick them up.  She is gentle with them and when they want to be put down, they make their desires known. :)

Some studies suggest that American children are too clean and not exposed to enough germs and dirt and all that. Rest assured, that is not a problem in our household. :0

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