The Hunt

June 22, 2017   /   byAnh  / Categories :  Feeds

dries From my time in Rome a few years ago wearing one of my favorite consignment finds ever…

I’ve always been told by friends and family that I’m “so good at finding deals,” but I shake my head at that (I don’t believe I’m any more skilled than my fellow shopper!). I’m just really fond of “the hunt.” I love hunting sale racks, consignment sites and second-hand stores. And maybe more importantly: I have the patience for it. It’s a quirk, I guess! Because if you ask me to stand in line for an hour to eat at the hottest restaurant in town, I might say “no thanks”. But if it takes me an hour to search through 3 vintage stores with my cousin in New York and come home with a prize: I’ll do it again and again! Ha!

Below are some of the consignment finds I’ve seen recently that have warranted a double-take.

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