Letter E Craft — E is for Elephant

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We are moving along with out Fun With Letters  series and today we are learning letter E and making a super cute elephant.

My kids loved that this elephant had a floppy ear and a long long trunk that they could move up and down.

Supplies for our Letter E Craft

  • Letter E cut out. Preferably pink or grey color
  • Pink (or grey) construction paper (use the extra pieces left from the letter cut out).
  • White construction paper
  • 2 google eyes
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue

letter E supplies


Cut out the letter E and glue it on the white construction paper.

Cut out ear shaped piece for the elephant from the pink paper and glue it on the side of the letter. Don’t glue the entire ear, just the side of it. This will create the ”floppy effect” that kids will love.

Glue on the google eyes at the top of the letter.

Cut long stripe from pink paper  and fold it like  harmonica. Glue it next to the google eyes. Glue only the top part, leave the bottom unglued. This will be elephant’s trunk.

Using black marker mark the elephant’s  feet and inside of the ear.

Did you know that Elephants walk on the tips of their fingers and on the tips of their toes?

You E for Elephant craft is done!  


Watch a short video of how our  E  for Elephant  craft was done. It turned out so adorable!

Fun With Letters Preschool Alphabet Resource

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Letter E  handwriting sheet  

Letter E  printables and worksheets  

Letter E  coloring pages  

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