NAME THAT PATTERN – Happy Birthday, Pierre Cardin Edition!

July 7, 2017   /   byPeter Lappin  / Categories :  Feeds

Readers, did you know that Pierre Cardin was born on this day, July 7, a mere 95 years ago?

And would you believe he is still with us -- perhaps the last living couturier from the "golden age" of couture?

What better way to celebrate this legendary designer, whose iconic futuristic designs defined the space-age Sixties look, than to play a round of the sewing blogosphere's favorite pattern-naming game, NAME THAT PATTERN!

Most of you have already played NAME THAT PATTERN before, but in case you haven't, the rules are simple: I post photos of patterns I've found online, and you give them funny names.  As always, we have some amazing prizes for our winners, including an all-expenses-paid trip around the world with former teen idol, Joanie Loves Chachi and Charles in Charge star Scott Baio!

With no further delay, let's get started.

Presenting PATTERN #1!

Getting drowsy already?  Wake up to PATTERN #2!

Can't be "topped"?  Get a load of PATTERN #3!

But wait -- there's more.  Not even remotely related to Pierre Cardin, please give a round of applause nevertheless to PATTERN #4!

Readers, our game is, sadly, drawing to a close.  Revel in the wonder that is PATTERN #5!

BUT WAIT!  As always, we have a BONUS PATTERN, for those who just can't get enough and who can?  Presenting PATTERN #6!

Friends, I hope you've enjoyed playing this very special round of NAME THAT PATTERN, Pierre Cardin's birthday edition.  As always, I will be participating, as will Michael, and perhaps some surprise guests as well!  Please remember that, while you're allowed to give names to any number of the above patterns, only those naming all the patterns will be eligible for our round-the-world trip with former teen idol Scott Baio.

Are you ready to play?  On your marks, get set, NAME THAT PATTERN!

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