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Here it is, mid-July already, and it’s time to introduce you to the new Lisette for Butterick fall patterns! Where is has the first half of this summer gone?

In any case, I’m quite excited about these two new styles and can’t wait to tell you all about them. They’re versatile (of course–my middle name these days seems to be Versatile), and I know I’m really excited to sew them for myself.

Here is the first one: Lisette for Butterick B6482. I love this silhouette and, as it turns out, this generally covered-up  style has been predicted by the New York Times to be the defining silhouette of this decade. (Which is such a relief after a few years of nearly naked red-carpet looks….)

Lisette for Butterick B6482 sewing pattern

The Details

Here’s what I like about this style: a little sleeve interest! (You know my thing with sleeves these days.) This raglan sleeve has a shoulder pleat to add volume, which I think is a lot of fun.

Lisette for Butterick B6482 sewing pattern

It also has a defined waist just for those of you who don’t like “shapeless” fashions, a blouson-style top (no darts, although you could easily pinch out a dart if you want less fullness at the waist) that will be easier for fitting those of us who need a different size top and bottom. Plus topstitching (or the option to topstitch) to add a sportswear detail to the dress. I kind of love that inverted box pleat at the skirt’s center front, too, because it matches the pleat on the sleeves. And you can choose whether to include the little collar (View B) or not (View A). I’m a collar girl, personally.

Lisette for Butterick B6482 sewing pattern

Lisette for Butterick B6482 sewing pattern

Sewing Inspiration

While we’re developing each new style I always collect images to help inspire you and give you ideas for your own sewing. You can see them all in my Lisette for Butterick B6482 Pinterest board. So here goes.

I’m considering making the dress in a pale gray fabric like the photo below, right. But how cute is the gingham with the black belts on the left?

inspiration for Lisette for Butterick B6482 sewing pattern

I didn’t realized until I was assembling these photos that this is the same dress worn by two different women. It’s cute with the boots, isn’t it?inspiration for Lisette for Butterick B6482 sewing pattern

I love this dress style in a solid-colored fabric, and both of these looks so soft and comfortable to wear. I think they would be really elegant and cozy in the winter.inspiration for Lisette for Butterick B6482 sewing pattern

And it would be so much fun to use a patterned fabric like the one below, right! I might look for something like this when I’m in New York in August. The textured fabric is really lovely too, isn’t it? inspiration for Lisette for Butterick B6482 sewing pattern

Fabric Suggestions

So what about fabrics? I don’t have time this week to do my usual post with lots of fabric suggestions, but watch for linens (you know I love Gray Lines Linen for their many colors and weights), denim and chambray (always Robert Kaufman, my friends who make so many great options, especially the linen/cotton denim that I absolutely adore!), and even lightweight ponte, which I really want to try. Personally I’m leaning toward a lightweight dove-colored wool suiting fabric for this style.

Let’s See It!

Which fabric would you choose for this dress? You can find the pattern for B6482 right here. I hope you’ll show us how it turns out! Post it to our Lisette Flickr group or use these hashtags on Instagram: #sewlisette #B6482. And don’t forget you can find lots more inspiration on the B6482 Pinterest board as well. I’ll keep adding to it as I see more things that I think will inspire you.

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