Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Picks

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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! Today it opens to Card holders, and it will open to the rest of the public on July 21 and run through August 6.

What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, you might be asking?? Well, let me enlighten you. It’s Nordstrom’s biggest sale of the year, where new styles that are coming out for Fall are on major discount. What’s so special about this sale is that it’s not discounted items at the end of a season, but it’s brand new items that are discounted before the season even starts.

It’s my favorite time to snag more pricey items, like boots, coats, and designer jeans for a steal! Or, if you are a super over achiever, it’s a great time to buy Christmas presents early and save some money. You’ll be happy you did when December rolls around! It also gets me so ready and excited for Fall. I know it’s blazing hot outside, but I can see fall on the horizon and cannot wait!

If you see an item you love, it’s important to snag it ASAP because everything goes so fast! I learned this the hard way last year and am still dreaming of the perfect taupe booties that were just outside of my reach.

Ready to shop the sale, but not a card holder? No worries, you can sign up here and start shopping! If you are like me and are not a fan of credit cards, you can get a debit card, which will pay for your items straight from your bank account. You know, just like that fabulous little Target Red Card. With the nordstrom debit or credit card you earn points, which is essentially free money, toward your next purchase every time you shop. If not for the nordstrom anniversary sale, it’s totally worth it in general of you ask me. Sign up now and you can shop the sale early!

Ok, enough blabbing. Below are my absolute favorite picks from the sale! There are so many items to weed through, so I’ve pulled my absolute favorite! Let me know what you get and love, and if you have any questions about the sale. Happy happy shopping!













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