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Ivy loves a good craft. When she found an unused tie-dye kit in my sewing room, she ran to me and requested we tie-dye RIGHT NOW. Jonas heard we had tie-dye plans, and requested a tank. Ivy decided dying old, dingy tees wasn’t what she wanted afterall, she needed a tie-dyed tank, too. Neither had a white tank, but I did have white fabric and some tank patterns. And then I decided they both needed cool new shorts to wear with said tanks.

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And that is how so much of my sewing, life, everything goes. All If-You-Give-a-Mouse-a-Cookie, with one idea launching into another. And I kind of like it that way, especially when the results are so cool

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I started with my trusty Ottobre patterns. Ivy’s tank is #19 from 4/2017, Jonas’ is #22 from 3/2015.
20170703_161756Both have front yokes, Ivy’s also has a back yoke. I like the yokes, but really, they get lost in the tie-dye and would be better shown off with some color- or print blocking. I messed up on Jonas’ by making his arm holes too small. I wasn’t supposed to add seam allowance to the sythe, and I did. He says it’s fine and he likes it anyway, so at least there’s that. Still, it bugs me.

With the tanks made, I let the kids do the dyeing. I was so worried that they wouldn’t turn out, but they did a great job. My counters are now permanently stained purple thanks to a five year old that didn’t know quite how to aim her spraying. But all in good fun, right? We used a kit meant for up to nine projects, and got three out of it (one of Ivy’s dingy, old tees got dyed afterall), and then we let the dye soak overnight, not just the 6-8 hours recommended. I was impressed with how vibrant and saturated the colors ended up, and will totally follow the same process next time. The kids were so fun making, waiting, and finally seeing their tanks dyed.

ottobre shorts tanks sew a straight line-4

And while we waited for the dye to set, then the tanks to wash, I whipped up a couple pair of French terry shorts. Ivy’s are #18 from 3/2016.

ottobre shorts tanks sew a straight line-5

I made her a pair last year, and they have been in heavy rotation both last summer and this year. It’s a super fast sew, and a cute, comfy wear.

ottobre shorts tanks sew a straight line-6

Jonas’ tank turned out awesome. He wanted a spiral design and I was so nervous, having never really tie-dyed before. But the instructions in the kit worked, and we were both pretty excited when we cut the elastic bands off to reveal his success

ottobre shorts tanks sew a straight line-7

This kid loves tank tops, and would be very happy if he could wear one every day. Like I said before, I made the arm holes too tight on this one. But he has requested at least one more from this pattern, so I’ll hopefully redeem myself with the next one.

ottobre shorts tanks sew a straight line-8

His shorts are #38 from 3/2013. He usually wears only basketball shorts, and was a bit skeptical of the French terry I used. Until he wore them. He wore them all day, then to bed, telling me they were “perfect”. So yay for that!

ottobre shorts tanks sew a straight line-9

I was able to get quite a bit of use out of my coverstitch machine on both pairs of shorts. It took me quite a while to really learn how to get good results from that thing, and I pretty much hated it for a year or so, but now that I understand it, I love my coverstitch! It adds such great detail and finish.

ottobre shorts tanks sew a straight line-10

So what started out as a quick project to give new life to some old clothes, ended up with two new tanks, two new pairs of shorts, and two rad kids.

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On Her
Tank: Ottobre Design #19 Rutig Jersey Top from 4/2017, size 110cm in organic cotton jersey
Shorts: Ottobre Design #18 Tipi Sweat Shorts from 3/2016, size 104cm  in French terry from Jo-Ann Stores
On Him
Tank: Ottobre Design #22 Tribal Triangles Tank Top from 3/2015, size 140cm in organic cotton jersey
Shorts: Ottobre Design #38 Deportivos Jersey Shorts from 3/2013, size 140 cm in French terry from Jo-Ann Stores

Tie Dye Kit, Classic by Tulip  (affiliate link)

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