The Fast and Fabulous Jacket Pattern Giveaway and a Treat For All!

July 10, 2017   /   byRhonda Buss  / Categories :  Feeds
Good Morning!
My day begin with a shivering dog panting in my ear at 4:00 a.m. mind you.  We have quite a thunderstorm rolling through Chicago. As much as it upsets my poor dog, I love summer thunderstorms as they make my tomatoes grow. There's nothing like rain water for the garden and the added electricity of a thunderstorm seems to make everything burst with growth. So, always a silver lining :)

Today is the announcement of the winners of the Fast and Fabulous Jacket pattern from Islander Sewing. So without further adieu, the winners are...



Karen Roop

Congratulations Ladies!!! Be sure to email me right away at with you mailing instructions so I can pass it along to Janet. I know she would like to get your patterns out to you as soon as possible.

Now for everyone else...

Janet has agreed to give you a 20% discount on the pattern!!! How nice :) To get your discount, just use the code SEWBUSS at checkout.  The discount will be good until July 22, 2017. You can find the paper pattern HERE, and the downloadable pattern HERE.

I made up the jacket last week and was quite happy with the results. So pop back by tomorrow to see what I made :)

Have a  wonderful day!

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