Wedding Gown Update, New Sewing Book, and MORE!

July 12, 2017   /   byPeter Lappin  / Categories :  Feeds

Lots to tell, friends!

Remember Christina, one of the brides I'm sewing for this summer?  Well, as you can see up top, I've adjusted the fit and boned her corset muslin, and I must say I think she looks smashing in it.  It still needs a few tweaks, but I'm very happy with how flattering this corset is on her.

I used Simplicity 5006.  The boning is plastic stuff you buy in a roll (already in a casing) at Steinlauf and Stoller in the Garment District.  In the final bodice I'll either use steel boning or stick with this.  It's incredibly easy to use and quite strong.

I already have Susan Khalje's classic Bridal Couture in my sewing library, but I also recommend, for anyone taking on a project like this, a book that can be had very cheaply on Amazon, the Singer Library's Sewing for Special Occasions.  If you can get past the dated styles done up primarily in polyester pastels, you'll find an excellent, comprehensive sewing guide that covers all the basics and then some.

Speaking of books, on Amazon, I found a cheap ($20-ish) copy of a 1931 sewing book entitled Kenmore Complete Simplified Sewing and Designing.  It's a great basic sewing primer and in the last chapter, shows you how to flat-pattern all those late-Twenties/early Thirties Art Deco-inspired designs that were so popular back then.  Very cool addition to my vintage sewing library.

Meanwhile, remember how I once blogged that Wolfforms, the New Jersey company that manufactures Wolf Dress Forms, had gone out of business?  Evidently they're back.  I saw this display (below) on 25th Street (the unofficial mannequin and store display street) last weekend on my way to the Chelsea Flea Market.  Their website confirms it.

Moving right along, in addition to making wedding gowns, I also occasionally undertake more pedestrian sewing projects.  Feast your eyes on the sewing machine cover I made a few days ago for my pink Janome Hello Kitty (from a vintage Seventies bed sheet).  It only took me a year to get to this!

Finally, I passed a fabric store in the Garment District yesterday with this sign in the window.  What, pray tell, are foams?

In my next post, I will share some of the great fabric I picked up at Metro Textiles.  Or, if you're impatient, you can follow me on Instagram where I share information in closer to real time.

Have a great day, everybody!

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