the annual jump rope dress :: third grade edition

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wildland jump rope dress -- probably actually-1-2

I’m back with a first day of school dress! I’ve used the Oliver + S Jump Rope dress pattern for Lila’s first day of preschool, Kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and now third grade. Tradition!

wildland jump rope dress -- probably actually-1-4I actually made two Jump Rope dresses in the days before school started this year. The first was a size 8, which I chose based on the fact that I’ve gone up one size every year. It came out way too big. Turns out using your child’s actual measurements is a better sizing method – who knew?? I guess the upside is that next year’s dress is already finished? I’m hoping she might be able to wear a size 8 in fourth and fifth grade so we can finish out her elementary school career with this pattern.wildland jump rope dress -- probably actually-1-6The fabric is by Miriam Bos for Birch Fabrics, from her Wildland collection. Both my mom and my sister asked if I’d used this print before…no, but I definitely have a thing for navy blue fabric with little colorful shapes all over it. Some cases in point.

And I never posted about her second grade Jump Rope dress from last fall, so here’s a record that it existed. a 2nd grade jump rope dress -- probably actually-1 The older she gets, the more she actually wears these dresses – those early versions mostly hung in the closet, but the last two saw the light of day pretty regularly.

3rd grade jump rope dress -- probably actually-1The Jump Rope dress remains my favorite Oliver + S pattern for all the reasons I detailed here, many years ago. Go ahead and make one (or six), you won’t regret it.

wildland jump rope dress -- probably actually-1


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