Santa’s Little Helper Shot

December 5, 2017   /   byEmma Chapman  / Categories :  Feeds

Oh yes, I’m getting ultra festive today, friends! Here is a super fun and delicious holiday shot recipe for you. It’s a vibrant, cherry red color—perfect for the holidays. Which is why I decided to call it Santa’s Little Helper. 🙂 It’s sweet and not overly boozy in taste (it’s still an alcoholic shot, but I just mean it does not taste like straight alcohol as those are never my favorite shots). And bonus points if you serve these in little boot shot glasses because they look like stockings!

I worked with KINKY Beverages and used their mango, blood orange, and passion fruit liqueur to add both flavor and color to this recipe. I love how playful this shot recipe turned out, it’s just plain fun for the holidays! For an extra holiday treat, check out the KINKY Facebook page to see their 12 Days of KINKY Giveaways! They’re giving away all kinds of fun gift cards and some of the most recent prizes included gift cards to Target, Glossier and!

And, I know some of you are gonna ask where I got my boot shot glasses from, so here they are. I also saw they have ski boot-shaped shot glasses, which might even be better?

Santa’s Little Helper Shot, makes one

1 oz. KINKY Pink Liqueur
1 oz. IL Tramonto Amaretto
big splash of Grenadine
cute boot shot glass, optional but fun!

Combine the two liqueurs in your shot glass, then splash in the Grenadine.

You can adjust this recipe slightly based on your shot glass. I’ve noticed that shot glasses can vary a little in size, especially more novelty ones like these (since it’s more about the shape than being a unit of exact measurement). The main thing you want to keep in mind is to use equal parts of the two liqueurs and just a splash of the Grenadine. Just enough to add some red color and some additional sweetness, but don’t overdo it with Grenadine. These are easy to make lots of servings of for parties. Enjoy and happy holidays! xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Color Story for Desktop.

Santa's Little Helper Shot, makes one

  • 1 oz. KINKY Pink Liqueur
  • 1 oz. IL Tramonto Amaretto
  • big splash of Grenadine
  • cute boot shot glass (optional but fun!)
  1. Combine the two liqueurs in your shot glass, then splash in the Grenadine.

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