Bird Ornament Embroidery Transfer Pattern

This would be cool to make in wood or paper mache and balance the spring on a wooden spool.

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We Are Just Getting Started!

We would like to thank you for stopping by! We are working hard to bring you as much information about SPECIFIC sewing and embroidery machine models as is humanly possible. What is available right now is only one video tutorial and the site is not completely finished. Please take a minute to look at […]

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The Simplex aka The Bad Girl Trying to be Good Dress

Hey Dolls,Hope everyone is well and happy as we hit the halfway mark for the year eek!  Where have the months gone?I can’t believe I’m only 5 days away from 33 and potentially a third of the way through my time on this dirty old disc. &n…

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And the award goes to….

Happy Thursday y’all,
I thought the awards I would be most pleased about over the previous weeks were the well deserved Baftas for both the lovely Olivia Coleman and the man I hope to one day hit the town with Alan Carr and my free Nando’s meal but my very own wafflings have won me a Liebster award from my darling diva, Sew Dixie Lou.  I’m chuffed to bits in all honesty and I will hopefully share a celebratory cocktail with this fine woman in the not too distant future.

The Liebster award is a lovely idea to get bloggers with less than 200 followers out to a wider audience and involves the nominee answering 11 questions from the nominator as well as providing 11 random facts about themselves.  The nominee then passes the love on to 11 other bloggers.  What a beautiful circle of joy hey?  So without further a do here’s what I’ve got to say.
1) If could sew an outfit for someone famous who would it be?
This is such a doosie but as  music is a huge inspiration for all that I sew and having already crocheted him a tie it would have to be the man whose music saved me from ordinary, Jarvis Cocker.  Having met the man himself several years ago and finding him to be as lovely and as tall as I had hoped I would knock him up a tailored three piece suit.
2) If your sewing machine could talk, what’s the first thing you would ask it? 
If I’m going to drink whilst sewing what cocktail would you recommend?
3) Where is your most favourite place in the world?
It has to be my adopted home town of Brighton.  I’m a big believer in the idiom it’s not where you’re from it’s where you’re going and this town has always been pivotal to my life.  It’s a place I came to as a teenager and hoped I one day live, where I came to learn how to make radio, where I returned when the chips were down and my shelter from the storm when I went through my big heartbreak.  I can’t pin down exactly why this little city by the sea is so great but I think it has a lot to do with its acceptance of all that is different without question or hesitation.
4) What’s that one song that can make you feel better about a bad day?

I would have to say Frank Turner If Ever I Stray.  I’d heard this song at the back end of 2011 after a friend of mine said if he had the choice he’d have Frank played at his funeral.  I thought that was a big old compliment so I checked him out and I was not disappointed.  That song in particular is about the paths we take and the wobbles along the way and totally chimed with where I was in life at that time.  Then I was randomnly on my way back to Brighton via London at the end of particularly ass week in November 2011 and there was some dudes on train chatting about going to see him at Hammersmith so I took a chance and detoured there to see if I could get a ticket, which I did.  I was awed apart from the Pulp reformation gigs that year, which fixed my heart he was the most amazing thing to see live in a long time.  I have since become an ardent fan.  I can’t recommend attending one of his gigs at least once because he gives his all and the audience come together in this mad communion.  I always leave feeling better about life.

5) How would your friends/loved ones describe you in five words?
They would say mad, loud, bright, big hearted and positive.
6) If you could go back to college what would you study?
I think acting because being a Gemini and the eldest of four children from a loud family I’ve always been on some sort of stage.  I do even wonder now about having a go at it.  I couldn’t do serious but I’d love to do comedy though I’ve been told that can be a harder thing to get right than Shakespeare.
7) The one thing you can’t live without?
Ooh such a good question and with so many possible answers but I have to say music.  The songs that have soundtracked my life have helped me laugh, love, cry, create and style it out.
8) It’s date night and 1985, who do you pick to go out with and why? Andrew McCarthy, Emilio Estevez or Judd Nelson?
Andrew McCarthy too polished, Emilio Estevez too short so it has to be the dark haired and big hearted rebel that is Judd Nelson.  In the Breakfast Club he had swagger but soul, which in my mind makes a hell’ a a good man plus pretty much all women love a bad boy 😉 
9) Who is your style icon?

Hot damn Sew Dixie has gone for the brain twizzlers hasn’t she.  I’ve got a tonne I could name from Grace Jones, to Prince, to Cyndi Lauper, to Marilyn but if pressed hard I’m going to have to say Vivienne Westwood.  This is because I absolutely love her shere disregard for the appropriate and the fact that she cuts clothes for women that have lumps and bumps and she’s rides her bike in a ballgown sometimes.  She actually makes me not worry about ageing because she’s still fabulous and  relevant in her seventh decade.  Yay for not giving a fig!

10) You just got detention? What’s the thing you most likely did to get in trouble?
I can give you a factual answer to this one and that is rebelling against the man.  An example of this would be when I decided to tell my foul headmistress at convent school who thought her sole responsibility was to break girls’ spirits until they conformed that she was a fascist (I knew she was because I had received a good education) and then proceeded to jump off the school roof into the swimming pool in my underwear with pretty much all of the lower sixth.  My behaviour directly led to me not being allowed to attend 6th form at said school and meant I had to go to my local college a situation I’m still so very happy about 🙂
11) You’re playing spin the bottle. Who DON’T you want it to land on? 
Cliff Richard (I can’t bring myself to call him Sir) he makes my skin crawl and I dislike him as much as celery.  I’m of the ardent belief if we find ourself in a nuclear winter it will just be him and pigeons that survive.  He’ll be standing on top of the burning pyre singing Saviour’s Day gah!
I hope that satisfactiorily answers those burning questions and now onto 11 random facts about me.
  1. I was born with 2 and half sets of teeth so I teethed like one and half times in my life.
  2. Fried eggs make me incredibly uncomfortable I couldn’t even serve them to Ryan Gosling in bed.
  3. Recently Russell Brand stood on my foot and I was surprised by how big he actually is.
  4. I can fall asleep anywhere including up against a poster of Elvis on the wall of a very loud gay club in Valencia.
  5. Since the age of 15 I’ve had approximately 30 different hairstyles.
  6. To date including my birth name I’ve been called by 32 different names by people so one for every year of my life.
  7. I made a large woollen bobble hat aka a Hoxton bonnet or Mark Radcliffe at BBC6 music.
  8. I once spoke to Bobby Davro on the phone when I was temp at an accountancy firm.
  9. When I at a Paloma Faith gig I had a fruit hat on my head to, which Gok Wan shouted, “love your hat” I’m still beyond proud about this.
  10. For years I thought awry was pronounced or-rie.  Even after learning the correct pronounciation I still say it my way sometimes.
  11. If my parents hadn’t started listening to Fleetwood Mac I would have been called June.  I will always be grateful to Stevie Nicks

Now my turn to play Magnus Magnusson.  Here’s my 11 humdingers.

  1. Who would you get to play you in the story of your life?
  2. Career wise what would your plan B be
  3. Say you found yourself in a Quantum Leap type role, which enabled to jump to any event in history what would you choose?
  4. If you were coming on stage what would you choose as your walk on tune?
  5. In Grease what character would you most like to play?
  6. What skill would you most like to have?
  7. If you could make any outfit from a movie what would you choose?
  8. Do you have a recipe for something that never disappoints if so can I have it?
  9. Can you recommend a good book you’ve read?
  10. What’s guaranteed to make you laugh?
  11. If you could choose another name what would you go for?

Finally,  here’s my 11 bloggers who I feel are deserving of this little award

Catherine makes amazing 60s inspired clothes she’s a real swinging gal.
Lovely sisters Jen and Elena make gorgeous clothes and crafts.
What this gal can’t knit is not worth knowing about.
My friend Steph has deffo got a hell’a more than 200 followers but that’s cause she comes up with such great stuff
This little lady also way tops 200 but again such a goodie I needed to include. Plus she’s recently taken up running and done 10k woot!

There is so much to love on this blog including the Moonrise Kingdom photoshoot she did with her husband to be

Sarah makes lovely clothes and has a great fringe.

At this blog you will find nice pics, lovely sewing, cats, crochet and other lovely things.  Me and this lady struck up conversation over Helen Daniels and the Neighbours Game.
I bonded with this lady on twitter over a love of vintage fashion and fabulous but underused phrases like bobby dazzler.
Lovely Jo who sewed my favourite Mad Men incarnation and helped me with my gussets.
This lady has done a button take on Tilly’s Miette along with tonnes of great sewing v worth a peruse.
Phew dolls I’m all typed out but thank you again to darling Sew Dixie Lou and for all the other fab bloggers who fill my reading time with such good stuff.
Miss D

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    It ain’t easy being green or I became a runner again

    Warning: this is not a massively sewing related post but you do get to see me painted green.

    Good evening darling ones,

    How the devs are you?  I hope I find you all well and happy.  In my little corner of the world we are experiencing a somewhat intermittent spring but being British I celebrate even a cheeky skirt lift of sun 🙂  Especially as we have just experienced a winter of discontent on an epic scale.  My theory on the coldest snap of the last 100 years is that poor old Richard III who’d lain buried in a Leicestershire car park was unceremoniously dug up and put in a cardboard box.  If I’d been at peace for 500 years I’d be mightily pissed at being disturbed.  At the time of going to press there’s still no say on his final resting place as Leicester are saying finders keepers but York believe he’s theirs as that’s where he came from.  Anywho enough of the historic retrospective of one our monarchs and on to the purpose of this post, which is the first of two to explain my lengthy absence from the blogosphere.
    Richard III – King of bad weather
    Cutting to the chase in November 2012 I donned my trainers and became a runner again.  It had been three long years since I’d hit the tarmac.  I’d originally started running after reading the book Running Made Easy when I wanted to get fit (if you want to be a runner but don’t know where to start I can’t recommend this book enough) in 2009 and went onto run the British 10K and soon after started training for the Great North Run.  Unfortunately, as the miles went up my left knee became v sore and eventually blew up like a balloon.  On advice I went to see an orthotics specialist in London to get fitted for insoles for my trainers to correct my running style, which was apparently causing the problem.  The man who did the insoles charged me £250 and also promptly told me that and I quote, “You are too fat to be a distance runner”!  As I’m sure you’ve all gathered in the time we’ve spent together I’ve got a very strong constitution in regards to my sack of skin and instead of getting upset I merely laughed in his face and told him to do one.  I mean for Pete’s sake I’d already lost 2 stone and I was feeling as fit as a fiddle.  It turned out that the man was not only very rude but very wrong and his insoles didn’t work and I had to stop running 🙁  For any of you that are runners I’m sure you’ll understand how devastating it is when you get injured and something you love and is a part of who you are as a person is something you can’t do anymore.  Especially, as I whole heartedly believed I had a marathon in me.
    I even accessorise when I run it’s what separates us from the animals 😉
    Fear not though this story has a v happy ending  eventually 🙂  Fast forward a few years and me and my then man had decided that life was just taking us in different directions.  We’d had 10 years together and it was heartbreaking at the time but as with everything in life it’s what you make of it and I felt something good would come around and firstly it was sewing woot! I will be forever grateful to have found something that I know I will be passionate about for the rest of my days but being a typical gemini there’s many strings to my bow and still deep within me burned the desire to get back to running.  Well I can only think I sent out a cosmic order because karmically the person that got me back in my trainers was my ex’s new beloved.  We are all friends, which is a great thing and a happy outcome.  She’s a running coach as well as being a sports scientist and informed me that the insole man had spoken complete tosh and the problem was merely that my ITB muscle needed some work on it and gave me a load of stretches to do.  These worked and didn’t cost me £250 yay!  So at the end of November 2012 I announced I would be running the Brighton half marathon and promptly started training with Fitbitch running club.  
    Only I would decide to start running again in the coldest winter of a 100 years.  Thanks be for long socks.
    Well as  I said earlier eventually this story ends well but it doesn’t end with me running the Brighton half marathon in February as I’d hoped.  The reason being was the night that I rode to running club for the first time in three years I came off my bike, Rita and flew clean into the air and smashed down hard onto the pavement.  I thought I’d just grazed my hands so carried on to running club and ran 3 fantastic miles until I felt a surge of pain in my leg.  It wasn’t my knee this time though it was my right calf and in the moonlight I saw it had swelled up to three times its normal size and was starting to resemble a magnum of champagne :s   It continued to get worse over the next few days and when I eventually went to the doctor feeling very tearful I was diagnosed with a massive blood clot in my calf eek!  A pint of blood had died in my leg and the reason I was so emotional was the fact that the blood poisoning was climbing up my leg to my vital  organs.  I narrowly missed a hospital stay, was banned from running for several weeks and ended up with a scar.
    Spot the difference :s
    So you maybe asking yourself how is that a good ending?  Well I can tell you despite all the setbacks I did indeed finally finish a half marathon yay 🙂  I ran the Hastings half marathon on 24th March this year with a beehive in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support in 2 hours 12 mins 10 secs.
    Very red but very happy 🙂
    So all is well that ends well and tomorrow (19th May 2013) I get to combine two of my passions as I take part in the Heroes Run 10K in aid of Pass It On to raise money for schools in Africa in a handmade dress.
    Grrr! Even She Hulk can rock an Elisalex dress 🙂
    If anyone would like to donate to the cause you can find me at all monies gratefully received 🙂  
    I will bid you farewell for now my darlings and leave you with the following wisdom that I’ve gained over the last few years.  I’ve learned if you want something enough you have to believe in yourself, don’t listen to people who put you down, you’ll find help in the strangest of places and ultimately you’ll find your own way round all the challenges and you’ll only feel more fabulous for it woot!  I will be repeating this to myself constantly when I start training for the marathon I thought I’d never get to run later this year and questioning my sanity 😉
    Love always,
    Miss D
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    Embellish with Stitches – new class!

    Embellish with Stitches

    If you’re anything remotely like me you’ve probably got a few pieces in your wardrobe that could be worn a bit more frequently. Yes? That jacket you used to love but now the love has faded slightly. Or a tshirt that could do with a brightening up.

    ♥ Embellish with Stitches ♥
    Well, that’s what my new class is all about! It’s four weeks of stitchy goodness all focused on giving our wardrobes a bit of a makeover. There will be some fun techniques, new stitches to try and classics like cross stitch. All in delicious happy colours of course! The class is suitable for anyone, beginners and more experiences stitchers.

    Some of the things covered in the class:
    • Stitching on jersey (tshirts and similar)
    • Couching
    • Embroidery on a jacket
    • Rhodes stitch
    • Designs that will appeal to the menfolk in our lives
    • Using soluble canvas
    • Embellishing canvas shoes (yes, shoes!)
    • And lots more!

    ♥ Class start ♥
    The class starts on May 20th and runs for 4 weeks. You will have access to the class site after the end of the class and most of the material will also be available as PDFs to download and save on your computer. Sign up here for the class.

    I hope to see you in class for some stitching fun! 🙂

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    I’ve done a Bowie.

    Hello there you pretty things,Well I’ve been away for some time haven’t I?!  I thought it had only been a few weeks but looking at my last post it is in fact a few months whoops :s  At this point I have to say I promise I’ve not been hibernat…

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    Polka & Bloom new look!

    The Polka & Bloom shop has a brand new look! I hope you like it. :-)For comparison, here’s a screenshot of the old version. I think the new look is a nice improvement. Light and fresh. Also, pink! :-)As you can see, now there’s just a sidebar on th…

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    Paris Spring – new embroidery pattern!

    Paris Spring pattern

    Happy April! Is it spring yet? It’s so cold here in the UK, we’re still wearing our winter coats. Where’s the sun, the warmth?

    ♥ Paris Spring pattern ♥
    Atleast with my new pattern, Paris Spring I can fantasize about being in Paris, sipping a nice beverage at a rickety table on the sidewalk outside a cozy café. Oh if only, right?! 🙂

    The pattern is inspired by Paris Metro signs, Art Nouveau (with all its curly and swirly bits) and of course the Eiffel Tower. It’s not a naturalistic Tour Eiffel, because that would just be boring!

    Paris Spring pattern

    My stitched version is full of hearts because Paris has that reputation of being all about l’amour. But! If you’re in a less romantic mood, the pattern also includes a version without a single heart. And there are also stripped down versions of the Tower, without any decorations. Plus a few frames and borders and a flurry of hearts (très romantique, non?)

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    The patterns of 2012

    I was thinking earlier that last year I didn’t make that many patterns because I was so busy making patterns etc for the book.. So I had a look and the result isn’t that bad! 7 new patterns in a year where so much other stuff was going on – that’s not …

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    The patterns of 2012

    I was thinking earlier that last year I didn’t make that many patterns because I was so busy making patterns etc for the book.. So I had a look and the result isn’t that bad! 7 new patterns in a year where so much other stuff was going on – that’s not …

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    Valentine’s Sale!

    I Heart You

    ♥ Valentine’s Sale ♥
    There’s a wee sale in my shop to celebrate Valentine’s! 15% off all patterns and ebooks. Simply use code HEARTYOU at checkout. The sale ends on Friday!

    Blomkrans embroidery pattern

    ♥ New pattern ♥
    And why not put that discount to good use on this new pattern called Blomkrans? It is inspired by Swedish folk embroidery. The name means ‘Flower wreath’ in Swedish – in case you were wondering! The pattern includes 15 extra motifs derived from the main pattern so there’s plenty to mix and match and do your own thing. 🙂

    Happy stitching – and happy Valentine’s!

    xo, Carina

    PS – Are you on Instagram? I’d love to see what you’re up to – stitchy or otherwise! Find me as polkaandbloomAnd I’d absolutely love if you’d share what you make from Polka & Bloom patterns. 🙂

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    The Winner Takes It All and A Long and Winding Road

    Hello my sweets,I hope this Wintery evening finds you well and at the very least cosy.  I’m currently covered in pom poms after upcycling a jumper for Christmas so strong that it had the potential to bring on snow :)This bad boy was made for Minic…

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    Made it for two weddings but late to my own party…

    Why hello there,
    How the devil are we all?  This is the post that has been slow cooking away for some time now and I hope is all the more rich and juicy for it 😉
    You would not be remiss for thinking lazy ol’ Miss D she’s been sitting round with her curlers in and feet up in fluffy mules ever since she finished her  cake heavy commission.  This my dears has not been the case at all I’ve simply been in a wedding and post wedding walking whirl.
    As I advance through my years life gets no less challenging and in the same vein no less interesting, thankfully.  If you’d ask me at the beginning of  last year if I thought I’d be making a wedding cake for one dear friend and several bridesmaid dresses for another I would have said it’s more likely that I’ll take gold at 2012!  Reminds me more than ever what a difference a day can make.

    Laura and I were told we wouldn’t require coats in Spain we were both glad we didn’t listen.
    As previously blogged I was asked last year by my very lovely friend Laura to be one of her bridesmaids.  Hers is a thoroughly modern love story and one, which I’m glad to have been a part of from the very beginning.  We met when we both decided to take an Erasmus exchange to Spain in our second year at uni. It was in fact at this time I made my first dress (very badly – see evidence below).  It was a crazy few months to say the least but Laura and I became firm friends united by our ability to find humour when all else had failed including the heating.  On our return from Alicante we started our final year and the fun continued.  She unfortunately had a really rubbish housemate think 30 year old Veruca Salt.  I on the other hand lived in a ramshackle 7 bedroom house with 5 lovely guys and 1 lovely girl.  It was a true student house in every sense. 

    This dress was held together with sellotape by the end of the night but my love of polka dots was born 🙂
    We used to have really great parties and Laura used to come along, which is where she met my then housemate Nick who was to become her beloved J  Over the course of our final year they fell hard for each other and when we stayed on an extra year after graduation it cemented their feelings but as we all know life can sometimes play you a dud hand.  Nick was due to spend the summer abroad and then go back to his hometown.  His trip got cut short but home he went and Laura followed but things didn’t work out and studies took her back South and they decided to separate.  When I went to get her it all seemed so sad but the old romantic in me believed true love would will out and indeed it did.  Just a few weeks later Nick declared he could not live without her and would go whether she needed to be.  That was 6 years ago.
    Brave or crazy on the basis of only a few my outfits she asked me to make the bridesmaids dresses!  I was both excited and a little nervous but when she phoned me in September last year October 2012 seemed a long way away – it came around fast.  Thankfully, not long after I blogged about it the lovely Ginger Makes emailed me to say she’d embarked on a similar mission and time goes by quicker than you think.  Taking that into account the bride and I came up with a timetable for the coming months to at least try to keep everything on target.  This proves very useful when one your of bridesmaids is a touring opera singer, another is a very successful business woman running a cheerleading squad, the other is a swing trio singing mum of one with another  bubba on the way and the other is me!

    The bridal squad
    Right from the start Laura had said she wanted us to go for a vintage look to compliment what she was hoping to find in her dress so we had a pow wow and we both decided we looking for a nicely shaped bodice, cap sleeve, a bateau neckline and a fuller skirt.  I found two patterns that ticked the boxes.
    Owing to Simplicity 3592 being a vintage pattern and not so readily available I set about making a muslin of New Look 6723 so we could give it a yay or nay early on in the process.
    It was indeed a nay aside from the fact that the black tights and calico combo makes me look like a character from a Dickens’ novel albeit a ver chirpy one the design just wasn’t flattering.
    So we shelved the New Look in favour of the vintage Simplicity pattern.  Whilst I set about bidding for several on Ebay I also decided that all our proportions were so different it was probably best off to make bodice blocks for all of us and then an adapt pattern for each of us.  I’ve actually only taken a pattern cutting course to make a skirt block but I found an ace tutorial on making a bodice block here and along with my trusted Winifred Aldrich Pattern Cutting for Womens Wear.  Although this sounds like a lot of work I don’t regret it at all it made the whole process so much simpler as I knew with just a few tweaks we’d have the right fits for everyone and then it was just a case of adapting the skirt pattern.  It has also made me want to take the next level in pattern cutting at Sew in Brighton.
    Anywho fast forward to Summer this year and we’d manage to snap up the fabric we needed from Goldhawk Road for the bargain price of £65.  We went for a steely lavender cotton silk that showed lots of different colours when it was caught by the light.  Laura and I both agreed it would look lovely on our various colourings and was along way a way from the peach parachutes that bridesmaids in the 80s were fated to wear.  

    Both Laura and I wanted to avoid creations that would require facial anonymity!

    As well as finding the fabric Laura who herself had started to sew was going to make one of the dresses because Louisa the swinging, singing bridesmaid would have her new baby by the time the wedding came round.  It was easier for Laura to fit Louisa as they live close to each other but, which left me with lovely pleasure of making a baby bridesmaid’s dress J
    The baby bridesmaid dress pattern Simplicity 2235 so sweet

    The months whirled by in a flash and before we knew it was July and we were on Laura’s hen do in London doing the last test fittings. There were some minor adjustments but things were full steam ahead.  At the same time another very lovely friend of mine who you may know, Zoe 😉 asked me to help out with the fitting of her wedding dress and to make the cake for her and Pat’s wedding.  I was absolutely over the moon.  We only met in February 2011 so to be given the honour of such a special baking project was really touching.

    Zoe raised a glass to my plan for alcoholic wedding cake
    Me being me had also taken on the cake skirt for Macmillan as well as squeezing a trip to Berlin over the summer so it was pretty much nose to the grindstone from August right through to the end of September when Zoe and Pat got married.  They had decided they didn’t want to go for a cutting of the cake affair so instead they asked me to bake 120 cupcakes and they both jumped on my suggestion of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties 😉  In the end the cupcakes were a mixture of vanilla, chocolate and Guinness with a Bailey’s frosting, lime with a tequila frosting and tiramisu with a mascarpone frosting (recipes for all here).  They were all decorated with royal icing card suits to match Pat and Zoe’s theme.  I was ably assisted I hasten to add by two of my very creative friends Miss Aymi D of picture perfection and Kirstin Stride of many a piece of hand drawn jewellery and more recently purveyor of pretty pants. The girls were invaluable letting me getting on with the baking while they coloured the icing and cut shapes.  I couldn’t have done it without them so thank you.

    I’ll raise you a Guinness and chocolate for a Margarita and lime!
    What did slip my mind at the time was the fact I hadn’t got round to making my dress for the wedding :s  There was no way I could go in RTW especially not with Zoe being so supportive of my sewing endeavours.  So I did want any good seamstress would I cut out my dress the night before then had some port and sewed it in the morning.  It was to the wire but I still had time to make a hair bow because I thought the beehive needed a little gigi.  I will add though it wasn’t meant to be so last minute because my original plan had been to sew Simplicity 4908 as gifted to me by the very excellent Lana of Lazy Stitching.  It didn’t happen though because the bodice pattern hated on me L  (princess seams are meant to be winner for curves I’m convinced in my case this is not the case) I fell back onto the bodice pattern I’d designed for my bridesmaid dress and the skirt from 4908.  It was a match made in heaven and I even got a mention in the speeches for last minute nature of my clothing.  

    I called the look Latina Minnie Mouse

    As you’ll have seen from Zoe’s posts she look an absolute picture and so did Pat.  It was a wonderful wedding where I cried and danced.

    A pair of handmade crackers 🙂
    Any thoughts of resting any longer than the Sunday were out the door quicker than Mo Farah on the track because the following weekend was Laura and Nick’s wedding.  The week was filled with final changes and hemming and by Friday I was good to go.  

    All sewn and ready to hem eek!

    Not for the first time I found myself travelling across country on a train with multiple garments and a sewing machine.  Thanks be that I came for the rehearsal though because I went to several wrong churches before I found the right one.  Honestly I felt like Dustin Hoffman at the end of The Graduate J Once we had the rehearsal we did one last fitting and then Laura, her Mama and I headed to the hotel for a well deserved dinner and relax with chocs and wine aplenty.

    Laura and her lovely Mama

    The next morning the alarm rang at 7am and thanks to our legendary cheerleading bridesmaid, Sara and equally legendary twin sisters aka the beautifying team the getting ready went like clockwork despite there being six ladies to ready and a baby.  Honestly Frank the wedding planner from Father of the Bride had nothing on our gal 🙂  She could run the country that one!

    It was a super emotional day and the first time I choked was when our very beautiful bride clocked how lovely she was in the mirror as pictured below.

    Just perfect 🙂

    The whole day was just a massive show of love from the tears in the church with Steph aka the sister-in-law singing opera, Laura’s Mama’s beautiful speech, Louisa singing the first dance with her trio the Spitfire Sisters with little baby Poppy strapped to her.  

    A whole of love in this photo.
    Spot the baby bridesmaid so sweet 🙂
    Despite having a whole wedding to plan and a business to run Laura made us all individual presents.  She’s a complete doll xxx

    And finally my crafty skills performed one last win.

    I always have a needle handy and handy it was when it came to popping Laura out of her dress at 1am

    So there you have it that was my wedding whirl and whirly it was but my heart definitely got a bit bigger over that fortnight and I still get a bit teary when I think how touched I was to be able to be a part of the start of the next chapter for two very dear friends of mine.  I love you girls and I raise a glass of the good stuff to you and your beloveds may the road rise up to meet you at every turn 🙂

    All this celebratory talk brings me nicely to the fact that I forgot my own celebration.  My blogiversary passed me by on the 24th October.  I can’t believe I’ve been waffling on for a year and people are still reading but for this I thank you.  I write for a living so to do it for pleasure and to know that people out there are entertained by it makes me very happy.  So to send a proper thanks I’m doing my first giveaway and it’s wedding related. 

    Just leave a comment to win the bridesmaid dress pattern, the almost was wedding guest dress, the first vintage dress I ever made for my friend Lana’s wedding last year and 3 metres of polka dot crepe
    You’ve got until midday until on Saturday 15th December GMT and the winner will be chose at random and I’ll post worldwide.
    Phew if you’re still with me well done bit of an epic post but you wait until the next time when I tell you what I did to relax after the weddings.  It involves a dog, several mountains and a very sore foot.
    Until next time remember always carry a needle because you never know when you’ll need to pop a bride out of her frock.
    Love always Miss D

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    Embroidered jewellery + a sale!

    A few bits of news to share! I have made a collection of embroidered jewellery which is in the shop now. There are brooches, pendants and even a pair of earrings. All lovingly handstitched by yours truly. 🙂 There is only one of each. Check ’em o…

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    2012 Snowflake Collection is here!

    The 2012 snowflake collection is here! And for a limited time you can even buy all three for just $10!Find the flakes individually here: Red, Blue and Purple.Do pop over to Carina’ Craftblog (my other blog) because I’ve got a wee giveaway going on – yo…

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    Hostess with the mostest

    Hey y’all,Those who read the blog know I believe there’s an outfit for any occasion and that includes the kitchen.  When the lovely Karen wrote about an apronalong I just knew I had to get involved.  I’m already the proud owner of a flamenco …

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    2013 Polka & Bloom calendar panels in the shop!

    The 2013 Polka & Bloom calendar panels are in the shop! Or rather, pre-orders of the second lot, because the first lot has sold out already!! I can’t even say how happy that makes me! Every new design feels like a bit of a gamble… “will people ev…

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    Matryoschka – new pattern! Plus a sale!

    There’s a new pattern in the Polka & Bloom shop: Matryoschka!The idea has been in my head for a little while, but the timing just wasn’t right. Too many matryoschka things were available at one point, and then I didn’t have time and couldn’t quite …

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    Faig Ahmed

    linkvia the jealous curatorInspired to embroider something? Visit

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    Big Hair

    Inspired to embroider something? Visit

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    A skirt but not as you know it.

    Hey y’all,

    How the devil are you?  I don’t know about you but it’s getting very breezy around Demeanour HQ so much so I’ve had to swap the flip flops for slippers but a new season brings a whole new gamut of sewing projects 🙂

    I have to tell you about the secret project I was working on before I cut a swathe into my Autumnal sewing, which will include making a replica of the gorgeous scarlet cloak worn by Juliette Binoche in Chocolat.  It will mean having to watch the film again so I can pick out an accurate pattern but I think I can push myself to suffer a 120 minutes of Johnny Depp for my sewing 😉

    Those amongst you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook will have heard me warbling on about big project involving wood and wire.  Well it was actually a skirt I was making but as the title of this post suggests it was no ordinary skirt even by Miss D standards 😉

    Not your average skirt making equipment!

    Back in August the amazing organisation that is Macmillan Cancer Support asked me if I could replicate the skirt below to raise awareness of their biggest fundraising event, World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.

    Basically, a human cake stand.
    Well me being the notorious yes person that I am said of course with blind faith and sheer determination. Papa Demeanour is a builder and my youngest brother is an expert woodsman so I thought I had adequate experts to reach out to if necessary.  I am pleased to say despite a change in height (the skirt not me) and several wire cuts I did in fact achieve the make 🙂
    This is the stand half way through.
    Here’s the lovely Sarah from Macmillan decorating the skirt on the day of the shoot.
    Me grabbing my time in the spotlight
    And finally the professional.  The lovely Lucy Mecklenburgh from The Only Way is Essex.  Doesn’t she look just edible 😉
    The 300 something cupcakes were supplied by LOLA’s and having demolished several of them after the shoot I can completely vouch for their absolute nomness.
    So there you have it that’s what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks.  I’m always really happy to work with Macmillan as they’re such a wonderful organisation and the tireless work they do is so close to my heart having lost some wonderful souls in my life to cancer.
    The event raised over £10 million last year and you can help them raise even more.
    You too can get involved as World’s biggest Coffee Morning takes place on 28th September 2012.  You could host one yourself or get a long to one taking place near you. Get all the details here.  You get to have a sit down, eat some lovely cake, chat with friends and raise money for an excellent cause.
    Right I’m off for a well deserved sit down before I get cracking on several bridesmaid dresses.
    Until next time keep wrapped up.
    Miss D
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    Tree of Joy – new pattern!

    It’s my new pattern! Tree of Joy! It’s called that because it is sort of a tree design – a sister design to the Tree of Life and the Tree of Love patterns – and I think the colours are quite joyful. :-)It was not my intention, but the pattern feels kin…

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    Tree of Joy – new pattern!

    It’s my new pattern! Tree of Joy! It’s called that because it is sort of a tree design – a sister design to the Tree of Life and the Tree of Love patterns – and I think the colours are quite joyful. :-)It was not my intention, but the pattern feels kin…

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    Embroidery needle lenghts

    I’m working on the writing part of my book at the moment. I’m including a wee section needles and as I was writing it I got to wondering “say, how long is a number 6 crewel/embroidery needle really?” Because those numbers just seem completely random, d…

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    Book sneak peek

    A few sneak peeks of what is going to be in my book (will be published autumn next year). All the stitching is done. I’m glad that part is done. Not that I mind stitching! But it was a lot of stitching in a fairly short period of time! Glad to have a b…

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    Polk & Bloom Back to School Sale!

    It’s a sale in the Polka & Bloom shop! And it’s a big one, yo!Take 20% off all patterns and ebooks between now and August 31 (included). The discount also applies to pattern sets and ebook sets!All you gotta do is enter this code at checkout: LUNCH…

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    It’s all happening baby

    Ahoy there,The Good Ship Demeanour is finally docking long enough for me to write about my voyages.  It’s been a while crocodile darlings but don’t take my lack of blogging as a lack of activity in fact it’s been quite the opposite my dears. &nbsp…

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    Karen Nicol – Embellished: New Vintage

    Images top and bottom from Embellished: New Vintage (A&C Black / Bloomsbury, London). Center image: Embroidered Necklace Dress by Karen Nicol for People Tree.The recently-published look-book of Karen Nicol’s couture embroidery design and her inspir…

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