Tour Day 6

Today we have Jennifer if Jennuine Life with us. She is a talented maker and pattern designer! Check out her Antalya HERE! We love it.  

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Summer Ready – Drape Top & Paisley Print Gabriola

Round 2 of The Monthly Stitch Indie Pattern Month competition is in full swing, this week it’s separates.  I had considered all sorts of things for this one, but as I’d started cutting a Gabriola for Daughter No1 before my … Continue reading

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Thread News from TNNA

Originally posted 2011-01-09 07:40:24. Republished by Blog Post PromoterI am more excited than I can say about Rainbow Gallery’s new thread, Shaded Very Velvet. This space-dyed thread is simply fantastic and I used up every scrap of the samples I got. And I have had to sit on my hands and not tell you about […]

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Dressmaker Details in Needlepoint

Today I’m going to a costume (i.e. clothing) exhibit at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. I adore looking at clothing. I’m impressed at so many levels. First, there is the fabric, I love the patterns and textures of it. Second, there are the clothes themselves. When I see clothing I can really see […]

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Tulip Top

If you caught my post about the new Five and Ten Designs E-book Volume 3, then you’ll recognize this top as Look 7…or what I have nicknamed it as…the Tulip Top! With tulip sleeves, and a half tulip bodice, it’s blooming with little details throughout. đŸ˜‰ Each layer is finished with tiny bias tape trim, helping those details really pop. Look 7 is technically designed

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Kids Clothes Week Inspiration

Today we are over at the Kids Clothes Week blog sharing our inspiration for the traveling theme.  We put a lot of time and effort into this inspiration post and we’d love it if you go check it out!  You’ll definitely be seeing some of the ideas we had during Kids Clothes Week. On another […]

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Whole 30 Comfort Food

Hey, friends! Today I want to share a recipe that feels, to me, like the closest you can get to "comfort food" during Whole 30. Now that I am done with my Whole 30, I am still making variations of this meal several times a week. It’s a favorite in our house because you can make it with a huge variety of ingredients (whatever’s left in the fridge), and you…

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Three Things about Three Lingerie Projects

Three lingerie sets to share today! Over the last year I noticed I was completing lingerie projects more than any other personal project because I was setting aside specific time for them. I’d plan to come in on a weekend weeks in advance, and gather supplies in preparation for a day of bra sewing. When the time […]

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A Good Edging In

Getting back across the border ended up being a bit of a complication especially with all my stuff. I could have flown and shipped my things only I was concerned about damage. I could have rented a car but only to drive to the border and then I would h…

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My print voice!

What have I been doing lately? Printing, printing, printing that’s what! I have started listing bits in my shop and have even sold a couple of pieces (yay), so things are all good. There is always a process of development with any skill that you wish to take further which takes time and resources, so I guess I’m discovering my voice and confidence the more I experiment.

I am not new to print by any means. Textile design is my first love over anything else and is primarily what I went to university to study, but I have never truly immersed myself specifically in print like I am currently. It is taking me a while to loosen up and express myself in the way I wish, which is not an unusual feeling. I went through a period in my twenties of not drawing very much and I felt really clammy and tight when I tried to get back into it, like I didn’t know how to draw. FYI, I think everyone can draw or enjoy drawing, it’s just about finding your level of enjoyment.

Anyway, after starting out a little tight and restrictive with my prints I feel I am now finally starting to loosen up and express myself in a way that makes me happy!

I am currently combining techniques such as stencilling block and screen printing to create fun shapes and textures and am sourcing vintage fabrics to use as my base. Vintage materials offer the quality I’m after at a price that is not eye watering and also kind to the environment. I want my prices to be both fair to myself and the customer, so this is a great way of achieving that.
I’ve got some fun pieces in the pipeline. Some are really large and great for interior soft furnishings and other smaller pieces for dressmaking etc… Also, got a future sewing pattern in the works that I am mega excited about, but I have alooooot more work to do on that, so will be a little while before I can show you more.
I guess that’s me for now! Happy Thursday everyone!
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(30) Days of Sundresses with Sewing Mama RaeAnna

Summer Breeze Dress by Sewing Mama RaeAnna for 30 Days of Sundresses - Melly SewsToday’s guest, Sewing Mama RaeAnna,  is sharing a cute halter style dress. Go here to get the free pattern and full tutorial. Don’t forget to enter this week’s giveaway – TWO lucky people are going to win Blank Slate Patterns. Go here to enter.  Join in the fun! Share your  handmade sundress goodness on Instagram (and please Read the Rest…

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Cloud Art Inspired By Eric Carle

Little Cloud Art Painting Eric CarleThis fun cloud art I made with my son was so simple and easy.  It was inspired by the book Little Cloud (affiliate link) by one of our favorite authors, Eric Carle.  It’s about all the different shapes we can see when we look at clouds and use our imaginations. Instead of using the usual paint brush, […]

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The Ishi Dress – or the ‘Who let the dogs out?’ dress.

My Belgian friend An of Straight Grain designs the most gorgeous patterns for girl’s clothes – oh, and a  (unisex) sleep sack for babies.Her latest pattern is for the Ishi Dress and today I’m participating in her Ishi Dress Blog Tour.The Ishi…

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How to Make a Sunglass Cord (VIDEO)

Sunglass cords were everywhere when I was growing up. Now they tend to be seen on librarians and my grandparents. But as I went to the store recently to replace yet another pair of lost or broken sunglasses for my kids, I thought to myself…I know how to fix this problem. So I whipped up an easy sunglass cord, just to try it out. After all, Summer is just getting under […]

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Alexander McQueen : Savage Beauty

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of a day off work to visit the current Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum. I didn’t know quite what to expect, although I had heard many reports that the exhibition was more…

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Xerea Dress Pattern

Today let’s talk about the perfect summer dress:  the Xerea Dress. Inspired by the 60’s mini dresses, Xerea is easy to sew and easy to wear!
The pattern is available in two versions: View A is a shift dress with short sleeves and View B a sleeveless tent dress with center box pleat. Both views include pockets at the princess seams.
Xerea is perfect for beginners and will delight advanced (lazy) seamstresses: no zipper, no buttons. The dress is put on easily thanks to the open back neckline, finished with bias binding.
For fabrics, I would recommend fabrics with some drape, in particular if you choose the shift dress.
For the shift version, View A, I used an ikat cotton (Henry et Henriette) with piping inserted in the princess seams – perfect for summer – and for the tent version, View B,  I used a jersey (Tejidos Paredes – make sure it’s stable enough: for example ponte knit fabric) for a 60’s style.
The yoke design allow you to use contrasting fabric very easily: how about color blocking or lace accents? All the hems are finished with bias binding, make your own with matching fabric for an invisible finish or add some subtle contrast to your dress.
This pattern can also transition easily into the colder months: lengthen the sleeves or make view B in woolen fabric to wear as a pinafore over a shirt or pullover.
I hope you’ll like the new patterns, the Xerea dress and the Sorell trousers!


Hoy os voy a presentar un vestido perfecto para verano: ¡el vestido Xerea! Inspirado por los mini vestidos de los años 60, el vestido Xerea es igual de fácil de coser que de vestir.
El patrón está disponible en dos versiones: la Vista A es de forma recta con mangas cortas y la Vista B es sin mangas, de forma trapecio con un pliegue delantero. En las dos versiones se encuentrán bolsillos ocultos en los paneles laterales.
Xerea es perfecto para principiantes y encantará las costureras más avanzadas que buscan un proyecto sencillo: no hay botones ni cremallera, el vestido se viste de forma fácil gracias a su escote trasero en pico, acabado con cinta de bies.
Para las telas, os recomiendo telas fluidas con caída. Aquí os presento la Vista A realizada en ikat de algodón (Henry et Henriette) con un cordoncillo para resaltar las líneas de los paneles y los dobladillos, y la Vista B hecha en jersey (Tejidos Paredes, Madrid – si vais a elegir jersey, que sea uno con mucha estibilidad y poco stretch tipo Ponte Romani) ¡para un look muy sesentero!
El canesú os permite jugar con las telas: colores contrastantes, tejidos diferentes… ofrece muchas posibilidades de personalización. Todos los dobladillos están acabados con cinta de bies: podéis hacerlo vosotras mismas con la misma tela que el vestido o elegir uno contrastante para dar un toque original al interior de vuestro vestido.
El vestido Xerea será también muy fácil de llevar después del verano: se pueden alargar fácilmente las mangas o hacer en telas de lana para llevar por encima de un jersey o una camisa.
¡Espero que los dos nuevos patrones, el vestido Xerea y el pantalón Sorell, os gustarán!


Aujourd’hui on passe à la parfaite petite robe d’été : la robe Xerea. Inspirée des robes trapèze des années 60, la Xerea est aussi facile à coudre qu’à porter.
Le patron est disponible en deux versions : la version A est droite et avec des manches courtes et la version B est sans manche et de forme trapèze avec un pli creux sur le devant. Dans les deux cas on retrouve les poches prises dans les découpes princesse.
Xerea est tout à fait accessible aux débutantes et réjouira les couturières aguerries en quête de simplicité (ou juste flemmardes) : pas de bouton ni de fermeture éclair, la robe s’enfile simplement et le passage de la tête se fait grâce au décolleté dans le dos – fini au biais.
Au niveau tissu, privilégiez des tissus fluides ou ayant un certain tombé, notamment si vous choisissez la version droite. Ici je vous présente la version A en coton Ikat à chevrons (Henry et Henriette) réhaussée d’un passepoil entre les découpes princesse et aux ourlets et la version B trapèze réalisée dans un jersey  (Tejidos Paredes – attention à le choisir stable et peu élastique) pour un look carrément sixties!
Avec ses empiècements devant et dos, la robe Xerea se prête bien au mélange des matières ou des imprimés. Tous les ourlets sont finis au biais.
Évidemment il est possible de rallonger les manches pour pouvoir la porter après l’été ou la réaliser en lainage pour porter en robe chasuble sur une chemise ou un pull.
J’espère que les deux nouveaux patrons, la robe Xerea et le pantalon Sorell, vous plairont!


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Hello, Strangers!

“Hi, my name is Melanie, and it’s been 6 months since I last posted”. Yep, and about 5 of that have had zero chances to sew. But – our unlivable house is now moderately livable. Sort of. Still a lot of work to do! But the last month has had some productive sewing in it, culminating […]

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Your Mallori Lane’s

I released Mallori Lane to gauge if there was interest in simple, modern bra/bralette patterns. It was based on a me-made bralette, and I launched it about a month ago. So far, I am thrilled with the feedback I’ve received, not to mention the beautiful bras you ladies are making! High five, snaps and mad props! Ying sewed a black one for her coworker, and eliminated the bottom band for an even simpler design. Marilla and Lauren are two others who sewed their own, both equally fantastic. The sequin version was by Stephanie using fabric I shipped to her all the way in UK. The biggest callout was that the instructions and pattern didn’t have the nuts and bolts a “real pattern” would. I agree. There was a lot that I left out (i.e. notches for strap placement, detailed construction photos, etc.) but that’s because it was simply an experiment/test. I specified that it wouldn’t be included, but I still had faith that any sewer could make it. Stephanie had no bra making experience. Good news for me and you, I think their is a market and need for these types of patterns. Developing patterns is a commitment, but I’m happy to it on if it’s worth it. It’s fulfilling to see my designs worn by other women. Now, whether I offer home sewing patterns or an actual collection of bras for sale is still something I’m teetering between. To all the other ladies who have made a Mallori Lane, you rock! Thank you for supporting me. If you haven’t made one, click here to learn more and download the pattern. And be sure to check out the hash tag #mallorilane and #bramakingwithmadalynne on Instagram for more images!

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The Ultimate Guide to Potty Training!

all about potty trainingWhen my kids were getting ready to start potty training everyone told me to start in the spring or summer and just let them run while in the backyard.  In theory that would be great if you could spend the entire day outside but for most of us that is not possible.  So here are […]

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Dress with asymmetric shoulder pleats: Drafting the bodice pattern – Vestido com ombro pregueado assimétrico: Traçado do molde definitivo da blusa

Summary: Method for drafting the bodice of the dress

Sumário: Método para traçar a parte da frente da blusa do vestido
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Couture et Tricot is licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license
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Vogue 8805; the "It’s About Time!" Dress

You know V8805…The cute little easy, breezy dress that like, nearly everyone else has sewn??I’m sure you’ve seen some gorgeous combinations of fantastic pontes and linens and so on…My mind does not colorblock. I see it. I love it. I tried it and ha…

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5 More Great Time-Saving Tips!

1. Keep all materials for the project in a ziplock plastic bag or see-through container.  This eliminates wasting time looking for misplaced items.  2. Use pre-wound bobbins or once your bobbin stash has dwindled to four, devote a 20 minutes to winding embroidery bobbins to build up your cache. 3. Line up your thread by […] Read more…

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fly away

Dress (also in white, also love this one). Shoes. Sunglasses: Prada. Lips: Stila. Nails: NailsInc.

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Nani Iro Month – Gypsy Sling

I was so happy when Frances (Miss Matatabi) contacted me about nani IRO month. I can’t say no to these fabrics, they’re all so beautiful and unique. I picked the canvas weight called Sound Circle to make something with (I love a good canvas). Summer is in full swing here and we’re hoping to get over to […]

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We have to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles and work. Or waffles, friends, work. But work has to come third.

Heeeeeyy you guys! It’s Wednesday afternoon and I am utterly exhausted after a three-day event at work. I can’t promise this post is going to be any too coherent, sorry! They’ve been good days, but very long and very tiring. Nic is out for the evening,…

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Beet-Dyed Deviled Eggs

I’ve been wanting to try dying deviled eggs with beet juice for a long time. One of my favorite local lunch spots, Aviary, serves them and I order them pretty much 100% of the time—SO good. To hard boil eggs I use this simple method—place eggs in a large pot filled with water (so eggs are completely covered). Let the water with eggs come to a boil on medium-high heat….

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Paper Somerset Star Quilt

A lot of quilters hold onto all of their scraps and try to use every bit of fabric, no matter how small. When I first started at Quilters Newsletter, one of the final editing stages on each of our patterns … Continue reading

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The Green Room – My Tile Inspired Faux Wallpaper

Photo by Rikki Snyder via Houzz.comSeveral years ago, before the world really caught on to the internet, there were shelter magazines. Remember them? Back in 2003, I had contacted Country Home, one of my favorite decorating magazines about th…

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Sew + Show #33

Hi everyone! Thank you for linking up to last week’s Sew + Show link party. The most clicked creation was a stunning dress by AnneLuSe. Isn’t this an amazing fabric, perfect for a little girl’s dress? Next up was a very cute dress by Sewing Life Together… And finally, a gem of a dress by Sylvia from Lily […]

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(30) Days of Sundresses with On {The Laundry} Line

Fringed Maxi Dress Tutorial by On the Laundry Line for 30 Days of Sundresses - Melly SewsIs your girl a free spirit? If so, today’s guest, Laura of On {The Laundry} Line has the perfect tutorial for you today with her fringed maxi dress. Go here to get the full scoop. Don’t forget to enter this week’s giveaway – TWO lucky people are going to win Blank Slate Patterns. Go here to enter.  Read the Rest…

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