Review: Besame Cosmetics Red Velvet Lipstick

Besame Cosmetics Review via Tiny Angry Crafts

You know how you can be an admirer of something and not own it? That was me with Besame Cosmetics When I heard they provided makeup for the ABC show Agent Carter, I was over the moon! I had intended to cosplay Peggy Carter, and I needed to know what her signature color was. A few days after it was made public, I made my first purchase. 
Besame Cosmetics Review via Tiny Angry Crafts

I wore the lipstick right after receiving it, and I fell in love. The packaging, the shape of the tube, all of it made me very happy, and feel absolutely glamorous.  Red Velvet is a gorgeous color reminiscent of the mid 40’s, and I was very happy at how it looks with my complexion.

Besame Cosmetics Review via Tiny Angry Crafts

It’s a very smooth application process. I use the pointed edge of the lipstick to line my lips, and then fill it all out. I then blot with a tissue, and go about my way!
It keeps my lips very hydrated, and the only time I experienced dryness, is when it was an exceptionally windy day. I combated that by wiping some lipstick away, and re-applying.

Besame Cosmetics Review via Tiny Angry Crafts

It should be known, this lipstick will get on everything. There are little tips and tricks to get your lipstick to not end up being your next way of marking your territory, but I didn’t feel like utilizing them. Though, I will say, it makes an amazing kiss mark, and lasts through out the day of eating and being very animated.

Besame Cosmetics Review and Agent Carter cosplay
I hope to have photos of my Peggy Carter cosplay up fairly soon, so you all can see it in action!

Thank you all for reading!

Note- This product was purchased with my own money, I am receiving no compensation from Besame Cosmetics for this review. I have used an affiliate link in this post.

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New Year & New York

“Have you ever been to New York City?”

As someone who’s pursuing a degree in Fashion Design, I get asked that question a lot.  It’s a question that has always been hard for me to answer though. 

You see, my first trip that I ever took to NYC was two years ago during my senior year of high school. My mom was traveling with me and right as we were boarding the plane, she received a call saying that my older brother Daniel had suddenly passed away.  Due to the shock of bereavement, we had to turn back and cancel everything.

I’d never known how to respond in a simple way, so whenever I’ve been asked about New York City it’s always caught me off guard, and I usually end up tongue tied and unsure what to say. 

Well about a month ago in mid December, I had been given an incredible opportunity to go to New York.  Several gracious people (words will not be able to express what their generous act of kindness has meant to me) came together and gave me the chance to go to New York.  

I was unsure how I would feel when I was packing the day before.  In fact, I was incredibly nervous and majorly freaking out.  A conversation with my very sweet roommate went something like this (please read with hysterical crying), “What if it’s not as amazing as everyone makes it out to be?!  What if I don’t like the city?  What if it’s like the first trip, and some life altering devastating event happens right before?!”

Through the grace of God, none of that happened though.  I woke up at 5am for my flight, and I got on the plane and received no devastating phone call.  Surprisingly, I felt calm and grew more and more excited as the plane rose and dipped from the clouds, until I heard a mono toned plane attendant say over the intercom, “You have arrived at JFK airport, please be careful while opening the overhead bins.  Thank you and I hope that you have enjoyed your flight.”  

I made it.  I was in New. York. City. 

I traveled with a designer who was one of the kind people who helped me on my trip.  She had arrived into JFK a little after me, and we took a cab into the city together.  During the ride she instructed me on how to use the subways, and which transportation apps I should download.  About 10 minutes into the cab ride she said, “Look, there’s the city!”  I looked out my window and there it was – the sky line – glowing with all the hopeful promises that I’ve held dear to my heart for many years. 


The hustle and bustle is somehow calming to me.  Everyone is doing something, going somewhere, and at all hours of the day and night.  I feel like someone could live in the city their whole life and still not see everything. And that excites me. 

I stayed with an 
incredibly inspiring family who didn’t know me, but let me stay in their home and made me feel so welcomed.  I hope to have an inviting and hospitable home like theirs one day. 

Each morning I woke up with a schedule planning each hour of the day.  I tried to meet with as many connections as I could while I was there.  I wanted to make each day count.  I met with designers, artists, and people in the industry who could offer a bit of wisdom and knowledge.  They helped answer the many questions that I had at this stage of my life.

I went to fabric stores, and my heart felt like I had found home: floors and floors of silk, wool, jersey, leather – and it wasn’t all polyester!    I have never seen so much fabric in my life.  AND OH MY GOODNESS, DID YOU KNOW THEY HAVE ENTIRE STORES IN NYC THAT SELL ONLY ZIPPERS?!  ZIPPERS!  I felt like a 13-year-old at a One Direction concert.  The fabric stores understood me.  It was like I found my record shop that all the indie, 90s kids went to and felt accepted. 

I felt like an imposter walking around Barneys, but it was something that had to be done.  I’ve see the runway looks from photos on, but to see them in person was incomparable.   I touched and inspected the quality of the garments and knew that it was good work – craftsmanship at it’s finest – and that level is what I long for in garment construction.  I walked out of that big department store, wanting my sewing machine so that I could make samples of the different design techniques that I had seen.  Instead, I drew what details I could from memory, and saved the sewing till I was home near a machine.
I was there for six days and afterwards I realized that my heart was all in.  This trip brought so much healing to me on a lot of different levels.  It was a fresh start.  If anyone asks in the future if I’ve ever been to New York, I can say “Yes!”  It’s no longer a city that’s associated with only sadness and a lost opportunity.  It’s now a place of that holds memories of God’s goodness, people’s kindness, and open doors.  The fear that I had while packing the day before is completely gone.  

Additionally, while I was in NY, I interviewed and received an internship position for this upcoming summer with a luxury women’s wear designer.  I’ll be working in their pattern drafting department and I am beyond excited!  

Thank you to everyone who’s been so kind to keep up and follow my journey of sewing and life the past few years; it’s meant so much to me.  I’m excited about this new year and the many unplanned possibilities that are available ahead!  I’m ready for New York City now.  It’s a fresh start, and I’m so grateful.  

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Plaid attitude – new to me: Burda 6840 blouse

January is here, thus I must make a plaid shirt. Well not really but I made one last January, seen here, but that one was flannel and this one is not. Ok, let’s get it out of the way – I found this fabric at a garage sale. Yep, last summer just st…

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Why use a pressing roll

Just a quick post showing the advantage of using a pressing roll. I’m assuming you know an ironing board and iron are as important as a sewing machine. I guess as much time is spent pressing seams as sewing them (even more perhaps?)

Two seams in a test piece of my ponte knit. No significant difference on the wrong side.


Same seams on the right side:


The seam on the right was pressed on a pressing roll, the left one flat on the ironing board. The imprint when ironed flat is visible in this fabric when ironed flat. This does not happen using a pressing roll. A roll could be made from a piece of round wood (broomstick) with a towel around it.


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Thumbs Up Tee: Robin Style!

I haven’t sewn anything for Vin in a little while, save for whipping him up about 10 pairs of basic elastic-waist shorts. He’s so picky with his clothes, he doesn’t mind modelling and get photos but he complains about every little thing. It’s way easie…

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Burda Challenge 2015 – January! (Burda and Jalie)

Here’s my first garment for the Burda Challenge. This is exactly why I love this challenge. This is never a pattern I would have picked out on my own. I’m more of the tight, figure-hugging silhouette kind of gal. This skirt is definitely not that. However, since I had to pick one out of the January Burda, I figured I’d give it a try. Turns out, I really like it! This is Burda 01-2015 #109. I made my typical size 34.



I used a stretch wool from Fabric Mart to make the skirt. I think the full sides are a fun touch. It’s a very girly skirt. In the magazine, they used unfinished edges for the hems. I just added seam allowances and did a simple turn-up, stitched hem. The top is a Jalie 2805, but I’ll talk about that in a second.


You can see it’s a pretty full skirt.


I used wool, and didn’t line it. GASP! I actually like wool against my skirt. I’m Alaskan though, we’re weird like that. The invisible zipper goes into the back side seam.



This is just another standard t-shirt, Jalie 2805. This is a great pattern. Jalie makes their patterns in sizes 2T to Women’s sizes. Mine is a size R. I bought this thin sweater knit from FabricMart when they were having a Black Friday sale. It’s black and tan.


I made the neckband in between a mock turtleneck and a regular collar.


On the back left shoulder, I added some reverse applique. You can see it in one of the pictures above. I don’t know if I love it, or think it makes the shirt look homemade. I was thinking with all the hearts, it needed something. Maybe this wasn’t the something it needed. However, since it’s on the back, I forget about it, so I don’t really worry about it anyway.


Come on Ladies! Get those January pieces done!!!

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Mix and match in red

In my first post of the new year I mentioned I wanted to sew more clothes that mix and match. With the first three garments this year I made a good start. First a pencil skirt in a boucle fabric with a lot of colors in it: from off-white to a deep warm red and a lot ot shades in between. A good basic to start with. The fabric I bought as a remnant piece at a market a few years ago.  It’s strange how the weave suggests an off-grain in the photos. It is cut on the grain (taking out a thread at the start of the fabric, cutting along that cut out thread and then making sure the pattern pieces are on the grain before cutting).

DSC_0611 DSC_0612

The second one is a top to go with it, McCall’s 6513 that I made last year when the pattern was recommended to me by one of my sewing friends.

DSC_0633 DSC_0632

And last the Sienna jacket from StyleArc. Too big in the back and I did take in the center seam and re-cut the collar. I MUST learn to use a size or two smaller and do a fba, OR make my own pattern. I quite like it though. It’s made from a thicker wool jersey (the pattern calls for a woven fabric). I thought it might work with this fabric and it does, making it dressier than a cardigan but just as comfortable and warm. This pattern will be used again after I altered the back.


DSC_0618 DSC_0621 

I have a lovely jacquard weave fabric for a skirt in the same color as the McCall’s shirt. That’s one of the next projects. After the dress that is. Thank you all for your ‘votes’ on this. The dress is cut and I’m off to work on it this afternoon.

 DSC_0647 DSC_0623

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Inside My Vintage Pattern Stash – #vintagepledge

To kickstart the monthly pattern stash interviews Kestrel Makes and I have planned for the Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge, I’m sharing my own collection today. But first, I want to thank the 120+ of you who have already signed up! What really …

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Hand Sewing Heaven

Hand stitching two layers of cotton knit jersey together has become my favorite creative winter activity.  This means my knitting is not getting much attention, but I am having too much fun with all this hand sewing to stop now!
After realizing that my small embroidery scissors were not incredibly comfortable to use for all the cutting required to reveal the under-layer, I splurged on a pair of appliqué scissors.  I have found my new best friend . . . I think they are going to get a lot of use.
Which leads me to the scariest step of this process . . . the cutting.
The process is getting easier as I work my way through each piece.
There is still a lot of work to do, but I am making progress!
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F3453: Back to Basics Dress

I had forgotten how quickly a simple 5 pattern piece garment can come together…. and is there anything more frivolously fun than sewing a dress for a special occasion? I savoured making this dress, as this wedding I wore it too is probably the last I’ll get to attend for a very long time. The dress […]

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Thumbhole Obsession

Ever since I put on my first long sleeve running top with thumbholes, I’ve been a bit obsessed.  It sure beats tugging down your sleeves to cover half your hand.  And I’m not the only one, it seems.  Thumbholes are popping up everywhere!…

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Lots of Sewing Going On

As usual, right after Christmas is a productive time for me in regards to sewing. Today I’ll show you two really fun tops I came up with after being inspired by haunting the net-a-porter site all through the holidays. Another really cool site is farfet…

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Things I Did via Instagram

A random assortment of things I did in 2014 via my Instagram feed, and in no particular order:I stared at dog pawsknitted a lot, duh.visited with grandpas ran through chemicals packaged kitties… and let them package themselveschatted w…

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reflections of…

Here it is you guys! The good ol’ year in review post! More than a little bit fashionably late, but what are you gonna do? That’s just my style…I haven’t done one of these posts in a few years because it just didn’t feel right (read: I procrastinated…

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Night Terrors

My little peanut has started having night terrors again.  The poor little thing. We have realized that they tend to come when she’s really tired or when she is sick/has something coming on.  If she has missed her nap or had a long day ou…

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Tessuti Melbourne + a disasterous Mabel Skirt

Over the Christmas break I decided to take myself down to Melbourne for a few days. Now that I sew I ALWAYS stop into Tessuti located conveniently on Flinders Lane (my favourtie lane) in Melbourne’s CBD.  I LOVE the Melbourne Tessuti store – so bi…

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Burda Challenge 2015


Join us! A group of us from are going to participate in the Burda Challenge for 2015.

The “Rules”
Each month we will attempt to make at least one garment from that month’s magazine (January garment from the January 2015 Burda magazine). You can also opt to stick with the month but use whatever year you want. (January garment in January, but from whatever year you choose).

Because it’s fun, and motivating.  It’s easy to be motivated when you know others are waiting to see your monthly garment. It forces you to use your current magazine and perhaps delve into unknown territory. I know I’m doing a different type of silhouette this month just to try it out.

The Badge and HTML
Look at me trying to get all creative! I made a badge! It’s not very artistic or technical, but feel free to steal it and post it on your blog if you want. It links back to this page so other people can read the “rules” and see why we do it. I will also link to other people’s blog so we can see what everyone else is doing. I think it’ll be fun. (If someone wants to make a more blingy badge, go for it. I just wrote a whole blog post yesterday about how I’m not creative!)

Grab button for The Burda Challenge

<div class=”Two-On-Two-Off-button” style=”width: 178px; margin: 0 auto;”> <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”> <img src=”” alt=”Two On Two Off” width=”178″ height=”193″ /> </a> </div>

Who’s Sewing Along??
Chris at
Elaray at
Mrs. Smith
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(Please, please let me know if you blog somewhere and it’s not listed. I got a lot of names and a lot of blogs, and I pulled some from PatternReview. Like Mrs. Smith, I know you have a blog, I read the darn thing, I just can’t remember the name!!)

Let the fun begin! If you want to be added to the list, let me know in the comments. Some of you I know and other I don’t. Be sure to give me your blog name so I can link to it! Some of the above information I took from PatternReview, if you don’t want it up on my blog or if I screwed it up, let me know!!

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This online slang dictionary says it’s short for "amazing." Or it’s a club drug made from a tooth whitener. Either way you win.

Heeeeeeey it’s Friday! Has this week not lasted, like, a MONTH?! I mean, seriously? It may have felt this way because it was another week of all-day meetings, and another week with two days sequestered in a central London basement. I really struggled t…

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Shirt for a Snowy Day

Or ….. When great fabric falls on you, you should BUY it!
This fabric actually fell on me in a crazy crowded NYC fabric store. Some of you may know the place. It’s the one that’s perpetually going out of business and everything is 50% off. Yes, that place. You walk through a path about 1 ft. wide surrounded by islands of ITY knit for $3.99.
Anyway, this bolt fell on me as I was trying to make my escape from all the ITY. It was a true, “wait, what’s this??” moment. It’s a heavyweight cotton twill seersucker. I’ve never seen anything like it. And to make it even more amazing, the rusty orange stripes are actually embroidered onto the fabric. It was fabric love at first sight. The salesman sweetened the deal by dropping the price to $8 / Yd. SOLD!
I good washing and drying really brought out the texture. It did make for some challenges, however. It was virtually impossible to press this fabric in a straight line. Even my buttonholes ended up getting skewed. In the end, none of it is terribly noticeable.
I picked up a rusty quilting cotton at a local discount fabric place. I used it for the inner collar stand, inner yoke and the inner cuffs. I did something a little different with the pockets by adding a bit of bias binding and turning the pocket top to the outside to create a little flap. Other than that, it’s a basic buttondown. My TNT pattern.
It’s a little chilly for this! I’m retreating inside for more coffee and then heading off to work on the boat.
I haven’t posted any boat progress lately. I’m currently sealing the hull with an epoxy clearcoat. The shop hovers around 50 degrees, so it’s taking about 3 days for the epoxy to cure.
I hope all your winter projects, whatever they might be, are going well!


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the creativity club

I started the creative assignments last year to push myself creatively, just a little bit. Many of you joined in, sewing eggs, snapping pictures, drawing patterns, and making other random & awesome things. More of you have been watching from the sidelines–which is totally fine!–but I want you to jump in too. I thought if I updated the […]

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Little Lotta

Lotta Dress Compagnie M

Little Lotta

Lotta Dress Compagnie MLotta Dress Compagnie M
        In one of my very rare fits of selfless sewing I made a dress as a present for my little niece third birthday – a Lotta Dress. I got the pattern from Compagnie M at Abilmente this autumn and had lots of fun sewing it.         First of all I got to take a break from compulsive fitting – I only had her height to go by and I cut a straight 4yo size – yeah she is tall. Second, it’s refreshing to look at a very small piece of fabric and be sure it’s enough… and third… I didn’t have to pose for the pictures!!!

Lotta Dress Compagnie M

        I find the Lotta to be such a cute design. The pattern is very well drafted and the instructions very clear with very detailed photo illustrations. There are three pocket design variations, three back closure options and a sleeveless version that can be used with Compagnie M’s Mara Blouse or Louisa Dress sleeve pattern. I however chose the “classic Lotta look” and eliminated the neck detail and went with a jewel neckline that I decorated with an iron-on glitter tattoo from Supercut. She likes sparkly things.

Lotta Dress Compagnie MLotta Dress Compagnie M

        I french seamed the side seams and machine hemmed with a blind hem stitch.         I used the fabrics I got as a prize from Katy&Laney – part of a Tap Shorts care package. It is a polka dot organic cotton and a cotton lining with cats! I loved it but arrived at the end of the summer and I just couldn’t wait any longer to cut into it. Sorry … It would have made beautiful tap shorts though.

Lotta Dress Compagnie M

        RECAP        Pattern: Lotta Dress by Compagnie M available in english, dutch, german and french         Fabric: medium/heavy weight Japanese organic cotton fabric, cotton lining fabric         Notions: 3 buttons, 1 iron-on glitter tattoo         Mods: replaced the neckline with a simple jewel neckline

Lotta Dress Compagnie MLotta Dress Compagnie M

        She loved it and wanted to wear it right away, although I must admit it is a bit big right now … by this spring is going to be perfect.

Thank you for visiting. I would love to hear your opinion.

Piccola Lotta

Lotta Dress Compagnie MLotta Dress Compagnie M
        In uno dei miei rari attacchi di cucito altruista, ho confezionato un vestitino come regalo per il terzo compleanno della mia nipotina – un Vestitino Lotta. Ho comprato il cartamodello ad Abilmente quest’autunno da Compagnie M e mi sono divertita tantissimo a cucirlo.         Prima di tutto ho preso una pausa dal “adattamento compulsivo” – l’unica misura che avevo è stata l’altezza e ho tagliato una misura 4 anni. Secondo: quanto bello e trovarti con un pezzo di tessuto piccolissimo davanti e pensare basta e avanza? Terzo: non ho dovuto fare da modella per le foto!!!

Lotta Dress Compagnie M

        Trovo il vestitino Lotta molto carino. Il cartamodello è disegnato molto bene e le istruzioni molto chiare e corredate di foto-illustrazioni dettagliate. Il cartamodello include tre variazioni diverse per le tasche, tre varianti di chiusura dietro ed una versione senza maniche. Io ho scelto il “look classico Lotta” eliminando però il taglio decorativo del collo – sono andata con un girocollo semplice che ho decorato con un piccolo adesivo mini tattoo glitter presi da Supercut. Alla piccola piacciono i luccichii.

Lotta Dress Compagnie MLotta Dress Compagnie M

        Ho fatto cuciture inglesi (ottimo tutorial qui) lungo i lati e l’orlo a macchina con un punto orlo invisibile.         Ho usato un tessuto medio-pesante a pois in cottone organico ed un tessuto da fodera in cottone stampato con disegni di gatti!!!

Lotta Dress Compagnie M

        RECAP        C.M.: Lotta Dress di Compagnie M disponibile in inglese, olandese, tedesco e francese         Tessuto: tessuto medio-pesante in cottone organico giapponese, tessuto da fodera in cottone         Merceria: 3 bottoni, 1 adesivo glitter tattoo         Mods: ho modificato il collo in girocollo semplice

Lotta Dress Compagnie MLotta Dress Compagnie M

        Le è piaciuto molto insistendo ad indossarlo subito anche se devo ammettere che le sta un po’ largo … per questa primavera sarà perfetto.         p.s. Compagnie M ha appena rilasciato la versione in italiano del Vestito Louisa!!!

Grazie della visita. Mi piacerebbe moltissimo sentire la vostra opinione.

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Residual Christmas: a quilt

I know, it’s January.  Christmas is over.  Or hasn’t happened yet.  Or something.  But here’s the deal: I have a few Christmasy things I’ve made that I want to show, and I’m going to do it even though it’s January.  First up, this quilt.   I didn’t sew this in time for Christmas.  In fact, I didn’t even start it until December was over.  But I did buy the fabric in December.  December 2010,

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FINISHED! A Liberty Atrium Nightdress

I made a few things for our trip overseas, this dress and this hoody which have both been seeing quite a bit of wear, but always after 4 weeks into being away, the clothes I take start to feel pretty tired and you long for something that isn’t on …

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Rhonda and Susan’s Workshop – Chicago November, 2014

Susan Khalje teamed up with Rhonda Buss for a mini workshop in Chicago.  How cool is that?  I had the pleasure of being one of the fortunate souls (sewists) who attended the sold out workshop last November. The group gathered at Soutache …

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Happy New Year: Reflections

I can’t believe that we are already fifteen days into the new year.  My life has been a rollercoaster from September to the end of December.  Taking a few moments to think about it all was quite overwhelming.  But one of my greatest…

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New twisty knit top and result for the book drawing

To my surprise there are a lot of you interested in Home Dec sewing. Which maybe shouldn’t be a surprise. After all if we have a typical wardrobe we don’t wear the same clothes every day, but those sofa pillows, duvet covers and curtains are right ther…

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{ Call me addicted ! }

For some reason I am totally addicted to the Linden Sweatshirt pattern!
Maybe because it fits perfectly my need for basics in my wardrobe and my new addiction to my serger. 
Maybe because I feel so comfy wearing it and I think it is the best way to look attractive!!:)
Or maybe because it can look casual or chic depending on how I wear it!
Bon je suis complètement accro à ce patron du Linden Sweatshirt. C’est simple, rapide et hyper confortable. 
Le mois de janvier est un mois où je suis en mode “survival” pour différentes raisons et ce patron a exactement l’effet euphorisant dont j’ai besoin!

 After my first version in black ,I wanted another one. I had bought this quilted fabric by this french designer I adore: 

Le tissu de chez Camillette était prévu au départ pour faire une copie honteuse de la jupe de Julie mais finalement, je voulais un projet rapide et facile et j’ai décidé d’en faire une version B du Linden.

At firts I intended to make a skirt with it, just like Julie from Jolies Bobines made for herself, but then I needed to sew (you know, sanity requires sewing!) , so the Linden was the perfect choice.

I chose to add a bit of color to this grey fabric: the neckline and a little tag on the side are mustard. If you have asked me 6 months ago I would have told you I would never wear mustard. But it grew on me : after making this skirt, I was hooked!

 I like this first look: I know it looks a bit weird with the long black sleeved T-shirt underneath, but I still like it, I wore it all day and it felt good. I don’t mind looking a bit strange, as long as it feels good to me!!:)

But I also wanted to know what it would look like when I wear it when spring finally comes: so I  put on some jeans and we made more shots!

I realized , looking at my previous posts that i look  serious and  somehow sophisticated on the photos I share on this blog.

 But I can assure you I am nothing close to sophisticated! well, at least I don’t feel like I am. I am quite the clown both in my classroom and the teachers room too and my kids often call me “crazy mama” when I improvise a funny dance in the kitchen while cooking dinner for them.

It is not easy to convey one’s personality through a photoshoot. It is easy to put special make up on and do your hair nicely and pretend it is your “everyday look”.

I never do that: I wear what I wear daily to go to work or stay at home.
So I thought I would show you some of the photos that were a bit more fun  this time, so you can see I am nothing like a posing queen!

These are the clothes I wear daily , except I would not wear heels with jeans, but rather boots. But my heels were out to wear with the first outfit and it was more convenient to put them on for the second.. .dinner was cooking and we had very little time to give to this photo session!

I love silly little details that nobody would notice apart from me!

and yes, this mustard neckline makes me happy! don’t ask me why!!:)

So ! here is to more versions of this Linden pattern!
January is the hardest month of the year for me: I am quite on the “survival” mode during that month. So anything comfy and cosy is more than welcome!

Wearing clothes I made myself fills me with a joy I can’t really describe.
I don’t know, it is like I am walking around carrying with me the joy I had WHILE sewing the garment! if ever that makes sense to any of you!!:)

 But I am sure you sewers do understand!

Do you also have or had seasons in your life when you needed to feel comfy like I do now? Do you prefer to sew wardrobe builders or special occasions garments?

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Woolly Mammoth

I’m officially ready for anything this winter.  How I longed for Woolly Mammoth, by Allison Jane, during the freezing soccer tournament last weekend.   It was then that I decided I wanted to line the whole thing with fluffy loops. The cap its…

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The final reveal! Sewing room renovation

Finally! My sewing room renovation is complete. Come on in and sneak a peek!

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A Long Overdue Dress

I have a long overdue project to share with you today.  This is a dress I made with fabrics provided by White Tree Fabrics, for their blog team.  I actually made it about 2 months ago, but for some reason never got round to blogging about it….

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