Scuba Skater Dress

By the end of last year I was feeling rather burnt out, so I decided to take a break from the Minerva Blogger Network and other sewing commitments. Luckily, Vicki agreed to irregular contributions from me and it feels good to be back!I felt like coming…

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A New Challenge

This is the second pair of pants I have ever made (here is the first).  Well, I take that back . . . I made a few pairs of bloomers many years ago which count as bifurcated garments, I suppose.Ridiculous, right?  Or maybe not . . . …

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Wearable Wednesday Guilietta

Ok, I think we have found some inspiration  here!  Check out this bodice: Am I crazy? Is this special? Am I just shoe dazzled? Yes, please. Pattern placement making me very inspired! This tailored retro uniformy thing is really working for me! Anyone else? Look. At. This.Coat! Squint in at this little hip detail! Even […]

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to a fellow April baby

To the big hearted person who holds a special place in my heart, to the
talented artist & doctor, to the pure heart & sweet soul, to the pure soul
& sweet heart …

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Curating Colour

Work has commenced on the Vogue toile. That severe angle above is a kimono sleeve gusset. The V stitching is there to reinforce the corner. I’m going to have to sew an entire seam into that severe angle. Wish me … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Shopping Guide for Sewers + Discounts

I didn’t expect Philadelphia to have a garment district when I moved almost 5 years ago, and was pleasantly surprised when I found out about Fabric Row. Located on 4th street between South Street and Catherine Street, it was a thriving, busy street during the early 20th century where vendors and merchants bought the best fabrics. Even though it’s not what it used to be and it’s no where near the size of NYC’s Garment District, but there are good quality stores that are second, third, and fourth generation family businesses. So, I rounded up my favorites! This guide covers mostly Fabric Row as there is not much elsewhere. I also included places to grab lunch, dinner, coffee or a treat along the way! FABRICs + NOTIONS Maxie’s Daughter 724 South 4th Street A family run business, Maxie’s Daughter used to be located in Philly’s Italian Market and was originally named Max Wilk Fabrics. Now run by Eric Trobman and his family, it was his grandfather, Max who immigrated from Russia and started the shop by renting a pushcart and folding scrap fabric neatly to get people to buy. When Wilk passed away in the early 1990s, his daughter, Beverly Trobman, took over. Three years later, she relocated to Fabric Row and renamed the store. The store is in the same location, which you can’t miss because of the giant mural on the side of the building. The right half of the store is dedicated to upholstery and drapery fabrics while the left side is dedicated to fashion fabric. Be prepared to hear family-style bickering between the staff. They are family after all! “Irving, can you help this young lady?”, “Irving, will you put this back?”, “Irving…. Irving… Irving…” It will only take a couple minutes to realize that one, Irving does a lot…

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All the kinds of done

The April Retreat is done, and it was beautiful, and fabulous, and we so enjoyed having Clara and Kate with us, and I think I do no wrong when I say that this might have been one of the best … Continue reading

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DIY maternity tee shirt dress

I wore this dress frequently throughout my pregnancy, it was flattering and very very comfortable. It was great for the winter and now it is carrying through to the spring quite nicely. I would pop on thick long sweater and wool hat with my suede booties for a more dressy cold weather look or I

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Seashore Dress pattern by Gracious Threads

This is the Seashore Dress, Top, & Tunic pattern by Gracious Threads. Here’s my review! I’m obsessed with Gracious Threads patterns. I own the Seena Dolman Tee in girls and womens sizes; and the Lazy Day Lounge Pants (which I … Continue reading

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April Burda Challenge – Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Matey!!

This was one of those Burda moments where I couldn’t find anything I loved in the magazine. I looked and looked and looked. I drank wine and looked. I asked my kids and we all looked. I asked my husband and we looked again. Nothing really called out to me. Most were a little weird, some were just fugly, and a few were okay. I chose one of the okay ones thinking I had the perfect fabric for it. Behold, Dawn the Pirate. ETA: I should have added this is Burda 04-2015 #112. I graded down to a size 34, my typical Burda size.

I should have known better. You see, I’ve tried shirts like this before. They never seem to work out.

Doesn’t see look cute in her top though?? Doesn’t she? I think it might be the 3/4 angle.

This top looks okay, even from the front.

Me though, not good. Kind of like a sack of potatoes. Granted, the sack is made of nice, border-print, snake-skinish fabric. Not even that can save it.

It does have cool arm vents though. Rad. Or not.

I tried it with a belt and without. The sleeves seem too short too. Not only does this thing have big arms and extra fabric, it has four, yes FOUR, large pleats sewn into the shoulders to make it even more voluminous. YAY!

Pulled down on the shoulders like the Burda model just makes it look like I’m a toddler trying to be sexy or something weird.

My camera doesn’t even like it.

I should have known here. This is the neckline before the elastic. This baby is 54” around at the neck. This baby is billowy to say the least.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrr, you win some, you lose some. I DO love this fabric though, so I may try to refashion it into something. I got it from FabricMart a while back. It’s a poly blend something. I really do like the colors.

I will need a palate cleanser after this one.

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Swimsuit Season

  My oldest wanted a one piece swimsuit for her lifeguard certification class and around that time Shelley made one for her daughter.  It was a Jalie pattern that I had been eyeing and seeing it made up by someone I know was all the…

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The Bachelor NZ Ep 9: Horsing around

Warning: The horse puns are dire and predictable and don’t get any better, I’m afraid.We check in on Art’s workout and this time he’s off for a hill climb and burning some mad post-run calories with his intense gaze into the distance thinking about the…

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Summer is coming!

How better to get ready for Summer than making a pair of shorts? I had some heavy denim in my stash I bought at the thrift store.  I was thinking a pair of jeans, but after measuring the fabric I decided I had only enough to make shorts.I washed a…

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The "What the F was I thinking" Fishing Vest

So, let’s start with the inspiration.   Vest over jacket This is from Engineered Garments of Brooklyn, NY. Their editorial photo spreads are horrendous IMO, but the clothes are beautiful. I had a chance to see them at Napenthes, a store W…

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Spotted Ruffle Tee

It appears that the colour theme around these parts is yellow, yellow and more yellow. I’ve got my yellow dress, and now Tyger has a gorgeous yellow spotted ruffled tee!

Check it out – cute confetti spots in the front…..

…and ruffle part…

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Assassins Creed Jacket

Hey everyone! This week I finished an Assassins Creed commission for an awesome friend of mine! Here is a picture of the jacket. This was made for her fiance. Below is what she first gave me to look off of. With this jacket I used blue and black cotton twill fabric that she bought on…

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Back to Sewing

I felt this matter deserved a post rather than an addendum on other post.  I have not been sewing much lately nor blogging due to the illness and loss of my grandmother. My grandma passed away peacefully after almost two weeks in the hospital from heart disease.  She was 89 and outlasted my grandpa by […]

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Hanging Dopp Kit

Since a few people have asked about the status of my backpack pattern, I thought I would give a quick update. The process of getting the pattern ready and formatted is taking far longer than I expected. If I had known this from the beginning, I would have waited to make the announcement that I […]

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Lunch Box tee and culottes

The Oliver + S Lunch Box tee and culottes pattern really appealed to me when it was first released.  Despite culottes being fashionable at the moment, I just haven’t been able to bring myself to make a pair for me.  Being 158cm tall, thick around the middle and middle-aged could have something to do with that […]

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I love things that I can make with leftover fabric from my stash. I was recently looking for a gift idea for a good friend of mine and came up with this tutorial for a little pouch / clutch with … Continue reading

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Denim Overalls + Cropped Tank

Hi Darlings! I hope you guys had a great start to your week. I am on a super high because I am so excited…
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An Aussie Ishi

After previous attempts to find a great fabric combo for the Ishi failed, I think I finally made the dress which will be on the cover of the pattern. I went for a few fabrics from the Australian textile house Umbrella Prints. I fell in love with their prints a long time ago, but somehow never came round […]

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Delightful Quiet

Sickness hit our house again, as Silje and David were up sick early, early Sunday morning.  It continued into the late morning.  So once again, I stayed home from church.Normally I feel trapped when I miss my time there, but the last few week…

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Introducing Commonthread by DMC

For over two centuries, generations of artisans have trusted The DMC Corporation’s high-quality fabrics, textiles, and other crafting supplies. Now we’re launching Commonthread, our tribute to the community of makers, artists, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone who shares the creative spirit. We’re featuring finished goods for the first time in our history as a way to […]

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4 signs that it’s time to quit your creative business

4 signs that it's time to quit your creative business. On

You may not know it, but there’s an 11th commandment in life.

“Thou shalt not quit.”

Am I right?

So even when a creative business is floundering, or you’re just too dang exhausted or cash-strapped to get excited about it any more, you’ll hang on and on until the business dies in either an explosion of flames or dust, or fades away into a withered skeleton.

How do you know when it’s time to quit your creative business – or at least scale back significantly? When is it okay to let go and give yourself permission to pivot?

Click here to read more…

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One Last Winter Skirt

Today we have one final winter skirt tutorial for you! Because it’s finally warming up. I drafted this skirt myself, with a lot of math and sweat and so on, but you could probably use Simplicity 5524  to make a similar skirt. I made an 8 paneled skirt, where the panels widened at the bottom […]

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Sleeveless Floral Blouse

Several of the projects I’ve been working on for the cruise collection have started with not enough fabric which is – as I’ve said before – a great starting point because it stretches me to think about the possibilities and the how. It also adds an ele…

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Dotted Davie Dress

Here’s the finished Davie Dress from the last two tutorial posts! Recently, I demonstrated how to sew the neckline binding on the Davie Dress. It’s the one step that might be challenging or different on this simple pattern. I also showed how to trim the hem evenly using the attachment on my dress form, which is […]

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cruise through Calistoga

Denim: Current/Elliott (also in destroy here). Shoes: Tory Burch. Top: Alexander Wang. Scarf: White and Warren (similar here). Hat: Jcrew (similar). Sunglasses: Nordstrom. Thank you to Nordstrom for partnering on this post.

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#1year1outfit – dyeing over decisions

It is funny to be working on such a long term project and yet feel like you are running out of time.  In my case, running out of sunshine for solar dyeing and flowers and fruits dropping off the trees at alarming rates means that I need to make some decisions, quick time. When I […]

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